Friends So Young, But As Adults Much More

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What would it be like if Tommy and Jude met as little kids? Would they grow up to fall in love with each other? Read and see.

Tommy Quincy: 10

Jude Harrison: 5

Sadie Harrison: 7

Kwest (Anyone know his last name?): 10

Victoria Harrison:

Stuart Harrison

I'll do more later.

Jude and Sadie's family moves to Toronto, Canada

Tommy and Kwest are already there

They see a moving truck pull up next to Tommy's house.

"Mother, who are those people?", Tommy asked his mother.

"Tommy, those "people" are our new neighbors." His mother said.


Jude and Sadie step out of the car and go over to Tommy and Kwest, seeing that they are the only kids around.

Tommy sees them coming and nudges Kwest to follow him.

"Hi I'm Tommy and this is Kwest. What are your names?" Tommy asked them.

"Hi. I'm Sadie and this is my little sister Jude." Sadie exclaimed.

"I'm 10, so is Kwest, how old are you?" Tommy questioned.

"I'm 7 and Jude is 5." Sadie said.

Sadie turned to Jude.

"Jude, say hi to them." Sadie whispered to Jude.

"No. I'm scared of them." Jude said quietly while quivering.


The Harrisons and the Quincys were talking over their fences.

"They seem to be getting along nicely." Tommy's mother said.

"Yeah they are." Victoria Harrison agreed

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