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Two Worlds Apart

I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

­-Snow Patrol

Jace sat in quiet contemplation as his bangs swept into the breeze like soft copper wires waving in the wind. He looked up at his older brother, whose eyes were closed and eyebrows slightly scrunched together.

"What now?" He asked.

Without opening his eyes, Danny placed a finger at his mouth indicating a need for silence.

"I'm trying to sense them right now. It's a bit harder doing it in the past than I thought it'd be—oh wait, I think I got them."

He turned a couple of paces with his eyes still shut until he had completed a full 360.

"There." He said, pointing east of their position. "They're in some apartment complex just a few miles from here."

"Let's get going then," Jace mumbled as he scrambled up from his comfortable position against the tree. He stretched his back for a few seconds. That last blow from Rainy had caused him to fall to the ground in a bad position. He would have been angry if he hadn't realized that his cousins had no way of knowing that he was... well… him.

"We might as well take off our cloaks," Danny suggested. "Doesn't seem like the disguise really helped us in any way. We'll probably be more convincing as ourselves."

Jace cocked his head to one side as he shed his cloak off.

"Why did we try to disguise ourselves in the first place?"

Danny just shook his head and let out a soft laugh.

"I have no idea."

As the two guys started down the trail with their cloaks floating away behind them, their appearance changed from menacing "demons" into two, normal All-American teenage boys. Both brothers were wearing worn down jeans and t-shirts; Danny's bright blue shirt portrayed a surfer and multitudes of palm trees while Jace's green tee sported a faded soccer ball.

The younger Halliwell walked with his hands in his pockets, silently counting each step. He looked up at his older brother, and as Danny's hair flew back in the wind, he noticed an unfamiliar moist, reddened looked in his emerald eyes.

"Hey bro, what's wrong?" He asked, his feet instinctively halting. Danny slowly kept his pace, seemingly ignoring the question. After taking a couple of more steps, he stopped and turned to look at his younger sibling.

"Uh…" All he wanted to say was, Well, I finally got to see Dad for the first time since he died, but of course he didn't know who I was and completely left me again, even though in this time period he probably doesn't even know that I exist. But of course, that probably wouldn't do any good in the current situation. Jace would eventually see their dad again anyway if his tracking was accurate. There was no point in causing any grief at the moment. He wasn't even sure if Jace had seen or even knew that their dad was alive where they were now.

"Nothing's wrong." He let out a nervous laugh and smiled, before turning back around and starting back down the trail.

Jace stood their, obviously unconvinced, but chose to drop it; he had been pretty happy at seeing his cousins. In reality, they'd been gone for a little more than two hours now, but it seemed more, or literally, like a lifetime. He wanted to know exactly what they were planning on doing in the past, and knew that the situation would probably be a bit more comfortable if they came as themselves and not as demonic hoodlums. He'd further inquire Danny at a later time. Strangely, he was brimming with excitement and couldn't wait to see Rainy's expression at realizing he had blasted his younger cousin.

Jace smirked mischievously and soon began running to catch up. After closing the few yards that had sprung up between them, he leapt into the air and onto his brother's back. Danny stumbled slightly at the sudden increase of weight, but, with a grin suddenly spreading across his face, he quickly grabbed hold of his brother's legs and placed them firmly around his waist.

"Woohoo!" Jace yelled with both arms wrapped tightly around his brother's neck as Danny broke into a steady run through the falling leaves.


Mike peered cautiously and with suspicious eyes at Rainy, who sat with his head in his hands, thinking quietly. Across the table from them, Wyatt and Chris stared at the twins with sensing eyes. The tapping of Chris fingers echoed in the dainty kitchen and his grunts of impatience cut through the atmosphere. Wyatt watched as Rainy slowly reach his hand forward, hesitated, and then quickly withdrew. He rolled his eyes at his future son and let out an exasperated sigh.

"Come on, kid."

Rainy eyed his father, clearly annoyed.

"Fine… Go fish." He said after scanning his cards once more.

"Finally!" Mike yelled, throwing his hands up into the air and subsequently letting his cards fly all over the place.

Watching his nephew's cards fall, Chris sighed and with a flick of his wrist, sent everyone's cards shooting off the table into a neat pile in the corner.

"Come on guys, we should be doing something right now, like figuring out who those demons were," Chris said, getting up and picking the cards up.

"You're the one who told us to find something to do," Mikey retaliated, as he handed the case to his uncle.

"I meant something productive, not cards."

"Shoulda' been more specific," Mike grumbled. He stood up and walked over to the couch where he proceeded to fall, face down.

Rainy still sat quietly at the table, a slight frown on his face. His tussled blond hair fell over one eye, giving him a dazed and confused kind of look.

"You know, I could have gotten more pairs if I had just asked for a two…"

Wyatt looked at his son with an are-you-serious expression. Giving up on understanding his future kid, he groaned and laid his head down on the table. The entire day had been too confusing for him. He had no idea what they were doing or supposed to be doing.

Let's see, Wyatt thought silently, Rainy and Mike came from the future in hopes of seeing Mom and Dad, but messed up and ended up here, and then they left while me and Chris discussed the situation, and then we went looking for them, and then we got attacked, and then we came back, and then we played Go Fish. Now what?

As if on cue, Chris's voice piped up from his bedroom. "I got an idea!"

"What…?" Wyatt asked, realizing that none of the boys were listening to their uncle.

"We're going to go back in time with them!"

"Er…what?" Mikey asked, shifting his position on the couch to look up at his uncle. "Um, why?"

Chris frowned as if the answer to the question was the most obvious thing in the world.

"To help you guys do whatever it is you wanted to do," he said. He looked over at Wyatt and noticed that familiar concerned look. His older brother's eyes were worried, as if to say you sure you'll be okay with that? Recalling his earlier breakdown, Chris sighed, understanding Wyatt's concern. But it was about time that he got over it, right? It's what he'd been telling himself for the past few months, though he never really got through to himself. Seeing his parents alive once more might do him some good. Strange. He felt like he was contradicting himself constantly.

"Um, what we wanted… to do?" Rainy had finally snapped out of his card playing mode and looked nervously over at his brother. Mike put a finger to his lips and made a zipping motion across his mouth.

"Yeah," Chris replied, looking suspiciously between the two of them. "Speaking of which, you never really told us why you wanted to see your grandparents…"

As cliché as it might have been, the door bell suddenly rang, causing Mikey to sigh and push his face back down into the pillows in relief. Chris and Wyatt snapped their heads sideways and stared intently at the door as it creaked open.

"Hello? Sorry, the door was open."

Rainy's eyes widened and his lips began to twitch into a smile as a head of bright copper hair peered nervously into the apartment room.

"I knew it!"


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