W h y
By Miss P

Summary: Miss Parker gets kidnapped by the person she thought would never hurt her.
But maybe things aren't what they seem?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pretender characters in this story.
And I'm not getting paid for writing it.

NOTE/ "Why" has been posted at fanfiction-net before, but there was so many errors in it, so I decided to remove it and change it.
I hope it's a little better this time…


The corridor in sub level twenty-three was completely silent. Darkness was lying heavily in the air. At the end of the hall a ray of light fell across the hard floor. There were strange sounds and voices of two men coming from inside the room. There was a silence. Not a sound was heard. After a while a low humming noise started to fill the room. One of the men let out a small shout of excitement.

Their new project was working. They had succeeded! Finally they had someone who could fulfil their wishes, their needs.

The men left the room. Switched off the lights and locked the door carefully before leaving. Inside the room their 'project' was lying, strapped to a table. Slowly he started to wake up. He tried to break loose.

Bit by bit the straps loosened. After a while he was free, walking around the room, trying to find a way out, he suddenly spotted himself in a mirror. He just stood there, watching himself. It was hard to see through the dim light, but he could distinguish two chocolate brown eyes staring back at him. He slowly ran his hand through his dark hair. It felt soft. The first thing he got to feel. Even though he knew he had just been created, had been brought to this world, it felt like he had lived a long time. He felt strong emotions for something. He didn't know what. But somehow it made him just want to smash his hand through something.
He was confused, how could you feel both love and hate at the same time? He knew that when he found the source to his feelings, he would make it his. He would control it, never let it go. He needed something to hold on to. But what he didn't know was that the 'source' was what he'd least expected. Something that would change him completely, something that would make his nice and innocent personality disappear.

He left the mirror and walked up to the door. There was no way he would be staying there. He had to get out. There was so much he needed to discover. All of the sudden he felt dizzy. The whole world was spinning and his head began to ache. He needed to get away, now. And as things weren't strange enough, he suddenly craved for something sweet… something named pez…

The door started to budge as he was throwing himself against it. Suddenly it was opened. The long dark corridor was waiting for him. He ran. There were sounds of people screaming, sirens that sounded. He kept running. He didn't know how long he had been running and hiding. But suddenly he found himself outside the large building. The air felt cold on his skin. He shivered. It was frightening out here, but not as frightening as it was inside.

As he stood there, he suddenly spotted a dark haired woman walking up to a car. He sharpened his eyes. The sun was about to set and it wasn't as bright as he thought it would be. From his hideout he could hear the woman talking, it seemed like the other person was really annoying her. 'I'm not in the mood rat boy, just leave me the hell alone!' he could hear her snap. He kept watching her. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He felt his emotions well up inside of him. He wanted her. He needed her. And he would make sure he got her. No one else would ever lay hands on her. She belonged to him. Inside the building the men were talking. They seemed very upset. 'Something went wrong, if we don't find him as soon as possible. I'm sure he will either kill or hurt someone. He's mad. We need him back where he belongs. NOW,' one of the men said in a wheezing voice. 'Yes, that's number one priority.'




Miss Parker woke up in a car. Tiredly she looked around, had she been hunting Jarod and fallen asleep? She didn't remember any of that. Suddenly she noticed she was in a half lying position, she moaned as she slowly straightened and looked out through the window. The sun was shining bright. Obviously it was day, but it didn't make any sense. She remembered being in her car, driving away from the Centre after an annoying phone call from Jarod. But after that everything was unclear.
She remembered her father and Raines were very upset, but she didn't know why. She remembered the Centre alarms, what had really happened?

Slowly she turned her head to look at the driver.

The driver smiled at her. "Ah, you're awake. It was about time!" he said.

"Jarod! What the hell is going on?" Miss Parker snapped. Almost immediately her head began to ache. She moaned quietly and pressed her hand against the back of her head.

"Having a headache?"

Miss Parker glared at him. "Yes, Jarod. Where are we? What are you doing?" she asked wearily.

"Don't worry Parker. You're with me now. We're going to have some fun!"

Miss Parker gave him a confused look. Jarod just smiled dumbly at her.

"Dammit. When the Centre..." Miss Parker started, but Jarod interrupted her.

"No one knows. It's just you and me now," he said with a smirk.

"You kidnapped me? Why the hell did you do that?" Miss Parker almost screamed.

Jarod just ignored her.

"What kind of sick game are you playing?" Miss Parker growled.

"You'll find out in time. Just try to sleep now," Jarod answered calmly. He took up a syringe from his pocket and pricked it in Miss Parker's neck. She let out a gasp of pain.

"It's okay...it's okay," Jarod mumbled. But Miss Parker didn't hear it. She was deeply asleep.



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