Where is it!

Logan was running, searching, he lost sight of his target. This person had something of his, and he needed it back. A quick sniff of the air brought him back on track, he raced after the scent, he could smell his target from a mile away. That obnoxious air he always emitted, it was time he was brought down a peg.

Scott walked down the halls, a small smile graced his lips, he was going on a date with Jean later tonight. He heard a thumping behind him, he turned to see the source, Logan was running straight at him, anger written all over his face, suddenly, he was pinned against the wall, two metal claws at his neck, "What do you want Logan?" Scott asked, nervous

"Where is it?" Logan growled

"Where's what?"

The third claw started to come out, it slid towards his neck, "Where is it?" He growled again

Scott gulped, "I don't know what your talking about."

Logan stared deeply into Scott's eyes, his burning with anger and Scott's with fear, "If you value you your voice, you will tell me." Just then Logan heard someone walking down the corridor, he quickly sheathed his claws, "Saved by the bell."

Just then Jean walked around the corner with a washing basket balanced on her hip, all she saw was Scott white as a ghost, holding his throat while Logan stood over him, "What is it this time?" She asked, tapping her foot

Logan looked at her while point his finger at Scott, "He has something of mine."

Jean put her hand on her face and groaned, she slid it down so her chin rested in her hand, "You know it Friday, wash day." She pulled something out the washing basket then threw it at Logan "Here take it, so you won't cause any more trouble."

He just nodded and stalked off with his prize in his hands, shielding it from the world, Jean just sighed and walked past Scott as he stared after Logan, "What was that he was after?"

"His teddy bear, Wolvie." She said over her shoulder as she walked away


Disclaimer: Don't own any X-men, but wish I did

Datanotes: I first started with him losing his dogtags but then I decided that Wolverine with a teddy bear is just to cute.