Title: A Flowers Fragrance

Rating: T (PG-13)

Genre: Romance

Pairing(s): Itachi x Hinata X Kiba (Final Pairing undecided)

Summary: Flowers can represent many things…Some things sad and some things happy, even after the flower wilts, its fragrance still remains… Itachi x Hinata x Kiba

Disclaimer: Neh…you already know I don't own anything…

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A Flowers Fragrance


Chapter Nine


Hinata made a small gasp as smoke appeared in her vision, her eyes instinctively closed. She could feel arms around her and her last sight being on Kiba who had just something she couldn't catch.

-----Kisame and Itachi-----

Kisame tapped his foot against the dirt ground waiting patiently for his partner to return. A cloud of smoke emerged and Kisame began to speak, "So Itachi-san, how was your visit with your girlf---" Kisame was silent.

He stared at Itachi or more of, at Itachi's arms, Hinata was huddled in a ball her hands clenched into fists and covering her face and her eyes, squeezed tightly together as if she was expecting her death.

"Kidnapping are we Itachi-san?" Kisame questioned with a toothy grin.

Itachi merely shot him an evil glare, before looking back to the Hyuuga. She slowly opened her eyes only to see blood red pupils gazing intensely at her, a small stifled squeak escaped her lips.

"Itachi-san you really shouldn't be so threatening if you want to make a girl love you…" Kisame stated pointing at Hinata.

Both Hinata and Itachi looked over at Kisame, Itachi carrying a look that I can't describe because this is only a T rated fic and Hinata turning redder than she had ever been before; which was saying a lot.

Kisame chuckled, "And Itachi-san, I think she can walk on her own." Itachi made a slight growl before setting Hinata down on her feet.

Hinata was looking at the ground, she wasn't so much as nervous as embarrassed, and surprisingly she felt rather calm around the two criminals.

-----------Kiba, Shino, Kurenai------------

Kiba ran to the camp, "HINATA'S BEEN KIDNAPPED BY THAT S-CLASS PERVERT!!!" the Inuzuka yelled.

Kurenai groggily opened the tent, "She just went to the bathroom…" she stated as Shino was now looking outside of his and Kiba's tent along with Akamaru poking his head out from the bottom.

"No! That Uchiha Itachi came and took her with his evil red eyes, ad evil black cloak with evil clouds on it!!!" Kiba exclaimed waving his arms around frantically.

Shino had already stood up and was outside of the tent, while Kurenai stared at the dog boy tiredly.

Kurenai's Mind:



Itachi…evil criminal…

Evil weasels…giggle…





Kurenai's eyes shot open, "WHAT!? WE HAVE TO GO FIND HER!"

Kiba nodded fiercely the two practically running around in circles.

"It's still dark." Shino replied making the two stop and look at one another.

"Oh yeah…" Kurenai said, she straightened herself up and calmed down, "Well, we should get our rest, but as soon as the sun comes up we leave and then go look for Hinata, we will need our sleep after all." She stated oh-so-wisely.

So the three (four including Akamaru) went to sleep, well everyone except Kiba who was to worried about Hinata to be able to sleep.

-----Kisame, Itachi, and Hinata-----

For the most part Hinata stayed closer to Kisame then she did Itachi, really she had no idea what she was doing Kisame had suggested they start walking and so they did, Hinata didn't even put a single complaint and as for her staying near Kisame, it was more along the lines that he was nice and could start a conversation not to mention Itachi always seemed to be glaring at her like she was doing something wrong and it made her uneasy.

As for Itachi, he never meant to glare at her, he was actually more of looking at her, but after years of always carrying the same expression, when you looked at someone, it could often be misinterpreted as a glare, but really he wasn't trying to be scary, quite the opposite actually; he wanted her to think of him as a nice person…or at least not just a homicidal maniac whom killed his entire clan, minus Sasuke. Not mention he wanted to kill Kisame, for being an annoying, stupid, dumb…Itachi wasn't jealous…seriously…and he DEFINITELY was jealous over the needed-to-die-a-horrible-painful-death-so-Hinata-was-only-Itachi's Inuzuka boy. Uchiha Itachi did not get jealous.

And Kisame, who was ignoring the fact Itachi, kept glaring at him with a blazing Sharingan, but Kisame feeling like being annoying began to talk, "So how old are you Hinata-chan." He made sure to emphasize that word chan for Itachi to hear clearly.

Itachi's glare on Kisame became even more blood-lustful.

Hinata did not catch the fact Kisame stressed the word chan, "Th-thirteen…" she replied looking at the ground and fiddling with her fingers.

Kisame stopped and made an overly dramatic gasp, Hinata looked up at Kisame, "A-ano?"

"Itachi you perverted pedophile!" Kisame yelled in a fake angry/dramatic voice, "She's only 13 you sick-o!"

Hinata was confused and Itachi seemed to be giving off a dark aura that could have made the surrounding trees turn to ash.

"Itachi already 18." Kisame said to Hinata, she stared.

Hinata's Mind:



Itachi 18…

Me 13…

18 weasles………

On the outside Hinata seemed to have spaced out and Itachi and Kisame just stared at her.

17 weasels full of beer on the wall, 17 weasels of full beer on the wall, knock one down, pass it around, 16 weasels full of beer on the wall…(humming)

No, no…



Hinata's eyes widened and her face-for what seemed the thirtieth time that day-turned red.

Now Itachi was going to the point of either killing himself to get away from all this or killing Kisame, and the second option seemed more desired than the first at the given moment.

"I'm joking Hinata-chan!" Kisame said laughing, she let out a breath of relief, "Itachi-san has to much self control to try anything so no need to worry!" she looked at the ground flushed.

Kisame looked at Itachi, "Maybe we should take a break, you guys go find somewhere to rest and I'll go get some wood for a fire." And with that said Kisame disappeared.

Itachi and Hinata walked in silence, they had stopped in a small area not necessarily a clearing, since many trees were in the surrounding but this location had less sticks, mud, and other things that one would normally find lying across a forest floor.

Itachi sat down, leaning against a tree his arms crossed and eyes watching Hinata's every move.

She stood there looking at the ground away from Itachi, she slowly looked up to him, and subconsciously noticed that he looked rather…tranquil. She so badly wanted to say something but he vocal cords didn't seem to work, "U-um…"

He watched her for a moment, "Hinata." To him saying that name was awkward, but he did not let it show. She looked up at him, the Uchiha motioned for her to come sit next to him, she nodded and walked over sitting her self next to him so that he back was also placed against the tree.

Another silence blew through the air, this time however, it was a rather content silence, both feeling a little happy with themselves.

Hinata looked at the ground, "U-um, U-Uchiha-san…" she said in a small voice waiting for acknowledgement so she could continue.

"…Yes?" for Itachi it was just plain weird to talk, but he did so for Hinata's sake.

"I-I'm sorry…" this caught Itachi off guard, that was something he was definitely not expecting, "Why?" he asked calmly wanting her to continue.

"W-well, wh-when you were hurt a-and w-was unc-conscious…I-I almost……" the last part of her sentence was not audible, so he just glanced at her showing he had no idea what she said.

"I-I mean…I-I almost…K-ki…k-kissed…y-you…" she covered her face in embarrassment.

Itachi wasn't really able to think right now, so he did the only thing he could think of, his arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer, Hinata gently rested her head on his shoulder, not feeling all the afraid of him right now, and in moment the Hyuuga and Uchiha were vast asleep.

And when Kisame returned, lets just say he had a camera handy.


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