Title: Brief Encounters

Rating: K

Spoilers: None

Pairings: Weir/Zelenka (As if you were expecting anyone else)

Summary: Two people meet on a train station. I had the idea for this plot when I heard Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto on the radio.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters and I borrowed the plot from the film

Authors Notes: A new series of short stories about chance meetings between the main and secondary characters.


Dr Elizabeth Weir stopped dead in her tracks on the platform as a bit of grit went in her eye; she dropped her bag and put her hand to her eye. The man behind her collided with her,

"I am sorry," he said.

"No it's my fault, I should have had my brake lights working" she replied

"Are you ok?" he asked

"Yes, I've just got something in my eye" she giggled and began to imitate a cut glass English accent "it must have been when the express went past". He laughed as well

"Let me look" he said, he tilted her head up and she began to giggle again

"I think this is the part where you tell me you're a doctor" she remarked.

"I am, just not a medical doctor, I'm an astrophysicist, my name is Dr Radek Zelenka" he said

"I'm Dr Elizabeth Weir and I'm pleased to meet you" she replied. He put his finger to her eye and gently removed the small piece of dirt.

"There, better?" he asked

"Yes, thank you Dr Zelenka, please let me buy you coffee as a thank you" she said.

They made their way to a small cafe on the platform where they sat, drank and talked.

"So where are you off to" Elizabeth asked,

"To Colorado, I have been asked to do some work for NASA. You?"

"I'm going to the United Nations in New York, I've got some negotiating to do" she replied

"I thought I recognised your name, I remember hearing about you while you negotiating in the former Yugoslavia" he said

"Are you from there?" she asked. He shook his head

"I am from the Czech Republic," he said. Elizabeth smiled

"I haven't been to Prague for a few years, I was there in the springtime, it's a beautiful city," she said. He smiled back at her and they chatted amicably about the city.

Radek looked at his watch.

"I have to go my train is leaving soon" he said sadly, he had been enjoying his time in the company of this beautiful woman.

"I must go too" Elizabeth replied. They left the cafe and walked to the top end of the platform, Radek took her hand and shook it

"It was a pleasure to meet you Dr Weir," he said. Elizabeth squeezed his hand

"And you Dr Zelenka" she replied. Brief Encounter had always been one of her favourite films and she had often dreamed about being in Celia Johnson's shoes, but now she really didn't want to leave this man. If only she didn't have to report to the International Committee.

"Good luck with your negotiations," Radek said as he turned to board his train,

"Good luck in Colorado" she replied.

She found her seat and stowed her bag in the overhead locker, she looked out of the window and spotted Dr Zelenka in the train opposite. He waved as his train pulled out. She waved back smiling sadly.