Sakura sat with a kunai in her hands. Flowers were falling all around her as she sat underneath the cherry blossom tree. She sat still for a while, staring at the kunai remorsefully. It's funny. She thought to herself. The first time I've been in grave danger was because of him, and now, the last time will be because I'm without him. She thought with a bitter laugh. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she remembered the times she had with him.

"Sasuke! I love you more than anything!" She had called out to him. "So please… If you cannot stay here with me… At least take me with you!" She had begged him. But he had continued to walk, with only so much as a thank you to Sakura.

She sniffled at the memory. Maybe it was just another one-sided love, but I honestly thought that maybe… She thought remembering the way he had looked so concerned for her when she was hurt. She shook her head sadly. No, I probably just imagined it. She thought. She turned the kunai over in her hand so it shone it the sunlight. I don't know if I even have the courage to take my own life... she thought sadly, looking at the kunai. No. Without him, I'm not living. There is no way I could ever call the pathetic state I'm in living. She told herself. She swallowed determinedly, and then put the kunai to her own throat. Tears were streaming down her face. She sobbed silently once or twice then lifted to kunai to make the final stroke to end her life.

"Stop." A deep voice spoke. Did someone just speak? She thought, a surge of hope running through her. No… Naruto is on another mission... I'm alone… No one could be here. I'm just imagining things again. Just imagining… She thought with another soft sob. She plunged the kunai at herself again, but this time a sharp clank stopped the kunai from hitting her throat. She opened her eyes. There, staring back at her was none other then Uchiha Sasuke, his own kunai stopping hers. She gasped. Am I hallucinating? She thought, blinking once or twice to make sure she was seeing straight.

"Just put the kunai down." He said softly in a strange voice. Slowly, almost involuntarily, she lowered the knife. Neither of them spoke for a while. Her heart was pounding with joy, but her mind refused to believe in it. Why would Sasuke be back? She wondered.

"Is it really you?" She found herself choking out between sobs. He said nothing, but nodded. She just stared. I don't believe it. He really is back! She thought happily. But even if he is, that still doesn't change the fact it's a one-sided love. Her inner-voice told her harshly. The pang of joy in her heart muffled at that.

"I was wrong." He told her, finally looking her in the eye. She stared at him. Wrong? Wrong about what? She thought.

"I told you before… Those many years ago, when I left Konoha…" he said, with an emotion in his voice she just couldn't quite recognize.

"Sasuke-kun…" She said softly, reaching out to him. He turned away, and she pulled back, a bit hurt. He shook his head, almost bitterly.

"No, it's just I have to say this." He said, almost if that was explanatory. She stared at him. I've never seen him like this… she thought, wondering what was wrong.

"When I left Konoha, I told you that you will only bring me down with my choice as an avenger…" He said, something in his voice quivering. He turned back to meet her gaze again. Suddenly it struck her as to what was wrong with his voice. That emotion… She thought. Is it…. Love? Slowly he leaned in towards her, and before she knew it, he had embraced her, holding her tightly to his chest.

"I was wrong." He whispered. "You were the only one that could ever lift me from my fate." He told her, hugging her tight. She gasped to herself, and then smiled a bittersweet smile. A single tear of joy ran down the side on her face, wishing this moment in the cherry blossom garden would last forever.