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Mark and I just had a fight. He forced me to leave cuz he said I'm a bum and I don't even help to pay the rent. I do too! Ok maybe I don't… And as I looked back at the tattered and old apartment building, I thought of all our years together…

I first met Mark in Kindergarten. I remember my mom walked me in to that magical room with all the building blocks and sleeping mats.

"Mom, what are those mats for?" I said.

"So you can take naps in the afternoon." she answered plainly.

"Ooohhh" I said. I had thought they were for doing gymnastics…

Then this idiot kid with this stupid scarf and idiotic square glasses comes over and says,

"Hi I'm Mark. But my friends call me Marky. Would you like to be my friend, and call me Marky too?"

This kid was so…what's the word for it…NERD! I just slicked my long hair back and said, "Sure kid. I'll be your friend…when birds fly!" (Ya I wasn't very smart. Unfortunately, Mark was.)

"Great! Then we can be BEST FRIENDS! What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a camera man! You know, one of those guys that make movies!" he said.

I just tugged at my mom's sleeve and tried to ask her with my pleading eyes to get me away from this maniac kindergarten, and this freak of a 5 year old.

She just said, "See you later hun!" And I was left standing with Mark. Oh joy. I tried to get away from Mark as fast as I could, (which wasn't very fast considering how short I was, and how tall and slim he was) but eventually I got away and ran behind the desks.

And of course he found me and said, "Let's go play in the sand box!"

What choice did I have? I ran to the sand box with him right beside me. After about 5 minutes of shoving sand down his pants, I realized how much fun we were having. He was even having fun considering how much sand was down his butt. Then, kindergarten was over for the day. Our mothers met, and talked for awhile. We took this to our advantage, and went to check out the girls. There were two that caught our eyes. We didn't know their names until the next day…

The next day, our teacher told everyone to sit around a magical mat. I didn't get it. What was so magical about this mat? Whatever, our teacher told us to say our names, and make a funny motion with our hands.

First, was this kid named Benjamin. He said, "Hi! I'm Benjamin, but you guys can call me Benny!" Then he did this creepy twirly thing with his fingers and everyone laughed including me.

Then, there was this kid named Maureen. She introduced herself, and did the peace sign with her fingers. I saw Mark staring with his mouth open at her.

Next, was a beautiful girl named April. She did the love sign with her hands. She was sobeautiful, I couldn't help staring at her.

Then, there was a guy names Tom, but he told everyone to call him Collins.

After, was a guy (or a girl) named Angel. For some reason he was dressed in girl clothes.

Then, there was Joanne. She was very strict and all down to earth looking.

Then, Mark went. He said, "Hi! I'm Mark Cohen, but you can all call me Marky cuz that's what Roger calls me!" Then he like killed his hands trying to do the bunny rabbit.

Then it was my turn. I said, "Hey, I'm Roger." And I did a wolf with my hands. So much better than a bunny. As I finished,April looked at me, and we both smiled. Little did I know, I would be seeing much more of her, in time…

Ya that was the first chapter I'll come out with the rest of 'em when I have time…