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Notes: This was written in response to the Dean/Sam get day jobs challenge from P.L. Wynters challenge forum. This is meant to be cute and nothing more. Reviews will be treasured and placed somewhere special…and responded to o)

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Day Job

A low grunt escaped his lips as he stretched and vertebra popped audibly back into place. He'd trained in every fighting style his dad knew-could even kill with just about any weapon ever known to man-all his life, but he'd never been this friggin' sore….or tired. Not even after a particularly nasty kill have his muscles screamed at him the way they were now.

Carefully he moved against the hard dull aching scream of his shoulders as he grabbed a plastic cup from the stack next to the water cooler. Flipping the toggle tap up to begin water flow, he glanced back at the half scraped wall of wood siding. Such an ugly shade of puke. he thought turning his attention back to the flowing water and his almost too full cup.

His eyes traveled up to watch the men-burnt and sticky with sweat-hammering in new sections of plywood before new tar paper and shingles could be laid. Downing the last drop in his cup, Dean Winchester smiled up at his baking baby brother. Some days and jobs he had all the luck. This was one of those times.

Sore though he may be, at least he wasn't a half baked lobster. With a slight tip of his head, Dean reached for the paint scraper nestled in his back pocket. Hope he remembers whose idea this was tomorrow. he thought heading back to his wall of puke green, muttering, "back to work."