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Summary-Gabriella and her friends are now seniors and have been having a great year…. so far. That all changes after Gabriella, Troy, Taylor, Sharpay, and Chad are in a terrible car accident that leaves Gabriella scarred physically and emotionally. Will she ever be able to get through it?

Chapter 1

"Taylor? Tay, where are you?" Gabriella Montez asked as she searched the bathroom stalls for her best friend, Taylor McKessie. She knew that Taylor was crying over her boyfriend, Chad.

"I-I'm in the th-third stall," Taylor called from her stall in between sobs.

Gabriella quickly turned and headed for the third stall in the large girls' bathroom. She then slipped into the unopened stall and looked at her crying friend.

"What happened Tay?" Gabriella asked her best friend of two years.

"Chad told me that I couldn't accept the scholarship to UCLA," she said as she wiped her tears with toilet paper.

"What! I can't believe that jerk. He actually told you that you couldn't go to UCLA? Omigosh. How dare he! That's your scholarship to accept, not---"

"Stop! You know how I hate it when you put him down. He's just so upset that he has to stay behind in community college to pull up his grades, while I got accepted to a big university," Taylor said angrily. She then got off the toilet and stepped past Gabi to the stall door. She opened it quickly and went to the sink to splash water on her face.

"I'm sorry. I know that you love Chad, but he doesn't have any right to do that to you. Its your life, not his."

Taylor went to get a towel as Gabriella was saying this. She then wiped her face with the stiff paper towel and said, "He loves me Gabi. He doesn't want us to be separated. Chad is the love of my life and I don't want to leave him. He wants me to stay and go to community college with him. I'm not sure what to do, though. My parents want me to go to UCLA, but Chad wants me to stay. What should I do? I love them both and I don't want to hurt either one."

Gabriella sadly looked at Taylor. She knew that she wanted to be with Chad, but he hurts her every time she starts to feel comfortable with him. She always claims that he's under stress or the basketball team is too demanding, but she knows that Chad doesn't care about Taylor the way she cares about him. He loves her, but not as much as Taylor loves him. She confided in Gabriella once that Chad hit her their junior year. Gabriella just about flew off the handle when she heard that one. She wanted to hunt down Chad and kill him, but instead she kept her friend's secret to not tell. A few weeks later, Gabriella saw a bruise on Taylor's arm while at a sleepover.

"What happened?" Gabriella asked her.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it, okay?"

"It is too something," Gabi told her. "Did Chad hit you again?"

"No," Taylor said looking down at her feet.

"Tell me the truth, Tay. I don't want you to get hurt! You're my best friend."

Gabriella recalled how Taylor broke down and told Gabriella that Chad had grabbed her the night before and asked her to sleep with him. Taylor had told him no, but he advanced. She slapped him and he bruised her arm. Chad had tried to apologize but she left the party before he could do anything about it. Taylor eventually forgave him, but Gabi wasn't happy about it.

Gabriella then turned towards her friend and said, "You know how I feel about your college choices. You should go where you would excel the most. I think UCLA is the best place for you. You can get away from Chad for a while and then you can maybe meet a nice guy in Los An---"

"I don't think so," Taylor interrupted. "I'm not sure that I can ever love anyone but Chad."

Gabriella looked down, embarrassed. Taylor then said, "We should probably leave. We skipped all of 5th period and you know how Ms. Darbus gets.

"Yeah," Gabriella laughed. "We should get going."

They both left the bathroom joking about what Ms. Darbus would say if she knew that they had skipped.

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