Hello, everyone! This would be my fourth Tales of Legendia fic! Hurray! This one is SenelxChloe, the second best pairing in the game (in my opinion)! I hope you enjoy!

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xWhile You're Sleepingx

(He's a totally different person when he's asleep.)

She looks down at the white-haired young man, who was still sleeping in his bed.

(Most people--including herself--would believe that he was up at the crack of dawn, training. ...Or at least wake up at a normal time.)

He turned over to the side, breathing lightly. The young woman blushes, but it disappears in moments.

(But it turns out he's one of those people who likes to sleep in.)

She comes closer to his bedside. The blush returns to her face. Brown eyes soften as she gazes down at the young man.

(If only he knew how much he meant to her. How much she cared for him.)

The young woman's thoughts flashed through memories of another young lady. She frowns and clenches her fist. The dark-haired girl bites her lip.

(If only she didn't love him, and he didn't love her. Then maybe things would be easier.)

She relaxes and breathes a sigh. A hand slowly reaches down, wanting to touch his face.

(If only she wasn't such a coward. She could've admitted her feelings like Norma said she should, but she didn't.)

The hand froze in place, merely inches away from touch the young man's face. Her heartbeat increases. She could feel her heart thumping against her chest, almost as if it was going to jump out!

(Was she too afraid? Maybe she didn't want to deal with him denying her feelings, With him saying that he didn't have the same feelings for her as she had towards him. ...No!)

She touches his face. It felt so warm...so soft. Before she has time to savor the moment, she pulls her hand away. The young man suddenly sits up and yawns. He looks at the young woman with a sleepy look on his face and yawns again.

"Chloe? What are you doing here?"

"D-don't wake up so suddenly! I...I mean, I was told to come and get you. Everyone is at Raynard's house."

"Oh. Okay."


(Why could she not speak those words she so wanted to say to him? Why couldn't she say those three. Little. Words...)


Ta-daaaa! And that was that! I came up with this after seeing a scene in the game. I like SenelxChloe just as much as I like WillxNorma.

Ideas for next ToL fics: A JayxNorma oneshot and what do you guys think of an AU of the Tales of Legendia/Symphonia crossover? I already have the prologue and three-fourths of the first chapter. See ya!