Kiba frowned as he crushed two white pills into powder with a spoon. He picked up the saucer and scraped the powder into the mug. He then poured in hot water and coco powder. Stirring it with the spoon, Kiba stowed the pill bottle in the cabinet. Even though he was pretty sure Ino knew he laced her drinks with medication, he still hid them in his kitchen. It was easier to make sure she was taking her meds, Tsunade's orders. He was also sure she needed these pills because they weren't for depression; they were for her 'condition', as Tsunade called it.

She was in the hospital for at least a week getting stitches and blood transfusions after he found her. She was out for a few days. Then, something happened and she was back in. Kiba brought her in, as usual. He sometimes wondered if he was the only ninja, much less person, in the entire village that cared for her health, both physical and mental. They were training when she just collapsed, shaking and coughing up blood.

By the time he actually got her to the hospital, she didn't want to go because she hated the place, she hadn't stopped shaking and the coughing escalated to blood stained vomit. Tsunade started freaking out, asking things like 'have you noticed her eating or drinking anything strange' and 'has something happened over the last few days that would cause something like this' while she held a glowing green hand over Ino abdomen.

'No,' he lied.

Kiba made himself a cup of hot chocolate as well, washing the spoon off before he mixed in the powder. He took both his and Ino's cup with him into the living room. Ino sat with her legs crossed, Suki's head on her lap. He handed the right mug to her and took a drink of his own. Ino looked into the cup and at Kiba, then she drained it in two gulps and opened her mouth to show that it was empty.

She defiantly knew. Ino ran her hand through her hair and Kiba found himself unconsciously counting the scars on her arm. Thirteen scars were still visible on her pale flesh. He knew there would be at least two inches of scar tissue if he cut open her forearm.

At least she started to take her anger out on inanimate objects instead of herself or him. The tree in their usual training ground had about eleven inches of bark missing. Kiba proceeded to drinking his chilled cocoa when she noticed he was staring at her wrists.

He soon found the metallic coppery taste of blood in his drink and stared into it, wondering if the wound on his thumb had reopened. The open flesh was streaming slowly with the fluid. Kiba stood and went to the bathroom to dump out his drink and bandage his finger. After at the brownish liquid went down the drain he washed his hand and got out a roll a cloth bandaging.

Kiba breathed deeply when he was done with his hand. He hated the smell of his own blood. All blood smelled different, but his had a pacific stink that made his stomach lurch. Ino's blood made him feel light-headed.

The same way not eating had. Speaking of which, his empty stomach lurched again. Kiba soon found himself hunched over the toilet, vomiting. This happened every time he didn't eat for more than six hours. Standing up and wiping his mouth, Kiba took the left door to the kitchen and got some beef jerky.

"Hey, Ino do you want something to eat?" He called. No answer, then-


Kiba dropped the bread and grabbed a kunai knife that was sitting on the counter. (It's good to be prepared) He bolted back into the living room. Sliding on water that came from somewhere, he lost his balance and toppled over. Jumping up, Kiba searched for what caused the crash that put a huge ass hole in his wall. Or Who.

Uchiha was in his living room. The traitor, bastard that everyone was hunting, was in his living room. Pinning Ino to the ground and kissing her by what Kiba could see.

Kiba stared for a few moments before flinging the kunai at the rouge ninja. Uchiha caught it easily. He lifted himself off Ino, who was conscious, and turned to face Kiba. His ink black eyes turned red and he lunged at Kiba, who dodged.

A slicing pain in his shoulder told him that his dodge had been only partially successful. Kiba instead got Ino and jumped out the hole in the wall.

But somehow Sasuke caught up with him (you really mustn't underestimate your opponent, Kiba-kun) and used some lightning base attack to shock the hell out of him. Being in mid-air when this happened, he fell all dramatic-like while Sasuke stole a drowsy Ino away.


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