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Warnings: Future shounen-Ai. Possible confusion. Some cursing.

Summary: Naruto, a modern day high schooler whose worst subject is history. Sasuke, the young prince who had committed suicide in the medieval times. These two were never meant to meet. AU and SasuNaru shounen-ai.

History Repeats Itself

Chapter One

Time Jump

Bleary blue eyes gazed unseeingly at the tiny print on plain white paper, clouding over slightly as boredom took over the teen.


Possibly the worst subject invented.

A large yawn escaped the blonde as he leaned back in his seat, not even attempting to mask his disinterest. Who the hell decided that the past should be taught to students, anyway? He thought with a small frown, glancing out at the window and tapping his pen idly onto the page, tuning out the almost monotone droning of the old teacher at the front.

He pushed his back against the chair while digging his feet against the rug so that he was swinging on his chair. His cerulean gaze followed a green leaf that twirled past the window, dancing around briefly as the airy breeze of the afternoon lifted it about lightly.

"Uzumaki Naruto! Are you listening?"

The boy in question gave a startled gasp and pushed back too far, and everything seemed to go in slow motion as he toppled backwards and onto the floor. Hard.

He howled in pain and sat up immediately, clutching his bruised head. Naruto grimaced, aware of the sharp laughter of his classmates around him and the old man that was standing over him with an annoyed look etched on his wrinkled face.

"Ehehe… sorry, sensei." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

The old man's face didn't change, "This is the third time this week that you have interrupted my class, Naruto." The tone of his voice was vaguely clipped. "If you are not prepared to work, maybe you would enjoy spending an hour everyday after school to make up for it?"

"No, no, I'll work! I mean, I do work." Naruto chirped hurriedly, picking himself up off the floor and bowing briefly to his shorter teacher. He'd be damned is he had to give up his precious ramen time after school in exchange for some more history lessons. Nervously, as he was put on the spot, he self-consciously picked at his sport uniform, which he hadn't changed out of yet because he had previously had gym.

"I always catch you staring out the window." His teacher's scowl deepened. This blonde student of his was definitely a lost cause. A glint appeared in his wise eyes, "Since you claim to do work, then please, enlighten me on the series of events that occurred to the famous royal family of Uchihas. If you don't know the answer, you're going to have to stay in after school."

Naruto gulped, Uchiha… uhh… Uchiha…think Naruto, think! "Uuum…" He stared blankly at the wrinkled face, "They ruled a long time ago and… umm…"

His teacher shook his head, "As I thought, you haven't been listening at all this week. Sit down, Naruto. You're going to have to stay after school today."

Naruto groaned as he picked his chair up off the floor and sat down on it. "You have got to be kidding…" He muttered darkly, glaring at the book in front of him.

"As I was saying before I was kindly interrupted, the Uchiha family ruled over the Fire Country for centuries, but their line came to a tragic and horrifying end. The King and Queen were murdered in the hands of their very own son. The crown prince, Itachi. No one truly knows why he did it; it couldn't be because he wanted the throne. After all, he was going to be the next king.

Itachi, however, didn't stop there. He had also murdered their relatives. Only one person was spared from that massacre. And that was Sasuke, Itachi's younger brother. Itachi also killed himself that very night. In that time, the people believed in magic. And they believed that a powerful sorcerer had cast a spell on the crown prince and when the prince had finally snapped out of it, killed himself because of the remorse he felt.

Sasuke, who was twelve at that time, had witnessed everything and was said to have gone into shock. He had become recluse and cold, even to his previously close servants and friends. No one could reach out to him. He then killed himself three years late-…"

Naruto rolled his eyes as he tuned out once again. Pfft. Whoop-tee-doo. A royal family of crazed maniacs.

Nothing special.

"Naruto, I'd like you to go the library and take out the book The Tragic End of the Uchiha Family. You have ten minutes to retrieve it and come back here." His teacher instructed him, waving his hand out the window. He was gesturing to the school library that was on the ground floor in the building across the one they were in at the moment.

"Yes, sensei." Naruto muttered, turning around and leaving the room.

As he ran through the halls and down flights of stairs, his stomach started to grumble, voicing out its complaint about the fact that it hadn't been fed it it's usual dose of 'after-school-ramen'. Naruto made a face and continued to head towards the library. He let out a heavy sigh, his usual joyful spirits dampened by the fact that he had to stay in. As if he didn't spend enough hours at school five days a week. Geez.

He trudged across the grass, towards the school library. He hadn't been there in so long. To tell you the truth, the place freaked him out. It's packed full of nerds! And knowledge! And it was way too quiet.

Hesitantly, he pushed the swing door open and stepped into the large library. The middle-aged librarian, who was sitting behind the desk, shot him a strange almost-disbelieving look. Naruto flushed pink. He knew what she was thinking. Uzumaki Naruto? In the library? No way!

Ignoring her, Naruto trudged over to the non-fiction section.

"Uchiha … hmm…" His finger moved along the books as his eyes briefly skimmed the titles on the book's spine. "Ah! Here it is."

He pulled out a fat, green book that had a thick spine and had a very worn look to it. Balancing it on one hand, he absentmindedly thumbed through the hefty hardback volume. He stopped at a page that had a picture of one of the painted portraits of the royal family. It was small and a little hard to see, but Naruto could make out the figures. There was the King and Queen sitting on their respective thrones. Then there were two boys standing between the thrones. Both resembled each other greatly, but the older one had long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. All of them were dressed in rich robes; jewels flounced everywhere to make sure the point that they were rich was highlighted.

Naruto snorted. Such pompous looking people. They all looked like they had sticks up their asses. Well, maybe except the queen. She's pretty hot for an older chick. Naruto grinned. The King sure knew how to pick his women.

While flicking through the rest of the book, something fell out and landed on the floor. Naruto took a step back and glanced down, taken aback.

A necklace sat innocently on the floor, the light skimming over its long, thin blue crystal that was between two small silver beads. "Where'd that come from?" Naruto wondered as he replaced the book onto the shelf so that he could retrieve the necklace. It looked like it could be worth a bit. That is, if it was real.

He ran his thumb gently over the pale blue stone, almost hypnotized.

Naruto's eyes widened as a red light flashed brightly and filled his vision.

Something was freezing.

That was what the first feeling that hit his senses was.

He took a sharp inhale of air before cold liquid seeped through his nose instead of oxygen. Pain laced through his throat and chest as water invaded his lungs and he instinctively kicked up and headed for the surface of the water, spluttering and coughing. His senses were tingling. He drew a deep gasp of air as he furiously wiped at his face.

"What the hell?" Naruto shouted loudly. Where the hell was he? He glanced around fervently, splashing about in the water as he turned quickly. This place didn't look familiar. Wasn't he supposed to be at the damn school grounds? It seemed that he was in the lake or river of some sort that was surrounded by dozens of trees. God, if he didn't know better, he would've said he was in the middle of a damn forest.

Scowling, he swam towards the nearest land, feeling befuddled and confused. Gripping onto stony bank, he hefted himself up and out of the icy water. He looked at his right hand and blinked in surprise, noticing he was still tightly gripping the small necklace from the book in the library in his fist like a lifeline. He slipped the piece of jewellery over his head, the aqua-blue stone rested just a little below the joint of his collarbone.

Standing up, he let out a soft curse. His favourite running shoes were now soppy, and every time he took a step, they would make squeaking sounds. Much like those light up baby shoes that squeak. An airy draft flitted past his soaked form, making him shiver. He rubbed his arms to an attempt to keep warm as he walked along the stony bank, looking for someone, anyone that could possibly tell him where on earth he was. When the wind picked up again, he cursed. His sports uniform did nothing to keep him warm. It wasn't surprising, considering it consisted of a white polo shirt and blue shorts that seemed to be made of some sort of swimming shorts material.

"Hello?" He called out, glancing around.

There was no reply. No surprises there either.

The silence was shattered when he heard a splash and he immediately turned his attention towards the other side of the lake, squinting. Something or someone had just jumped into the water, judging from the ripples in the water and the dark shape that was slightly unclear.

Curiously, he walked to the edge of the water and squinted again in an attempt to study the form beneath the placid surface.

Hope seemed to spring from inside him, it was a person. Surely they had information about where they currently were.

"Hey, hey! Could you help me?" He shouted, waving his arm in the air. With luck, the person might notice him. Nevertheless, the dark blotchy form didn't seem to have any intention of moving. Naruto pursed his lips and crossed his arms with a huff. The person probably couldn't hear him. He'd have to wait till the girl or boy surfaced.

A few seconds passed by idly, bubbles rising to the surface every once in a while.

Naruto frowned, his patience wearing thin. "Hey, you've been under there a long time, you wanna come out?" He shouted.

Still there were no signs that the person was listening to him.

Fear suddenly gripped at Naruto's heart. What if… what if it was a body? That some killer suddenly dumped there? A throw-the-body-and-run? He gulped and took two steps back. He'd probably be the prime suspect.

But wait.

Dead bodies wouldn't let out bubbles would they?

Naruto clenched his fists. The person, if they were alive, wasn't surfacing.

"Ah, to hell with it!" Naruto huffed as he ran forward and dived into the water, swimming towards the blurry form that he could just make out. Reaching the mystery person, Naruto wrapped his left arm around their waist and started to swim up, dragging the heavy load behind him. Did this stranger not know how to swim or something?

Surfacing, Naruto started to drag his burden towards the shore. "Damn, you gotta lose weight!" Naruto commented in annoyance as he shoved the other roughly onto the land before getting out himself. Naruto stared at what he had just fished out. It was a boy who looked to be his age. He had dark hair and very pale skin. And he had a really strange choice of clothes. "Come on, what's with the fashion sense? No one dresses like that." Naruto couldn't help but cackle out loud.

"Hey," Naruto started, shaking the boy. There was no reply. Irritated, Naruto merely shook him harder. "Oi, bastard, you better not be faking this! I had to get wet again just to save your sorry ass! You should be grateful that I, Uzumaki Naruto, even bothered to save someone so unworthy as you!"

Still no reaction. A perplexed frown graced the blonde's face for a moment as he studied the paleness of the boy. Something was not right. No one could be that pale, could they? Frowning, Naruto shifted the boy so he was laying his back. Alarm bells started to ring in Naruto head as he realized that the boy's chest wasn't moving up and down. "Shit! He's not breathing!" Naruto shouted, panicked, "Help! Someone call an ambulance! Help! He's not breathing!"

Flustered, the blonde frantically waved his hands around in horror. He had to do something. Who knows if there was anyone around?

Frankly, Naruto knew that he wouldn't be able to let go of the guilt if the boy died and it was because he hadn't done anything. Sure, Naruto knew first aid, but that didn't mean he wanted to use it. On another boy too! He wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at the irony. He had decided to learn first aid because he had always dreamed that maybe it would prove useful for the babes on the beach.

His fingers snaked around the pale boy's thing wrist, probing for a pulse. There was one. But it was slowing to the point where he almost couldn't detect it. This wasn't good. With a shaky breath, he whispered, "It's now or never."

Tilting the boy's head gently back so that his airways would be open, Naruto open the stranger's mouth and checked that there was nothing blocking the air passage. He gulped. Okay, two breaths and four compressions…two breaths, four compressions.

Naruto took a deep breath and sealed the other's boy's mouth with his own, expelling his breath into the other. His blue eyes glanced at the boy's chest, a glitter of hope in him as he saw the boy's chest rise slightly. It meant that he was doing it correctly. Pulling back he took another deep breath and repeated the process hurriedly.

Naruto quickly searched for the boy's collarbone. Finding it, he put his left pinky onto the joint of the collarbone, while his other hand pressed deeply against the dark haired boy's torso, searching for the lowest joint of the rib cage. Pinpointing the spot, Naruto put his right pinky on it. The spot where his thumbs met was where he was supposed to compress. Ensuring that the distance between his pinkies were even, Naruto moved his right hand, putting his palm on the place where his thumbs had met before putting his left hand over the top of it. Using his weight, he applied quick, heavy pressures against the boy's chest, feeling the cartilage that held the ribs together bend inwards as he pressed in. "One, two three, four." He muttered unconsciously.

Hurriedly, he tilted the boy's head again and repeated the breathing process.

The boy suddenly spluttered when Naruto breathed into the boy the second time. Warm water assaulted Naruto's mouth and he pulled away quickly spitting out the water and making a face, "Eew! That's disgusting!" He yelped, rubbing his lips and gagging. He turned to glare at the boy, half expecting him to be awake.

The dark haired teen continued to lie there, motionless.

Naruto put his ear against the boy's chest, and let out a relieved sigh when he heard the dull thumps of his heartbeat. His heat was still beating. That was a good sign.

He once again tilted the other's head back and breathed into his mouth. When the boy coughed out water this time, Naruto had been ready and had pulled away at the right moment. After no further reaction, Naruto made to breathe in one more time. Taking a deep breath of air, he sealed the boy's lips and blew into it, seeing the chest rise up slightly from his peripheral vision.

Moving away, Naruto let out a yelp as dark eyes blinked wearily up at him.

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