Chapter 2: Revelations

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The snow fell crisp and soft, like a white blanket over the snowy city of Flanoir. The onyx black sky contrasted sharply with the powdery white textures of the city.

Presea and Genis sat together in the hotel. Both were dressed warmly to the bitter temperature of the city. They just sat there staring at the wall. Genis had tried to initiate casual conversation but it ended awkwardly; Presea not much in the mood to talk.

The young mage walked up to the window. The flecks of frozen water touched lightly before freezing and leaving eternal imprints in the glass. He studied each one intently; not a one was identical. Each left its own intricate impression. Genis laughed at this; the snowflakes left on the glass were similar to the impressions each of his friends had made on him.

"Genis… is something funny?" Presea asked, looking at him in puzzlement.

"No, it's just..." Genis' voice trailed off. Shaking his head, he reached up and opened the window. A cold breeze wafted into the room, and snowflakes delicately landed.

"Is it okay if I open this window? It's getting a little stuffy." He told her, shifting the scarf around his neck.

"I don't mind." She responded to his question with a shake of her head.

Genis looked at the starry night, the drifting flakes and cosmic bodies almost blending together. "It's so beautiful…" He turned to his pink-haired friend. "What do you think about it?"

Presea moved a hand over her heart, sighing. "I…I'm sorry." She walked next to her friend, joining him in the stargazing. "I can't remember how beautiful feels anymore…"

Genis knelt beside her, trying to explain the emotion of beauty to his friend. "Let's see if I can explain this… it's where you think something is very pleasing… no, that's not it…hmmm…." Genis said in a scholarly way. "I believe beauty is where something has a natural essence to it. That particular thing seems so natural, so wonderful, you want to protect it."

Presea looked out the window, "I understand now… it truly is beautiful. I don't want it to fade." She looked oddly at her chest, as if it was hurting.

"Presea?" Genis asked, concerned. "Something wrong?"

"I feel…another emotion. Here." The lumberjack girl indicated her heart.

"What does it feel like?"

"I can't really explain. There's… a special someone. When they are around, I feel complete and whole. I get this really warm feeling, making me so happy and elated. When that person isn't around, I feel like there is a void in my heart. I always want to be near this person…"

"Why do you feel this way near that person?"

"I don't know… I just feel he accepts me," laughing a little, Presea added, "Of course, everyone does in this group. But I have the impression that he has cared about me from the start. He is the someone just for me. He accepts Chi for Chi." She said this last part under her breath.

Genis raised an eyebrow, "'Chi for Chi', huh?"

Presea looked to the side, surprised. "It's just a series I have been reading, Chobits. I find solace there because Chi is similar to me… she can't express emotions at first but eventually finds who she truly cares about."

Genis laughed.

"Are you making fun of me?" Presea said angrily.

"No… it's just I think I can place a name with that emotion."

"What is it called?"


Without warning, Genis took her by the shoulders and kissed her. Presea eyes widened in slight surprise, but soon she smiled and returned the kiss with as much passion as he. It was a moment that seemed to last blissfully forever. Both of the children felt complete; this kiss was one of happiness and hope. They separated after a moment.

Presea threw her arms around the silver-haired boy in an embrace, a loving one. "Genis…thank you. Did you know it was you?"

Genis blushed slightly, and then hugged her back. "Because I feel the same way. Ever since I first saw you with the sacred wood at Meltokio… I knew that it was love."

Both of them heard a scrabbling noise coming from the door.

"Oh crap!" A voice said as the door swung open wide and a figure fell forward. They saw the pink and white clothes, the red hair….

"Zelos!" Presea uttered in surprise as the swordsman acknowledged them with a goofy grin.

"Er…hi!" Zelos said like he hadn't just fallen through the door and intruded on their privacy.

"You haven't been listening the ENTIRE TIME, have you?" Genis cried out heatedly, shaking his fist at Tethe'alla's Chosen.

"Of course not! Now would I do that?" Zelos nervously giggled. "But my Cute Little Rosebud and Brat getting together? I couldn't miss that!" He informed the couple jokingly.

Presea blushed a shade of pink that envied her hair, while Genis fumed.

"Looks like I taught you well, kiddo." Zelos said in a sagely way, patting Genis on the back.

The mage asked him, "You aren't gonna tell anyone, are you?"

Zelos looked hurt, "Of course not! It's our secret, kay?" Zelos suddenly cupped his hands around his mouth, and before anyone could stop him, roared. "HEY GUYS! GENIS AND PRESEA ARE TOGETHER!"

Genis and Presea looked at each other, a smile forming on their lips.

Zelos started to back in a corner, a little scared. "Hey you two, it was only a little fun. Gah! Presea, be careful with that axe!"

Both of the kids started to attack Zelos.

"Indignation!" Genis cried, the lightning circle forming beneath Zelos.

"Rising Punishment!" Presea spun around smacking Zelos four times.

"LIGHTNING PUNISHMENT!" Zelos was shocked repeatedly in a column of electricity and axe spins.

"No…not the face…" Zelos said, falling over. His eyes spun around in dizzy circles and stars circled around his head.

Presea giggled, "Tee hee… that should keep him quiet for a while."

The pair kissed briefly; both were rather glad that the others now knew of their relationship.

Genis looked to his now girlfriend, "Can you tell me what you think of the snow now, Presea?"

Presea looked outside. The swirling breeze and the falling ice crystals had such extravagance and splendor. She took Genis' hand and held it tightly in her own. "Beautiful… truly beautiful."

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