She was a cute girl

He once saw her as the cutest girl in school.

She was clumsy, probably couldn't even dance correctly. Yet, she was definitely the one who stood out the most. Her heart was great even then, with her passion glowing in her blue, pearl eyes and pure, honest love coming out of her mouth.

Her figure was gaunt, and light. He noticed this when he first carried her. He liked to play with her long hair, which had the strangest hair style anyone could possibly imagine. The boy liked it, though; he told her it was one of her most "distinct" features.

Oh yes, she was a cute girl. Her personality was full of honest love and full appreciation. She lived everyday like her last.

Or maybe it really was her last.

He sits there, quietly, and remembers her soft lap cushioning his head. The boy often thinks of her sweet voice echoing in his head and often writes them down in his stories.

The boy looks off into the water, thinking of the cute girl he once knew.


She snuggles into his lap, digging her petite head into his sleeve. He smiles fondly at her and strokes at her soft feathers.

She was a cute girl.

He blows out the candle, shifting in his bed before sleeping.

She still was.

No matter what they say,

I will always love you.

Princess TuTu characters do not belong to me. And please note I have only seen small parts of this anime, so I'm not accurately correct about the events.

Actually, I'm more of a Mytho and Duck shipper, but hey. It works.