Here is my second fanfiction, Beauty and the Beast. I decided to make this kind of a fairytale story instead of a Cinderella (by the way, I love those!) one because I've seen many of those but never Beauty and the Beast. So here it goes.

Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 1: An Average Life

As the sun began to rise in the quiet village of Konoha, one girl was already awake and was making breakfast for herself and her beloved father. She wore a white mid sleeved shirt with a red 2-strapped dress over it. She put on a white apron so if there was any mess, her dress would not get ruined. She also had on red, slip on shoes. Her hair was tied into a low ponytail. Creaks could be heard from the steps as someone came down them.

"Good morning Sakura." Kakashi, her father said. (Yeah, he's her father. Wait till you find out what book he wrote! Lol) Kakashi was wearing a white button up shirt with the long sleeves folded to his elbows. A light brown vest was over the shirt and he wore black cargo pants with brown shoes. He took a seat at the kitchen table and started to look constantly at the book, which he had written.

"Morning father!" Sakura said. She placed the eggs and pancakes into two plates and set them onto the table. Sakura quickly went over to the fridge and brought out a carton of orange juice, along with two glasses. She placed them on the table.

"Sakura, I'm going to on a book tour, as you know, so you will have to-" Kakashi started but Sakura finished him.

"I will have to take care of the animals and house. Yes, yes father, I know." Sakura smiled sweetly and her father smiled also. They began to eat their breakfast and rested for a while. No one in the village was awake yet. Sakura took a glance at her father's book, and then spoke. "Father? Is that book called 'Icha Icha Paradise'?"

"Um… well yes, but only because I needed to write a really good book, ( I know Jiraiya really wrote the book, but this is fanfiction, so pretend.) so I wrote this…?" Kakashi didn't actually know what to say in front of an 18 year-old woman, who happened to be his daughter so he tried to explain it the best way that he could to her.

"Never mind father, so you will leave today and come back in a week, right?" Kakashi nodded.

"That's not so bad." Sakura said. "But what will you do besides watching the house and animals?" He said. "Why that's easy, I'll go to Mr.Koutoyashi's bookstore and borrow another book!" "Of course and how could I forget that my daughter loved reading, just like her mother." Kakashi's smile slowly turned into a frown as his daughter's face began to hang low. He went next to her and hugged his only daughter.

"Hey, don't think about it, just remember the happy times that you had with your mother. Remember she loved us very much, and she always wanted you to smile and be happy, so never let your sadness or guilt overcome you, because those thing are not what make you, Sakura, but happiness and smiles do." Sakura looked up at her father and smiled softly. She thanked him, and was heading for the door, so she could head into the town.

"And Sakura, remember, be careful and I love you." Kakashi said. She smiled and said. "I will, and good luck with that weirdo book father, and I love you too! See ya in a week!" Sakura grabbed her brown basket and headed out the door. Her father did the same and latched up ole Widow, their horse, to the carriage. He left Konoha and headed to the book tour.

Sakura walked up the path to town and the sun finally reached the sky. Now her emerald eyes could be seen. She kept a smile on as people started to awake from their slumber. Children were already outside, playing tag, women went shopping, and men were at the jobs. Sakura said good morning to the baker and his wife, she said hello to little Konohamaru and his friends, she even said hi to random people which she did not know. Konoha was now as busy a bumblebee with everyone now crowding the streets.

Everyone always wondered why Sakura was so happy, and why she always greeted people whom she did not now. Maybe she was just polite, or maybe she is just covering up something in her past. But the villagers did not want to ask her, for they all though that she and her father were all a little to weird for Konoha, but yet they are still accepted.

Sakura spotted her favorite little bookstore, and hurrily went into it. She saw Mr.Koutoyashi and greeted him.

"Hello Mr.Koutoyashi!" Sakura said as she waved her hand. He smiled and greeted her back. Mr.Koutoyashi was an old man with a gentle heart. He adored everyone who came into his bookstore and he even though of Sakura as his own granddaughter.

"Ah, Sakura, which book will you read this time?" He asked politely.

"I don't know, I've read every single one so I know each story." She scanned through each book until she found her favorite one. Her favorite book called, 'Their Unusual Way.'

"So you picked that one, I knew it." Sakura and Mr.Koutoyashi both laughed. But Sakura managed to nod her head.

"Well, if you love the book that much, then you can keep it." He smiled at her and pushed his glasses up a little closer to his face. "Oh no! Mr.Koutoyoshi, I couldn't possibly take it! I mean others would also want to read-" "Sakura, not a lot of people enjoy reading, and you've been the only one to take out this book, so please, keep the book as a gift of appreciation." "Thank-you so much!" Sakura quickly hugged him and walked out of the store, with her head already dug into the book.

While walking through the town, Sakura encountered Rock Lee, Konoha's number one strongest, bravest, kindess, but always gets what he wants, guy. Oh how Sakura hated him. He had proposed to her twice and rejected him. Most girls were angry at her for the rejection, and said, "How could she just turn him down like that!" Others ignored it, while some men thought that it was great for Sakura not to accept his proposal. For Sakura did have her own fanclub too.

"Hey Sakura-san!" Lee smiled and his teeth went ping! Sakura looked up from her book and stared at lee for a while. She raised an eyebrow at him, because he wore a green spandex suit, with orange leg warmers, and people actually liked that.

"Uh hi Lee.." Sakura resumed her head back towards her book. Lee saw that she was reading the book and not paying attention, so he snatched it away from her.

"Hey! Give me my book back!" Sakura balled her right fist, ready to strike Lee any minute until he said, "I'll give you your book back, but not until I get a kiss." Lee puckered his lips, closed his eyes, and waited. Thinking brightly, Sakura thought up of a plan to get her book back.

"Okay Lee, if that's what you want." Sakura whispered. She puckered her lips as well as lee began to grin like a mad man, then Sakura's kiss never came, but instead a punch to the face by Sakura to Lee occurred. Lee fell backwards, and Sakura snatched back her book. Lee looked unconscious so she left him there and ran back to her house. The people around her stared in shock at what she did and they all thought, 'That is one weird girl.'

Once Sakura got home, the house was empty, so she decided to go and feed the animals, which consisted of 5 chickens, 2 horses, (Widow makes 3 horses but she's not there right now) 1 dog, and 1 cat. Sakura grabbed her basket full of the animals' foods, and she went into the animal pen. She scattered the grains of food for the chickens on the ground, which they pecked at quickly. She filled and cat and dog's food bowls with their favorite treats, and for the horses, she fed them some carrot sticks. She smiled noticing how free life would be like, like an animal. She remembered her book. Its about two people destined for each other but they live different lives. One's a monster, and one's a human. But through all their obstacles, the monster has broken his curse with love and so he can finally be with his lover.

Sakura wanted to be free, and live the life of her book, with happy ending about finding true love, but when will she ever find love, and with whom.

"Ah… I need adventure in my life guys.(referring to the animals) This life is just to plain for me, I just want something more.." Sakura said. She took a seat on a barrel and watched the animals. Her cat jumped up on her lap, as the dog sat next to her feet. The chickens surrounded them and the horses did too. She smiled again, and daydreamed of having that experience, but sadly will it come?

With Kakashi

"Hey now Widow, which way do we go?" Kakashi was actually talking to his horse just like what Sakura was doing back home.

Widow wanted to go a safer way, so she when left. Kakashi shook his head the decided to take the right path. He pulled on Widow, and so she forcefully went on the right path. Taking slow steps, Widow heard howls and screeches. She was officially scared, and when she heard that howl, she tried to back away as quickly as possible.

"Hey! Whoa girl! Easy now!" Kakashi yelled at the horse. Widow kicked up forcefully, causing Kakashi to lose his balance and fall off the horse. Widow ran away and he was now left alone.

"HOWOOOOOOOO!" Wolves could be heard, and so Kakashi didn't know what to do. He panicked, and when he turned around to run, there before him stood a huge palace. Dark and scary, as the lighting flashed, the palace was indeed a horrible sight for soar eyes. No one would willingly go in there, but Kakashi had no choice, so he opened the gates before the wolves could get him. They were too fast however, and caught onto his leg.

"Ahh!" Kakashi winced in pain as the wolf's fangs sunk into his flesh. On the ground, there was a knife for some reason, so Kakashi quickly grabbed it and stabbed the wolf with it. The wolf finally let go of Kakashi and he quickly closed the gates before more could come. He carefully stood up and began to head inside this place. His eyes continusly glanced back behind him. He lightly knocked on the door, and yet no answer. So he slowly opened the door, and saw…

Back at Konoha

Sakura continued to sit on the barrel, surrounded by all her animals, but then she saw something unexpected. Widow was galloping up the hill, and more importantly by herself.

"WHAT THE HECK!" Sakura yelled. She ran towards Widow, trying to stop the horse from running again. Sakura stroked Widow's hair.

"Whats wrong girl? Where's father?" Sakura eyed the horse for a while and then it hit her. Her father was not in of near Konoha at all, but he was somewhere deep with a blackened forest.

"No.. he could be somewhere out their, alone, and hungry, or worst….no! Widow, you have to take me back to that forest!" Sakura pleaded. The horse was feeling pretty guilty for leaving her master, so she gave in and was going to lead her to where Sakura's father was last seen.

Is this the adventure that I've been waiting for? Is this my destiny so far? To find my only parent, to search for him and bring him back? Sakura thought to herself. She gathered something from the house and loaded them into the carriage. She sat on Widow's back and put a pink cloak on.

"Ok, lets go Widow!" And so, they duo head off into the evening, in search of Sakura's father.

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