Diana Crescent

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No one knew that he had a voice of a siren. No one knew that he could sing or spout poetry that could make the most violent of creatures stop and listen.

All it took was a moment to become transfixed.

That's when it had all started. Under the moon that night, next to the Black Lake.

He still shivered thinking of the sound that had resonated in the air. Unearthly. Excellent.


It had been nearly a year ago, not long before Voldemort's downfall.

Harry Potter had impaled his soul, ripped it out and pieced it back together again, with nothing more than odd snippets of a song he was writing.

Who knew that the Golden Boy could sing with a voice of a choir of angels?

Draco Malfoy hadn't—not until that night.

Draco shivered in the memory still.

The smaller boy moaned at the action.

Even the moan was musical.


Harry often whispered to him that making love to him was rhapsodic.

Draco sighed against the mouth of his lover.

Now, here, on the train bound for Hogwarts, they were meeting again.

A summer away had gone by fast but both had felt the days—more like months—stretch out before them in a length of miles rather than time.

It had been like the universe had worked against them.

Now, after three months of waiting, they were back in each others arms.



Ginny Wealsey sighed in a happy, dreamy sort of way while Hermione Granger cast a few charms and illusions to keep just anyone from seeing the two boys in their splendor.

Didn't mean they weren't going to watch.

"Aren't they wonderful together?" the muggle-born witch whispered.

"Perfect for each other," she agreed, her eyes going soft at the sight of their love.


Draco's tongue rubbed across his with gentle fervor.

Harry reached out to grasp the crux of Draco's thighs.

The blond's head tipped back in pleasure, leaving a milky white neck open for Harry to enjoy.

And enjoy it he did.

Harry licked and sucked gently. He nipped and bit.

With the first bite, Draco's hips thrust forward helplessly against Harry's still rubbing hand.

He groaned as his muscles clenched. He thrust forward a few more times and sighed as he released.

Harry kissed Draco's neck softly.


"I think voyeurism is my new hobby," Ginny whispered, slightly fanning herself while Hermione nodded in agreement.

"We're going to have to find a bathroom in a minute."

"Or a randy boy."

"So just anyone then?"


Draco switched their places quickly, shoving Harry into the wall gently. He smirked in that sexy way he knew his lover liked before going after Harry's mouth again.

Harry moaned into Draco's mouth, his hands clenching white blond locks of silken hair.

Draco moaned and tangled his tongue deeper with his lover's.

The Slytherrin pulled back, his face flushed, eyelids drooping, and lips swollen.

With a look, Harry sighed and allowed his head to rest against the wall, giving the larger man free reign.

Moving to the side of Harry's neck, he kissed and nipped.

Harry ran his hand's through Draco's hair while Draco assaulted his neck with teeth and tongue.

Draco pushed Harry's shirt up his muscled stomach while his hips rubbed against Harry's.

Stepping back slightly, he pulled the shirt over his lover's head and continued as though he'd never left.

Harry gasped when Draco brushed his fingers along his nipple. "Draco."

Draco groaned in reply and reached into Harry's jeans to grasp his engorged member.

Harry thrust toward him jerkily.

Draco couldn't hold out anymore. He took Harry to the floor and began undressing them both with the Gryffindor's help.

When they were both naked, Draco thrust into Harry from behind and hissed. He wrapped Harry's member in his hand and began pumping in time with his hips.


Ginny's mouth dropped open as Hermione squeeked.

"Do you think they might let us watch later on?"

"Draco's head boy you know. We can always drill a peep hole from the head common room into his room."

"Or two."



Both of them moaned deeply.

Draco pounded harder, gritting his teeth.

Harry was moaning loudly.

Finally, Harry's body clenched and jerked. He spilled into Draco's hand.

Draco rubbed Harry's seed along his spilling member, milking him for more while he spilled in to Harry's body.

Both were panting as Harry turned over.

Draco leaned down and began to lick Harry clean.


"I really hope your brother isn't the first boy I see."

"You hope! I HOPE. I may have to jump him anyway."

"Ew. I think I'd rather jump Crabbe or Goyle."

"Why Mio, are you leading my brother on a merry chase?"

"I'm not merry OR 'marry'. I'm trying to get him to stop chasing too."

"Good luck with that. So who DO you hope to see?"



"I wish Snape was on this damn train. You?"


"Ohhh...did you see that!"

"Yeah. Yeah I did." They both watched avidly.



"I may have to go find Zabini."


Draco pulled the head into his mouth and licked in avid ecstasy. He suckled Harry's sac and nibbled the very tip.

Harry jerked and Draco thrust his tongue against the hole and then licked long and hard.

Harry spilled a second time into his lover's mouth and Draco happily swallowed.

Sliding back up Harry's body, he kissed the dark-haired man.

He greeted the kiss happily, dancing their tongues together.

Draco pulled back to nip at Harry's neck again and bit down hard, drawing blood.


"Weaslette, Granger."

"ZABINI!" Ginny squeaked, even though she knew he couldn't see into the compartment she could.

"Shut up!" Hermione hissed, still watching they two lovers.

"What are you two doing?"

"WE'RE not DOING anything," Ginny said quietly. She leaned in and whispered lecherously, "But we could be!"

Zabini flushed. "What--?

"Shut up and just go screw him already!" Hermione hissed again, still watching.

Ginny flashed him a grin, took his hand and pulled him along to an empty compartment.


They shifted their hips, Harry's knees coming up while Draco lifted Harry's hips to gain access.

Still suckling the wound on Harry's neck, Draco thrust in again.


"Hey Mio!"

"Ron, if you don't back away, I'm going to hex you!"

The red-headed left quickly, muttering something about PMS and crazy bints.

"Now now Miss Granger, no need to be angry."

"Professor Snape!" she squeaked, turning around quickly to find her nose against a hard, manly chest.

She took a deep breath to stop her face from flushing so deeply, but mostly to smell him. Sandalwood and oranges.

"Miss Granger, may I ask what it is that you are doing?"

"Nothing, sir."

"Than why are you blushing like a Weasley?"

"OH FOR MERLIN'S SAKE! Hermione, there's an empty compartment across from mine!" Ginny shouted from somewhere not far off.

Snape's eyebrows raised only for a minute. After that minute, Hermione was kissing him and dragging him into said compartment, all the while unbuttoning his clothes.


Harry gasped quietly with each synchronized pull of Draco's mouth and thrust of his hips.

"Draco," he groaned and came for the third time when the other man spilled his seed.

Draco lapped at the neck wound causing aftershocks for both of them.

Brushing aside the messy black hair, Draco smiled. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too."

Draco smiled leeringly. "You know my love, there's still a good four hours until Hogwarts."

Harry simply smiled and let his hands wander.


Dumbledore's eyes traveled between three tousled looking Gryffindors, two tousled looking Slytherins, and one tousled looking head of house.

Tousled-Snape was watching tousled-Hermione Granger, who was in turn watching him. Tousled-Ginny Weasley was making calf eyes at a tousled-Blaise Zabini who was making calf eyes at her while tousled looking Harry Potter and tousled looking Draco Malfoy were simply looking around the Great Hall before leaving completely, holding hands.

Looking at prim Minerva McGonagall, he decided something. He really needed to ride the train more often.


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