Auth.: Mokis


Summary: Just two people in love M/S

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: My psych keeps telling they're not mine. I must believe him. xD

When I first held you I was cold
A melting snowman I was told
But there was no-one there to hold
Before I swore that I would be alone forever more
Wow, look at you now
Flowers in the window
Its such a lovely day

(Flowers in the window – Travis)


She's now sitting on a bank. She kicks off her shoes and relieves her feet after hours of walking in the park. When she sees me contemplating her, she smiles and throws me a tender kiss.

Finally, I make it a double for her and triple for me. She only tolerates two flavours on the same ice-cream. This is one occasion for black chocolate and strawberry.

As I make my way back to her I cannot stop admiring her beauty and I think how she's changed my world over the past five years. She makes the world keep turning for me.

I fell into pieces one September and I remain in pieces until she pick them all and make a new man from me. She crawled with this new man and, when ready, she walked hand in hand with this new man. This is something I'll never forget. She erased my scars and help me with my memories and still spends many nights awake calming me down.

Sometimes I notice she has doubts.

She never talks about it but I know she thinks she's only a remplacement, a rebound, a second best. But she's not. I'll never forget and I will always love my first wife. But Claire is past and Stella is my present and my future. I'm not sure I love her as she deserves but I'm sure she's not a second best. I want to tell her but I'm not a man of many words.

She's laughing now. Widely and loudly. I stop 'cause she's pointing at my shirt. I've made a fool of myself. I have my new light blue collar shirt full of chocolate. She knows I'm shy and I get red on my cheeks easily. But this time, she's not goin' to win.

I cover my index with the chocolate on my shirt and lick it seductively. She laughs harder now. Confirmed! I'm not that sexy.

Later, by her side, I know it's the right occasion so, after eating my last piece of ice-cream I say to her:

"Stell, I love you"