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Chapter 2 – Peppermint Sticks

Rebecca Welsh looked to her immediate left, finding a smiling face looking back at her. The grin she put on was so obviously fake, but Makoto didn't seem to notice, just went back to working on the page Miss Spencer had passed out...

Ever since the last Rumble Roses tournament, the history teacher had discovered a way to do both what she liked and what she loved. She became a full-time professional wrestler, and a part-time teacher. It was a small class, with only Rebecca Welsh, Makoto Aihara, and Aigle, but it was a nice class.

Rebecca quickly scribbled something on her paper, then turned it over as she rested her forehead on the desk. She had never felt like such a retard... even Aigle seemed to be getting this stuff. And Makoto was just chugging along... whipping through everything like it was no big deal.

She swallowed hard, pushing down the angry lump in her throat. It really wasn't fair, how much everyone seemed to love that girl. Sure, she was her friend, but damn! The girl was a Judo star! And now it turned out that she and Reiko, the Rose of Roses, were dating... which only served to make them both even more popular, considering how much American males seemed to adore lesbians. And then there was the way Aigle adored her, and Dixie playfully teased her, and even Teach seemed to like her.

"Time's up." Miss Spencer said, walking along the row and collecting the papers. While she seemed pleased with Makoto and Aigle's work... when she saw how little Rebecca had completed, her small smile faded into none at all. She sighed.

"I guess that's all for the day." The teacher said, dismissing them. Makoto and Aigle eagerly hopped up and headed for the door, Makoto looking over her shoulder and calling for 'Becky-chan'.

Rebecca started to stand up, but Miss Spencer shook her head.

"I'm sorry girls, but Miss Welsh has to stay after class. I really must speak with her."

The girls' shoulders slumped in defeat as they walked away, but they could easily find a third person to hang out with. If not Reiko, maybe Dixie and Aisha had stopped bickering long enough for them to drag the cowgirl back to one of their rooms and play video games, or go do something.

"What is it, Teach?" The red-head asked, though she knew damn well what it was about. Her work in class. It clearly wasn't her best, most of it incomplete and she was putting in zero effort.

"Miss Welsh... what's wrong? I thought that when I agreed to stay on here, you had agreed to work towards getting your diploma. But this..." She pulled out her last essay, which had a big 'D-' at the top in red pen, "This is just not right."

Rebecca let out a sigh of her own. "Sorry Teach... it's just... I've been getting distracted lately..."

Miss Spencer smiled a little. "Why don't you ever tell me these things? You know I would do anything I could to help." She sat on the edge of her desk, setting the papers down. "Is it about the belt?"

She shook her head; no point in lying. Teach always caught her. "It's just... Makoto..." She answered, looking down. She could feel hot, frustrated tears welling in her big green eyes.

"Did she do something?" The teacher reached out to clasp her students shoulder, but the singer just pulled away.

"N-no... It's just... she has everything... everyone loves her so much." She'd once thought she'd only envied the Judo babe, but now she knew it was just jealousy, big ugly jealousy, that she'd tried to hide. Tears coursed down her pale cheeks. "She doesn't even belong here! She got to fight Aigle, why doesn't she just go home and be the Queen of Judo again, huh!"

Miss Spencer could only smile a little wider at her student's plight... it was so wonderful that she was finally opening up... she went around to the drawers of her desk. She opened one, pulling out a small stick. "Here."

"What the hell is this? A candy cigarette?" She asked sarcastically, wiping at her face.

"No, it's a peppermint stick. I used to eat them when I was upset." The blond explained.

"You still do?" She asked, unwrapping it and sticking one end into her mouth.

"Yes." She smiled a little more. "I still do."

Candy Cane grinned, erasing all signs that she'd been crying. "So this is why you always taste like peppermints?"

Miss Spencer let out a laugh, nodding. "I guess so." She stood and moved her arms around the red head's shoulder, pulling her into a gentle embrace. "But... now you shall as well."

"Heey... I don't mind that." The younger girl tilted her head up, gently pressing her lips against the older's.


"What takes Candy Cane so long with teacher?" Aigle said in annoyance, as she leaned back against the wall.

Makoto pouted a little. She felt bad about making one of her friends wait... but she also felt bad for not knowing how poor the other's grades were. She would've helped her with the work, if she had known, but it was just like Becky-chan to keep everything all bottled up.

"I don't know..." She admitted.

Aigle looked over, peeking into the window of the classroom. What she saw mildly shocked the Mongolian girl. "Makoto, come see this... Candy Cane and teacher...!" She said in a hushed but mild tone.

Makoto instantly went to the window, fearing that her friend might be in the middle of an unfair punishment. Instead, she saw the teacher sitting on the desk and the student... well... it looked very much like they were making out! Her face turned three different shades of scarlet. "Uhm... Aigle... I think... I'm going to go find Reiko-chan... I just remembered something..." She said, before jogging down the hall.

Aigle let out a soft huff. She would go find something to do on her own. After all, the path of a warrior often involved long periods of solitude...