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AN: This is a Prequel to all the Moon Cats stories, and isn't required for any of them… though it might give away some information about them. I'm writing this along with Moon Cats: Walkabout where some of what seemed obvious to the cats here is going to be new for Artemis and Luna there. I'm going to use the North American dub names for the Sailor Senshi in this one as their "Silver Millennium" names because I'm lazy.

Moon Cats: Silver Millennium


Artemis grumbled unintelligibly to himself as he pulled one furry leg free from the rubble surrounding him. His paw like hand had several patches of fur missing as it shoved the scorched timber aside. "Love Chain Reaction? What have I told you about making up attacks on the fly Venus!"

The blond laying next to him, also grumbling, replied "Well it worked didn't it?"

"How exactly do you consider this working?"

"We defeated the stupid Youma and the Metalla cult that summoned it!"

"I quote the queen now. 'Princess of Venus and Guardian Commander Artemis, I must ask that you be very careful not to damage the ancient temple they are using. It's a beautiful and historic building and deserves restraint in removing the misguided souls that have taken it over.'" Artemis looked around at the somewhat less historic and definitely not beautiful pile of rubble surrounding them. "This is definitely NOT showing restraint."

"Well the priority was to defeat the cult right! Besides, I don't remember you crying out for restraint while you were swinging from the chapels chandelier blasting away with that stupid staff of yours! I mean, you blew up a fifty foot tall statue!"

"That was different!"


Artemis grinned, his soot stained face rather gray from the ashes covering it. "Style my lovely princess. Style."

"So, who's sending the report to Luna?"

Artemis groaned and dropped to the ash covered ground.

Luna crept slowly through the castle, her black paws making not one sound against the lunar marble floor. Normally known for her dedication, and frenetic need to finish any duty left to her, the slow pace she maintained was out of character. All the time she muttered about stupid white cats and blonde ditz's.

Princess Serenity, aka Serena, followed her mentor at an equally slow pace. She'd never admit it to anyone, especially not Luna, but it amused her to see the chief adviser to the crown procrastinating on ANYTHING. Not to mention very satisfying after gods knows how many lectures against it. "So Luna, did you actually receive a personal letter from Arty, or just his report?" Her tone was innocent, her expression almost screaming 'Butter won't melt in my mouth!'.

"WHY WOULD I WANT A LETTER FROM THAT…. THAT…. BRIGAND!" Luna yelled, spinning on her charge with an expression of pure indignation on her black furred face. Serenity the younger just grinned in return, and managed to catch the towels the unfortunate maid who'd been coming around the corner had dropped at the frightening (To most sane people) outburst from the Mau.

"You know why."

"Oh please princess, you know me better then that. And stop grinning like…. Like… the cat that got the canary!" The cat grumbled, then grumbled some more as the girls grin grew larger at her ill chosen colloquialism. "You know what I mean."

Serenity did her best to look properly abashed, or at least tried to do a good impression of it around the huge smile on her face. "Your right Luna, I know you so well." Then the Princess of the Moon, Heir apparent to the throne of the silver millennium started walking again, handing the maid the towels with a wink.

"Exactly. You know me…" Luna paused, blinked twice, then yelled, startling the maid again "I know what your suggesting young lady, and Princess or not I won't stand for it!"

Serenity the younger just giggled and ran for it. Tripping a few meters later and sliding into the throne room in a rather undignified but still greatly amused heap.

At least she was amused till Luna caught up intent on some recreational regicide. It wasn't till laughter penetrated their miniature war that they realized where they landed and froze.

"My Luna, should I be worrying about a Coup?" The Queen Serenity chuckled, setting the reports she had been reading down on the table next to her throne, The Senshi of Pluto hiding her own grin behind her hand.

The princess giggled as the moon cat stuttered in horror. "Come on Luna, all work and no fun makes a boring kitty."

"I am not boring!" Luna declared, standing and trying to pull her shattered dignity around her like a cloak. With a flare of light she assumed her human form, a simple gray gown forming around her shoulders. "I'm sorry to have disturbed you, your Royal Majesty."

"Oh just the contrary, you happened in just in time to break the tension."


Serenity the elder nodded. "Oh yes, I was just reading this dispatch I just received from the princess of Mercury. It seems that our lead Senshi and a certain white cat-boy of our familiarity didn't quite carry off their duties as planned." The silver-blue eyes of the queen noted her advisor's wince. "I take it you've received Artemis's report. Or did Mina loose their traditional game of Rock, Paper, Scissors this time?"

"No, this time it was Artemis." Luna replied with a forlorn tone in her voice. She ignored Serena's comment about how he always throws paper and continued. "He claims that the cult managed to summon one of Metalla's minions, and that the destruction of the Temple of Southern Wisdom on Mercury couldn't be saved without risking innocent civilians outside the structure."

"And he's probably telling the truth." Serenity shook her head. "These situations are becoming more and more common lately. I almost sent Mars along, and now I'm sure I'm going to have to start."

Luna stood up straight, and against her best instincts defended the two warriors. "My Queen, while they are a bit unorthodox at times, and Artemis especially has a rather… colorful history, there is none more loyal to the throne and they are two of the best in their respective fields. If they said it was unavoidable, it was."

"I have no doubts of that Luna, so you can stop defending your boyfriend. We forgave him a long time ago." Serenity and Pluto both had to fight a giggle at the look of horror that crossed the black moon cats face at her description of the white Mau being her boyfriend. "Mina leads the Senshi for a reason, and as for Artemis… We all know he's the best investigator in the Guardians. Have them report when they get back to the Moon. For now we have a meeting with the diplomatic mission from earth scheduled for an hour from now and I need to steal you away from Serena to prepare."

The Queen stood, and led her advisor out of the room. Serena stood and dusted off her own white gown and walked over to her mothers throne and Pluto. She lifted the reports off the pile and glanced through them. Her cheerful disposition evaporated quickly "This many attacks?"

Pluto nodded. "Your mother specifically asked me to look into them at the Festival of Revelations next month. I don't know if it'll be knowledge I can share though. I can't help but feel there's a pattern but none of the future Pluto's will give me permission to look into them directly until the festival. They're being even more frustratingly vague then usual."

Serena ignored the chance to jibe the frequently ambiguous Senshi of Pluto. "Then this might not be the last temple to get knocked down in the fighting."

"No your royal highness, I can guarantee you it's not."

Serena tried not to shiver. When Pluto chose to be formal, things were usually looking bleak.

AN: Before anyone says anything, yes some characters are going to be a bit OOC at times. This is a first incarnation (Or pre-freeze dried brain) so there's personality difference. As for Pluto, she was far more restricted in what she was allowed to look at in the Silver Millennium so she doesn't know the end is coming yet.