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Moon Cats: Walkabout

Minako sat, quietly watching her oldest friend and advisor. Her tears had dried, she having given up that ploy an hour ago. Now there was only depressed resignation. All in all the usually cheerful Senshi of Venus did not like that particular feeling.

So Minako being Minako, she slayed the hated depression filled silence with a comment that could only make things significantly more awkward. "So what did Luna say when you told HER you were running out on us?"

Artemis, currently in his human form winced. "Geesh Minako, ever think about developing tact?" He muttered, just softly enough that she couldn't hear him from across her bedroom.

"What did you say?"

"I said she hit me and stormed off." Artemis answered, the lie also being the truth. The black haired beauty of the feline persuasion hadn't just slapped him either. As a matter of fact she threw closed fist roundhouse that put the white haired Mau on his tail. "I told her like I'm telling you again, Minako. I'm not running out on ANYONE! The whole mess with the Gaki pushed me over the edge, and I need to get away to gather myself. I'm no good to anyone like this Minako. Not to you and especially not to Luna!"

"What about CAPPA?"

"The Captain is the one who suggested this, though I don't think he expected me to take him up on the offer. He told me he did this once, called it a walkabout. He said something about a vacation to Australia giving him the idea when he'd just made sergeant."

"So how long are you going to be gone?"

"I took two months of personal leave. Glad I'm technically a reserve officer." Artemis chuckled weakly.

"But you'll be back?"

"I promise you, and I promised her. I'll be back."

Minako stood and pulled her closest friend into a hug, strangely amused that he was taller then her. She never expected that to happen. "Okay you big lug, you better hurry back or Luna and me will kick your furry butt from here to Nerima!"

"I'm sure you will."

The next day Artemis was standing in the squad room of CAPPA headquarters. The crew had decided to throw him a going away party (Usagi had insisted it was a hurry back party) and a good time had been had by all, until an idiot drew a cursed sword from a shrine and went on a rampage. That cleared out half the squad.

"So, I guess it's time to go huh?" Artemis chuckled after the rush of activity died back down.

Captain Hibuki punched his less then human lieutenant in the shoulder lightly. "Come on Artemis, what sort of copper are you. Looking all depressed about a nice long vacation. I mean, that's to be happy about, not like your retiring or anything."

"I guess your right." Artemis smiled softly then frowned. "So, she really called in sick?"

Hibuki winced. "Yeah, sounded horrible on the phone. I didn't know cats got larengitis."

"Me and Luna ARE the only talking cats you know." Artemis replied. "How else would you have known."
"I'll have you I know at least one other talking cat. Nice girl too. She's a waitress at that family café downtown." Hibuki chuckled. "Granted, Nuku ain't so great at prompt delivery of one's food, but she's a ray of sunshine. Just never order the fish!"

"Um… right." Artemis blinked. "Well, tell Luna I said… well, tell Luna I left." Artemis turned and walked out the door. "I'll call in from time to time, just to stay in touch."

Luna, in her small and easily concealed black cat form, watched Artemis walk out of CAPPA headquarters from her perch high on the roof. The Neko-jins long white braid flowed down and around his shoulder, making room for the backpack on his back. She sighed and ignored the tear in her eyes as he started down the road.

"Why don't you go with him? Or at least go say goodbye." The soft voice of Usagi Tsukino came from behind her, startling Luna. She turned, finding the girl in her full Senshi regalia and surprisingly well hidden for the normally ditzy blonde.

"I can't go. One of us has to stay with you." Luna said, turning away from the retreating Artemis. "As for saying goodbye… I don't think we have anything to say to eachother."

"Luna, you can't be angry at him. The Gaki kidnapping you tore him up. I've never seen him so angry. He was ready to kill anyone that got between him and you." The reincarnated princess said softly. "You know how hard that was on him, even if he's forgotten. I think we're the only two who remember what he was before Venus found him."

Luna looked up, shocked. "I didn't know any of you girls remembered."

"I remembered when I saw him leave Hibuki's office." Sailor Moon said. "I saw the rage and the dedication to a goal that filled his eyes. I've only seen expressions like that on our enemies faces."

Luna made to speak, but Usagi continued. "And at that moment I think I understood him better then I have ever understood him before. After all, I felt the same way."

Luna looked at her ward in shock, speechless. The sapphire eyes of the Princess turned to the retreating form of Artemis, who had stopped and turned to look up at them. She knew he'd notice Luna, and she knew Luna didn't know he did.

"You know Luna, you will be kinda bored without him."

"Well, I still have you girls."

"Oh no! We have plans for this summer." Usagi shook her head, though her eyes stayed locked to the man in the streets. "You aren't spoling all of them. I hear Hibuki offered you a more full time position again… Kinda along the lines of our white haired compatriots?"

"Well, yes, but as your advisor…"

"As my advisor, you are also to make sure we have proper influence within the government of Japan. You'll take the job. Call it a royal command if you have to."

Luna stuttered, but finally sighed. "Hibuki bribed you, didn't he."

"Two snickers and a twix! But I think it'll be good for you." Usagi nodded, Luna never knew it wasn't at her, then hopped off the roof. "You start tomorrow."

Luna shook her head, then turned her head to look at Artemis one last time, only to catch the very tail of his braid whipping around a corner.

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