The future is most important:

Trisha got into a fairly nice college, after a not inconsiderable amount of work, and then went to university. Her absent father was incredibly impressed and sent her many cards and presents, but she wasn't keen to talk to him. Her brothers eventually had to talk her into it. At university she met a nice young man who she married, but before the wedding she told him everything about what had taken place when she was eighteen. She kept nothing from him. He believed her- he had once visited the website, a long time ago. Since he was relatively rich, they were able to move to a nice house by a lake, where Trisha took up writing fantasy novels. Some of them were sucessful, others weren't, but she loved every minute of her writing. One day, after being interviewed for a magazine, she sat by the lake with her husband and thought everything is perfect and there's nothing more I could want.

Shareen didn't go to university, or marry, but she did manage to fight her way into journalism, by force of personality if nothing else. She went all over the world reporting on wars, disasters, and various events, and raised money for charity on occasion as well. She remained in touch with Trisha, who assisted her in everything she did, especially on the financial front.

Maggie Finch married again, and was happy with her new husband. Her son eventually grew to like him as well. Neither of them forgot about Mickey, and often wondered where he was. The website remained where it was, for anyone with a curious mind to access at will.

Rob Delaney met a girl called Alex at the local pub- it turned out they were made for each other. Jimmy Stone was out of the way- in prison, in fact- and Alex wasn't interested in him anymore anyway. Marriage was soon on the cards.

As for Jackie and Mickey-

-having your girlfriend dump you for an alien can indeed spectacularly mess you up, but in Mickey's case it was not the end of the world. Instead, a new beginning. And Jackie decided to carry on as normal, and have faith in her daughter, and bought her Christmas presents just in case Rose would be back for Christmas Day.

She was.

She'd brought back the Doctor, and danger- and Mickey got to make his choice again.

And the Earth continued to turn.