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This story takes place at the end of HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE and following DC Comics' INFINTIE CRISIS, 52, and the ONE YEAR LATER time jump. Some characters have died, or have left, but they will not be forgotten.

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Moving along, I'm sorry for the delays in updates to both this story and the GKME: HARMFUL FELLOWSHIP. Things have gotten extremely busy and chaotic for me what with having graduated, working full time, start my web-comic and preparing to move to California for Graduate School. I'm trying to work hard on getting new chapters written, but I'm often too half-dead to do it.

But as Harry Potter book 7 comes out, I felt I should at least post SOMETHING. This is only going to be a teaser/filler chapter, which I plan to go back over later and expand properly once I have time to work on it. Again, it's only TEMPORARY. I'm going to make it longer and more detailed.

Now before anyone asks, while I do plan to read HP book seven, I'm not going to use that story to tell this one. I long ago drew out my plans for this story, with my own theories and ideas for the progression of Harry and his friends. Should any of them match Rowling's actual works will be purely coincidental.

Also, for those curious in regards to the Titans, yes, Miss Martian and Jericho will be appearing in this story, as will the adult titans (for now at least) As for new comers Supergirl and Blue Beetle, I've yet to decide. :P

BTW: I've gone over the last few chapters and added and edited a few things. One of the biggest edits involves a certain half-giant. I was originally going to put it in this chapter, but found it didn't fit.

Chapter 7 (Temporary Chapter)
Lost and Found

"I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW!" howled Professor McGonagall as she burst through the door in her office. In her wake followed her senior staff; Professors Slughorn, Flitwick, Sprout, and Hagrid as well as Zatanna.

The assorted portraits of headmasters and headmistresses jumped in surprise, and many stared in shocked outrage at being roused from their sleep in such an undignified manner. However, when they realized it was the current headmistress shouting, their annoyance subsided and a majority of them looked down in concern. The only portrait who seemed the least surprised however, was that of Albus Dumbledore, who instead looked down upon the scene with polite interest. When McGonagall saw him, she shot the painting a withering look.

When they had realized Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were not present for the start of year feast, it was needless to say that the Hogwarts staff was bit worried. Rightly so, considering these three students had a habit of nearly being killed yearly. They hadn't reacted immediately however. After all, Harry and his friends had missed the feast before, such as during their second year when Potter and Weasley had crashed a flying car into the Whomping Willow, or that time last year when Potter had received a full body bind curse from Draco Malfoy and be left on the school train.

However, when a search of the school grounds and of Hogsmede had turned up nothing, their earlier concern had exploded into fully blown panic.

Yet despite the increasing worry, Zatanna couldn't help but a feel a bit of nostalgia wash over her as she followed in the Headmistress' wake. Even though she had never been a student at Hogwarts, there had been several occasions during her childhood where she had been led up to the Headmaster's office by McGonagall, along with James, Peter, Remus and Sirius for certain incidents.

"How the blazes did Potter, Granger and Weasley just disappear without anyone noticing?" she demanded, spinning around to stare down at the senior staff. All of them stared back at her awkwardly, clearly not certain if she wanted a real answer. "I thought they were being watched!"

"They were, Minerva," defended tiny Professor Flitwick. "Tonks herself said that Harry and the others had gotten on the train at platform 9 ¾ in London."

"And I saw them get off the train when I was gettin' the First years," Hagrid added.

McGonagall shut her eyes tightly and it was obvious that she was trying to control her temper. "So if they got off the train with the rest of the children, then where are they now?"

"You don't suppose the Deatheaters got them?" asked Professor Sprout, with a worried glance around.

"Mm… I don't think so," Zatanna answered taking one of the empty seats before the headmaster's desk. "If it were the Deatheaters, they'd have just taken Harry, and killed the others. He's the only one Voldemort wants after all. Hermonie is a muggle-born and Ron is a blood-traitor. I mean that's his style, right?"

McGonagall nodded, though she, like the rest of the staff, had flinched at the name. "That is true. Remember what Potter said happened to Cedric Diggory in the grave yard."

"'Kill the spare'," whispered Professor Sprout. She remembered those words vividly from when she read Potter's article in the 'Quibbler' in which he relayed to the Wizarding World the truth of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name's return to full out. Cedric Diggory, a sweet and kind boy, had been a member of her House, and he had been murdered simply because he had been in the wrong place.

Flitwick reached up and patted Sprout's arm sympathetically, before looking back at the others. "The truth is Potter and his friends do have a habit of taking matters into their own hands. And after last year…"

"You mean to say they left on their own?" asked Slughorn incredulously. "Are they insane?"

"Probably, but it still makes the most sense. I'm willing to bet they pulled their Houdini act when they got into the carriages," Zatanna stated. "It's the only explanation. The carriages don't have anti-apparition charms on them, do they?"

Flitwick shook his head sadly. "No, they do not. We never thought to ever charm the carriages for that, what with most of the students unable to disparate and us never having a reason to do so before."

Zatanna gave a deep sigh. "So it looks like they let Hagrid and the other students see them get off the train and then when in the privacy of the carriage…" She snapped her fingers. "And no one would be the wiser until they were already gone."

"No doubt Potter's idea," Slughorn said with what sounded a little like pride. "Just like his parents. Very cheeky, very crafty."

"I don't care if Potter is the bloody reincarnated of James and Lily themselves!" snarled the headmistress as she turned to stare out the window and over the grounds as if hoping to see the trio coming up the drive. "I want them found now before You-Know-Who finds them! Hagrid and Filius, go find Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Luna Luvgood and bring them here immediately. They were close to Potter, so they might know something about this. Horace, I need you to send an owl to Moody and Remus and let them know what's happened. Pomona, I need you to send owls to Arthur and Molly, as well as the Grangers and Dursleys. They need to know their children are missing. But I need you to stress in the letters that they are to tell NO ONE else."

"What about the Ministry?" asked Professor Sprout, ringing her hands nervously.

McGonagall didn't reply immediately, instead pursing her lips in thought. "Nothing," she said finally surprising a majority of the staff. "If we tell the Ministry, they'll barge in here, demanding to take control of the situation. And no doubt, this will end up getting leaked to the Daily Prophet, and I don't want to You-Know-Who to learning that Harry is outside the boundaries of the school."

Taking a deep breath, the Headmistress look back at the other teachers. "I'm not certain what Potter is up to, but I do know that both he and Albus had been very… reluctant to involve the Ministry last year. I've no doubt that Harry is continuing whatever it was Albus started."

"You think that's reason enough to leave the Ministry out of it?" asked Slughorn, wiping his bald head with silk handkerchief.

"For now, yes, I do." McGonagall replied. "You have your orders. Now hurry."

Sprout, Hagrid, Slughorn and Flitwick nodded, and turned to depart, leaving McGonagall and Zatanna in the office. As soon as they were gone, McGonagall moved around to sit down behind the heavy oak desk. McGonagall's normally rigid posture seemed more pronounced. Not surprising, as she always grew more strict and curt when she was under pressure.

"Looks like you called it Minerva," Zatanna said in a bemused manner.

"Unfortunately," McGonagall agreed. "How Albus ever handled all this stress and continued to smile, I shall never know. Zatanna, do you think—"

"I'll make the call. Hopefully, I'll have some answers for you." Standing up, Zatanna made her way to the door of the office, just as there was a soft knocking was heard. The door swung open allowing for Ginny Weasley, Luna Luvgood and Neville Longbottom to enter. Neville's round face was sweating nervously, while Luna gazed around the room with a blasé almost vacant smile. Ginny meanwhile looked at the Headmistress and DADA professor with a steely look in her eyes.

"Hagrid said that wanted to see us Professor McGonagall?" Ginny asked with polite curiosity. Neither Zatanna nor McGonagall were fooled.

"Have a seat," the Headmistress directed. She gave Zatanna a furtive look, as the other woman closed the door behind her. Taking a breath, her eyes turned sharply towards the three students and with a clipped voice said, "Now, I need you three to tell me anything you know about the location of Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter."


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