By Word Life 316

17 year old Sam Mason walked down the street to the home of Danny Fenton, her best friend and secret crush for god knows how long for their daily walk to college.

She knocked on the door which was answered by Danny's mom Maddie "Hey Sam, Danny's upstairs' she said as Sam headed upstairs to his room.

She reached for the doorknob and opened up the door "Hey Danny you reaWAAAAHHHH!"

Unfortunately Danny had overslept and had just gotten out of the shower and was only wearing a towel around his waist.

So there was Sam, in the doorway, with her mouth wide open gawking at Danny who was only in a towel, but then she noticed something she had never seen before, apparently all that ghost hunting had really paid off, just 4 years ago he was a skinny scrawny kid and now he had rock hard pecks, a chiselled six peck and his arms were bulkier, after studying all of this Sam started feeling hot inside.

Ummm sorry about walking in like this Danny?" Sam managed to say.

"Eh that's okay it's not like you haven't seen me with my shirt off before" Danny replied.

"But not like this" said Sam gesturing to his chest.

Danny looked confused "What are you talking about?".

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" asked Sam

"Well not like this" replied Danny

"I think you should she replied and not wanting to complain he did just that and headed towards his mirror, his eyes bulged when he noticed his reflection.

"Whoa, check it out I'm ripped" said Danny, and making his towel wouldn't fall off he started flexing a bit, a blush was creeping Sam's cheeks as she felt herself getting more and more hotter inside.

What happened next came right out of left field as Sam stood behind him and place her hands on his chest, he froze as she placed her head on his shoulder and whispers into his ear "That you are".

Danny didn't know how to fell as Sam started running her hands up and down his six pack, here was Sam who might I add had really matured over the years she had a slender hourglass figure, long beautiful legs and her chest had really "grown" as of late.

Danny closed his eyes and started to moan as Sam continued to caress his chest he also used the towel to try and hide the fact he was really enjoying this "Sam, we're going to be late for school" he managed to say between moans.

"Yeah you better get changed" said Sam whose head was still on his shoulder.

"Um Sam it's going to be hard to change with you in here" said Danny embarrassed

"Sam them wrapped her arms around him and whispered into his ear "I don't mind" Danny's eyes literally bulged out of his head.

(I'm gonna stop right there, no they didn't have sex, let's just continue from when they get to school)

Danny refused Sam's proposal of wearing a tight muscle shirt and stuck with his regular baggy shirt and jeans.

"Just think Danny if you showed off those muscles no one would bully you and you could get any girl you wanted" said Sam "Like me" she thought to herself.


The next thing Danny knew he was up against his locker by the one and only Dash Baxter, a crowd soon gathered.

"Guess what Fenton, I got a D on my biology test, you know what that means" shouted Dash.

"That you're an idiot" said Danny with a smirk.

"Why you little!" said Dash and prepared to throw a punch, Sam closed her eyes and waited for the sound of fist meeting head, but all she hear was a gasp from the onlookers, she opened her eyes and saw Dash with a speechless look on his face with Danny holding his fist in his hand.

Danny than punched Dash in the stomach causing him to lose his grip on Danny who was ready to fight as he took off his shirt and threw it to Sam, The crowd couldn't believe their eyes, Fenton was ripped! Some of the girls suddenly realized how hot he was.

Danny grabbed Dash but his hair and looked into his eyes.

"This is for stuffing me in a locker" yelled Danny as he punched him, in the face.

"This is for insulting my friends"

"This is for insulting me"

"and this is because I feel like it!" and with a single swoop Danny's fist connected with the side of Dash's face taking him down, Dash, who now had a bleeding nose starred in shock as Danny flexed his muscles and the crowd started cheering and the girls started whistling.

Dash picked himself up ands ran off as the crowd dispersed but not without a few comments from the girls.

Here's your shirt back" said Sam.

"Thanks" said Danny as he put it back on "I guess you were right about the bullies"

"Yeah...I..I guess...I...I...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" yelled Sam and before Danny could ask Sam reefed open his locker and shoved him inside it with her behind in and closed the door and proceeded to make out with him.

Danny was again frozen in shock, if the caressing wasn't bad enough now she was putting her tongue down his throat, when he finally came to his senses he wrapped his arms around her slender body and joined in the kiss.

After about 10 minutes of making out they parted and took in much needed air.

I couldn't take it anymore, not just because I love you, but because you're"

"Hot" said Danny finishing her sentence.

"Yeah" replied Sam.

"What a minute, you love me?" said Danny just realizing what she had said, "Well you see..." Sam didn't get to finish as Danny started to kiss her.

"I love you too Sam" said Danny.

Sam smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder and placed her hands on his pecks "We should probably get to class".

Danny looked disappointed "But I want to stay here and make out".

Sam smiled "There's always your place after school".

"That would do nicely" said Danny kissing her one more time before turning them both intangible and flew out of his locker.