Jason's POV

A/N Okay I wanted to write a romance fic, cuz I never have and I can never find a fic that stars Seamus Finnegan (one that's not slash that is) and Seamus and Draco are my favourite characters so I wrote one that has mostly him, (sorry Draco's not in this one, he may make a cameo appearance later though) it's a PG13 for some strong language only occasionally and a little violence later on. Please review I don't know if I'll carry this on yet, if I get some good reviews than I probably will. Thank-you enjoy!


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Someone to Love

Seamus Finnegan ran full pelt down what must've been one of the darkest and dingiest corridors in the entire world he didn't know what he was running to or for that matter what he was running from. The ceiling was just out of sight and the edges of the walls and floor disappeared into darkness. Something was about to happen one way or the other whether the thing behind would catch up or he'd reach the something in front. A corner loomed up in front of him, only just swerving in time to stop a head on collision; he felt his shoulder smash painfully against the corner of the wall, his speed not totally allowing him to miss it completely, crying out in pain he felt the bone pop from it's socket, he closed his eyes from the stars that danced in front of him, and felt a cold hand close over his ankle and pull him backward…

"AAHHH!!!!" Seamus yelled sitting up straight in bed, looking around he saw he was laying in bed in the Gryffindor boy's dormitory the moon spilling in through the window and laying across his bed along his legs. His fellow fifth years stirred and looked at him.

 "Seamus, man what the hell is wrong?" Dean Thomas asked sleepily opening only one blurry eye.

"Yeah I thought I was the only one had nightmares in here." Harry Potter joked rearranging his bedclothes.

Neville Longbottom also asked if he was alright, a snore simply came from behind Ron Weasleys tightly drawn drapes, Seamus looked at them bewildered still trying to decipher between the dream and reality he blinked and attempted to smile, to Seamus it felt tight and shaky, but the others simply saw Seamus's usual Irish grin.

 "Nothing just a bad dream like Harry said." He assured them, this seemed to satisfy them though and they fell back to sleep again instantly, but Seamus seemed to be unable to even doze, "Great I'm a developing insomniac." He muttered to himself as he sat up and peered at his watch, 5:59 am, not too early he couldn't get up, but to any normal person an ungodly hour to even be awake let alone up and dressed.

Pulling on his black robes, he walked through to the boys bathroom, he peered into the mirror over one of the sinks, a pair of large blue eyes looked back at him, they were red-rimmed and tired looking, splashing cold water on his face seemed to help if only a little next he ran a brush through his sandy blonde hair, his only feature that he actually liked, he was slightly short for his age, but with a good build, his once skinny child's body had matured into a more muscular teens body and his already prominent cheek bones stood out more against the lack of tan that he had that year, his fringe, one side a little longer than the other fell across his forehead and he constantly had to brush it out of the way, the rest of his hair was cut much shorter close to his head.

Grimacing at his reflection he pushed away from the porcelain sink and headed down the spiralling staircase to the Gryffindor common room. Finally letting his mind wander to the dream he closed his eyes for just a second and took a deep breath, sitting down before the fire, thinking, "Well I hope to God it's not a premonition dream." He'd had the same dream for months now ever since the start of term, when Harry took up with Cho, dreams realized, Ron finally started dating Hermione, Neville asked Hannah Abbot out on a date and even Dean deserted him by going steady with Lavender Brown Seamus was… lonely not that he'd admit that not even to himself, and the dreams just meant he had one more headache to contend with, and they meant he didn't look his best if he ever did ask a girl out, needless to say Seamus would've given pretty much anything right then for a nice bit of vodka.

He didn't see her sitting in the shadows her back against the wall one tear slowly making it's way down her cheek, if Seamus was lonely she was lonelier, she watched him sit down, she'd been noticing him a lot lately, the way his sandy hair caught the light, the way he laughed the cute Irish accent he had, but mostly the deep blue eyes. She held no hope he'd ever notice her, it was just another crush that would die just another unrequited love.

Looking up suddenly he looked straight at her, his deep blue eyes meeting her brown ones, seconds passed he didn't break the contact he held it and her heart beat faster.

 "Hey." He greeted her leaning back.

 "Hi." She replied timidly.

 Seamus stood and walked toward her, "Ginny why are you crying?" He asked real concern played across his handsome features, sitting down he brushed the tear from her face gently.

 "I'm not crying," She replied weakly

"No shit." He said quietly running a hand through his hair.

She smiled and sat up straighter, "Alright so I am, what's it got to do with you?"

 "You look pretty when you cry." He told her simply

 "Oh thank-you very much most people would want to look pretty when they're not crying," Ginny sniffed

 "Why are you crying Ginny?" He asked again lower this time.

"I don't know." She replied honestly, "Sometimes I just start to cry don't you?"

 "No." Seamus said a faraway look in his eyes, "Not for awhile."

 Ginny watched his profile carefully, when he turned to her suddenly, he caught her off guard, they were inches apart, her eyes level with his, moving slowly she leaned forward, when-,


Ginny and Seamus jerked away from each other instantly Seamus turned and ran his hands quickly over his face, standing he looked toward the stairs.

 "Hey Ginny!" Colin Creevey called as he stood up rubbing his lower back, "Fell over, y'know my own feet." He explained meekly.

 "Hi Colin," Ginny greeted him tiredly.

 "Hey you're Harry's friend right, Seamus wasn't it?" Colin asked looking at Seamus

 "Yup that's me." Seamus agreed

 "So what are you two doing up so early?" He asked innocently

Ginny and Seamus replied at the same time, Ginny saying "Couldn't sleep." And Seamus, "I er, was gonna go to the library for revision."

 "Oh yeah god luck with your OWL'S" Colin replied dismissing him, turning to Ginny he asked, "Hey Gin wanna play some chess?"

 "Sure Colin." She agreed, while Colin was getting the chess set, Ginny watched Seamus grab his bag from where he'd left it last night and head for the portrait hole, just as he was about to leave he turned toward her and their eyes met, "Seya Ginny" He said simply before disappearing out into the castle.

 "So what's with you and the Irish guy you've never really spoke before?" Colin asked suspiciously setting the chess pieces up on the table in front of her.

 "Nothing I was just down here when he came down we barely said anything to each other, he was busy getting his stuff for revision" Ginny lied, she knew Colin had a crush on her, she just didn't like him that way, seeing as how he seemed to love Harry Potter, who never noticed her, only his precious Cho Chang, she lost the game, her mind seemed on other things, namely what if Seamus had kissed her?