She waited impatiently, wringing her hands in frustration. Outside there were no signs of him. No dust flying up over the hill, no sound of hoof beats in the distance, no little green cap poking up in the distance.

Her blue eyes scanned the horizon, searching. He had to be coming soon. He had promised her a week at the most, and that was it. A week had dragged on, and if he kept her waiting any longer, she would scream.

After another minute of waiting, Zelda groaned and went to her wardrobe, searching for her peasant clothes. Whenever she wanted to escape the castle, she'd put them on and run off to be with Link somewhere. She preferred the peasant clothes to those dresses anyways.

After tying her hair back, and changing out of her elegant dress, Zelda scurried to her window, and lowered the ladder she had made out of her bed sheets.

If she left through the castle doors, someone would see her and get suspicious.

Without another thought at to the trouble she could get in, Zelda climbed down, using the castle walls for balance.

By the time Zelda reached the bottom, her hands were rubbed raw and were red, but she didn't mind. Once her feet touched the ground, Zelda broke into a run, using the secret passage she and Link had discovered in the courtyard.

The narrow tunnel wasn't usually a scary place, because Link was always right behind Zelda, helping her to keep her balance and offering comfort in the dark. Now, it was pretty creepy.

Zelda ran the whole way, and reached the end of the tunnel in record time.

At the end of the tunnel, Zelda came out near the gates that lead into the castle, but she was hidden by a wall.

The sounds of the town always made Zelda feel warm. It wasn't like the castle, which was stuffy and very enclosed. The town was bustling with people, and it was a wide space. She felt so free.

Zelda made her way through the crowd of people, carefully making her way to the draw bridge. She passed by the guard, and he nodded to her as she did.

Good, he didn't recognize me. Zelda thought, breathing a sigh of relief.

Once she was over the bridge, she walked through the grass, and up the dirt trail. Her feet ached by the time she reached the top, but it didn't matter once she saw the familiar horse trotting out of Kokiri Forest.

Zelda stopped where she was, and smiled. Finally, he had come.

Once Link saw Zelda, he kicked Epona a little harder, and she galloped the rest of the way. When he reached her, he jumped down from Epona, and paused a few feet from Zelda.

"Princess." He bowed to her, grinning.

She scowled, and folded her arms.

"Don't call me that you fairy boy."

He laughed, and scratched the back of his neck.

When a moment had passed, Link couldn't restrain himself any longer. He grabbed Zelda, pulling her into a tight hug. He breathed in the scent of her hair, and sighed heavily.

"I've missed you." She whispered.

"I've missed you too."