Rating: K+

Spoilers: None

Pairings: Teyla and Carson

Summary: A florist makes a delivery to the wrong house

Disclaimer: I own none of the Atlantis characters I use them for my own twisted pleasure.

Authors Notes: I know it's been a while but I'm fast running out of inspiration although not perspiration, it's been to bloody hot to write


Teyla Emmagen was pissed off, she had been visiting her sister for a holiday and somehow she had been roped into delivering flowers, on top of all that, it was hay fever season. Teyla's sister owned florist in a small Scottish town and on this particular busy day her delivery driver had called in sick, she had begged Teyla to help, oblivious to the fact Teyla lived in America and had no idea on how to find her way around the Scottish Highlands. So here she was, in a small village in the middle of nowhere, thank God for Sat-Nav. She sneezed for what would have to be the hundredth time and checked her delivery sheet, she grabbed a handful of tissues and got out, she opened the van door and picked up the bouquet of flowers.

"Why can't they number their houses properly?" grumbled Teyla as she walked up the road for the third time, she reached a house that looked promising and went up the path and knocked on the door. Carson Beckett opened the door to a very attractive, dark skinned woman holding a bouquet of flowers, who'd be sending his Mam flowers he thought

"Hi...'sniff'...I'm...um...'sniff'...looking for Mrs McGregor I'm from...oh God...excuse me...ah...AH..TISH...OO" said Teyla, she sneezed with such force that she staggered backwards; Carson caught hold of her arm before she fell off the front step.

"Easy love" he said as he took the flowers off her, "Mrs McGregor lives next door but she's gone into town for the day so you can leave the flowers here". He took a closer look at her face; the poor love was really suffering "what are you taking for that hay fever of yours"

"Montelukast but I've run out and I can't get it here without a prescription," replied Teyla

"Ah I see, what are you taking instead?" he asked, Teyla narrowed her eyes at him "don't worry love I know what I'm talking about I'm a Doctor, Carson Beckett" he said as he held out his hand, she took it

"Teyla Emmagen" she replied as she fished around her pocket for another tissue "excuse me...ah...ah...AH..TISH...OO and I'm not taking anything, I don't know what to ask for" she sank to the ground and sat on the step feeling extremely sorry for herself. She blinked a couple of times trying to clear her streaming eyes and she looked at the man in front of her, he had short hair, piercing blue eyes and an accent to die for she thought,

"If you want my opinion love, you should ask chemist for something to relieve the symptoms and then go to a doctor and get something stronger" said Carson, Teyla wiped her eyes then blew her nose

"Could I come and see you?" she asked, as she blushed, when did she get so brave? "I do kind of know you and you do kind of know what the problem is". Carson smiled at her; even through the watery eyes and the red nose, he could see she was a stunning woman

"Aye of course you can love, if you really want to" he replied, he grabbed a pen and wrote down the address and number of the surgery he practised at "call Janet the receptionist and make an appointment, tell her I said it was ok"

"Thank you" she said as she got up, she caught the beginnings of a smirk on Carson's face

"D'ye mind telling me why the bloody hell you're delivering flowers?" he said

"My sister talked me into it" Teyla replied with a sigh

"Do yourself a favour love and talk yourself out of it," he said. Teyla laughed

"I will and thank you Doctor".


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