Chapter 5, Penance


The sun was setting on the Lake Country, its blazing lights on the surface of the lake reflected back like a sheen of blood. The Holy Man stood between the young couple and guided them through the words of the ancient holy language that joined them together forever.

The young man reached for his wife's hand.

The dying sun seemed to brand them into the Holy Man's memory: her slender beauty, dripping in pearls, her eyes shining with an unearthly emotion as she stepped up to her husband; his face, glowing with exultant joy, burning away his wife's fears.

The Holy Man closed the ancient book and walked away from them.

His canoe was halfway across the Lake when the sun set, its brilliance easing into the night. The Lake was now an inky black surface; the utter darkness seeming to mute even the sounds of the animals. Old instinct guided him as he steered towards his home.

The Force does not like extremes.

It thrives on balance.

The joy you feel now will equate with the price you will pay later.

I would wish you happiness my children.

But I cannot oppose the Will of the Force.

From far-off came the braying of a young foal. One of Nuka's twins was crying for its shepherd. A restless seabird called out into the night and it was answered by another. The edge of the horizon glowed white with the light of the first moon.

By the time the canoe reached the shore, the dim moonlight had turned the Lake to molten silver. He pulled it into the natural harbour, feeling the strain on his back as he did so. He had never felt so old. He turned back to look at Varykino.

Two figures leaned side by side against the balustrade and each other, the splendour of their love made ageless in the moonlight.


Please if you read this story to the end, let me know what you think of it. Thanks to all my readers who followed me on this journey.

May the Force be with you always.