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This story picks up where Backstory left off and will follow the growth of the O'Neill family.

The first chapter recaps the pivotal information from Backstory and sets the stage for the rest of the story.


My name is Elizabeth.

The year I turned seven, there was a very bad sickness in my village. Many of my friends and some of my family died. Everyone was very scared.

The grown ups had been working on a special project. They were experimenting with something that could help them move to a different, better, plane of existence. (If you've never heard of a "different plane of existence", don't worry. I didn't know what it was either when my mother first explained it to me. )

You see, my people had been attempting to be more than they were, to be part of a higher calling, closer to a higher power, for years. Finally, just as this sickness, a plague they called it, fell on us, they had discovered how to reach this new way of living.

My mother, Oma DeSala, came to talk with me and my friends one day, just a few days after my own father and brothers had been taken by the plague. She explained that many of the adults had decided to "ascend". I didn't know what she meant. I didn't even know what the word meant. She explained that on that very afternoon, the remnant of our people, those not already devastated by the plague, would leave our mortal, planet bound existence and begin another kind of life. She told me she would be leaving and wanted to bring me with her.

I still had no idea what would happen, but she was my mother. So of course I went with her. In a matter of minutes, our lives as we had known them were changed forever.

I am still seven years old to all outward appearances. Yet I have seen millennia as you number years. I no longer see time as you do. So much about time is relative and it is bent in all sorts of ways by beings you cannot imagine. Of course, all that time and now being pure energy, has changed me. But I still look seven years old and I always will. Sometimes, people tell me I act seven years old too, a little impulsive, immature, even cute (yuck!).

There are just over 200 of us, the children who ascended with our parents so long ago. With knowledge, wisdom and abilities far beyond our apparent ages we remain blessed with the naiveté of childhood, the innocence for which we are now named. For as long as I can remember, my young friends and I have been revered by our elders as the Innocent.

In Ancient society, we are frequently called upon to share our insights and opinions on dilemmas which face our people. For although ascension has given all of our people great powers and knowledge, many of the adults seem to have lost perspective. They have come to value the child's way of seeing things clearly and simply. Often we are asked for our counsel in matters of grave importance to the Ancients.

It was just such a request for our help which led to my current responsibilities.

Just a few months ago, I met Samantha Carter O'Neill. She came to spend time with the Ancients on Kheb. She wanted to learn to control her new telekinetic abilities. These powers had been forced on her and they frightened her greatly. She learned quickly and in the process many of us grew close to her as she began to tell us her story.

Sam and the father of her children, Jack, had survived many challenges. Sam explained to me that they had been in love for a long time but for some reason their superiors would not allow them to love each other. (Sam tried to explain this to me, but I still can't understand why this would be so.) Finally something changed and they became life-mates. Even then they had troubles. Sam came toKheb after a very bad time when they had been angry with each other. She said that during her stay with us she learned more than how to control her telekinesis; she came to a deeper appreciation of her mate and the love they shared. She also found out that she was pregnant.

I missed Sam a great deal when she left us.

She returned to her home in the Milky Way where she now lives with her husband and their 2 children, twins named Grace and Jacob.

Just before the twins were born my mother asked me and two of my best friends if we would be willing to protect the O'Neill children. At first I couldn't understand why they would need protection. After all, they were little and everyone I knew wanted to protect little children. My mother told me that because these babies would be very special, their own people might try to take them away from their parents or hurt them. I found that very hard to believe, but I'd do anything to help Sam.

My mother says my friends and I can never tell the twins that we are watching over them. That means we have to stay hidden. Mother says there would be a lot of trouble if other people knew we were there. So my friends Leia and Anya and I just take turns staying near by, watching and waiting for a time we might be needed.

As we've been watching, we've met a lot of Sam's friends. Of course her very best friends are people she left a long ways away in a place called Colorado Springs. Their names are Daniel, Janet, and Teal'c. General George Hammond lives closer to her in a much larger village they call Washington. Also close by are her friends from work, especially Beverly, Luke, Benjamin and Will. Sam and Jack really seem to like Luke and Beverly, inviting them to their home lots of times.

I really like Luke, he has a good heart. Sam and her husband chose Luke to be the one to care for their children if they get sick. I think they call him a pediatrician. In my village, Luke would be a healer. Luke really seems to like the babies and I think he'll take good care of them.

My mother tells me to watch Luke carefully. We don't really know why and can't say anything to the twins' parents, but I'll do as my mother tells me. Myself, I'm not sure I trust Beverly. I'm watching her closely too.

Sam went back to work at the NID lab she runs about 2 months after the birth. I think she had mixed feelings about leaving the twins at all. The only way she finally agreed to do it was working part time. Even so, she arranges to work mostly hours when Jack can be at home with the babies. She's also found ways to do much of her work from home.

My friend Sam and her husband are growing to be warm and loving parents to two very special children. I know Sam can sense that we are with them. I know she trusts me. She has told Jack that we're around, and he doesn't quite know what to make of it. But I think he trusts Sam enough to trust us too. He's started to call us Grace and Jacob's "guardian angels".

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