A/N thank-you so much for all the reviews and yes your right Seamus and Ginny are a strange couple but they are two of my favo

A/N thank-you so much for all the reviews and yes your right Seamus and Ginny are a strange couple but they are two of my favourite characters so what the heck, I've decided I will definitely carry this on cuz so many of you want me to!!!


Sitting in the cool of the library Seamus rested his head on his care of magical creatures textbook and groaned, the library was silent save for Madame Pince who had arrived shortly after him, up at the front, stamping books, he was at the back of the library and the sound of her slamming the books shut came to him muffled and somehow eerie in the still musty atmosphere.

Sighing Seamus lifted his head and stared into space all he could see was her brown eyes long lashed, deep and enchanting, her long red hair, that fell to her shoulders now, and the blonde streaks she'd got that summer, she was a head smaller than him and she had definitely grown in other places, i.e. her waist and hips, wait what the hell, this was his friends sister he was thinking about, but her smile and her laugh and she had looked cute when she was crying, although and for some strange reason, it'd hurt Seamus when he saw her crying, a lot.

He attempted to concentrate on his work to write an essay on the differences between centaurs and manticores, he knew there were millions, but his mind couldn't seem to find a single one, instead he could only think of his lips on Ginny's his hands on her waist….

"Hey Seamus!" Someone whispered loudly, Dean dropped into a seat in front of him and looked concernedly at his sandy haired friend, "You alright man you look a little…ill?" He asked noticing again the bags under Seamus's eyes and the pale skin that had never been quite that pale.

Seamus shot his best friend another forced smile and said, "Yeah why wouldn't I be, I'm just," Seamus looked around needing to be reminded as to what he was doing, "Studying. For the OWL'S" He clarified

"Well it's not gonna be your GCSE's is it?" Dean asked sarcastically.

"What are GCSE's?" Seamus asked puzzled

"Doesn't matter, Hey are you going to come have some breakfast or what?"

"Oh," Seamus looked at is watch,- 9:20am, "Oh!" He said again a little more distressed this time, "Twat." He muttered under his breath, as he and Dean made their way out of the library.

"Who is?" Hermione asked perplexed as she and the Dream Team walked into the library probably fighting some new evil.

"Uh me." Seamus replied tiredly "I never seem to have enough time anymore, god I gotta study and I'm still expected to eat." He said, Seamus missed the worried glance that Dean gave to Harry, Ron and Hermione, Dean being a lot taller than Seamus, the worried glance was mirrored in the other three's eyes, Seamus missed that look too.

Sitting down at the table in the Great Hall he grabbed a couple slices of toast and set about eating them, "Er excuse me? Could you pass the marmalade?" Someone to his left asked.

Seamus turned and looked at a boy with startling grey eyes and black hair, Seamus smiled and said, "sure hey are you new I don't think I've seen you before?"

"No, I'm from Canada, just transferred, I'm Devon Wicks." He replied introducing himself

"Oh I'm Seamus Finnegan good to meet you, you in fifth year?" Seamus asked passing him the marmalade.

"Yeah, the year that has the famous Harry Potter or so I've heard."

"Yep Harry's in the library at the moment, with his friends Hermione and Ron you'll probably met them late-"

Seamus was cut off by Dean sitting down heavily on his right, "Hey Seamus I, Who's your friend?" Dean started then noticed Devon.

"Uh, Dean Thomas meet Devon Wicks, Devon, Dean." Seamus replied introducing them to each other

"Oh yeah you're from Canada right?" Dean said grabbing a croissant from a large platter in front of him.

"Yeah." Devon replied biting into his own breakfast

"So what's it like?" Dean prompted, which started an entire conversation between the two of them about Canada.

Seamus leaned across the table to grab some strawberry jam just as Ginny walked in with Ron, Harry, Hermione and Colin, Seamus sat back his hands behind his head as Harry sat down next to him Ginny across from Harry, Colin on her left. Ginny glanced quickly at Seamus and blushed, Seamus smiled slightly and caught a look from Devon, Seamus looked at him innocently, Devon simply smiled and turned away.

"Well we'd best be on our way to Divination." Dean said standing up. "You take that Devon?"

"Yeah, although I don't know why, it just seems a bit of a waste of time." Devon replied amusedly

"Finally someone who agrees!" Hermione cried standing and picking her Arithmancy textbook up off the table.

Devon laughed and introduced himself to Hermione who introduced him to Harry and Ron by saying, "Someone who is sane and doesn't think Divination has a purpose either."

Devon walked up to Divination with Harry and Ron with Seamus and Dean trailing behind, as they left the Great Hall, Seamus felt someone tap him on the shoulder, he turned around, Dean didn't seem to notice and carried on walking, probably talking to himself to.

"Seamus can I talk to you?" Ginny asked, a blush creeping across her cheeks. She was standing just behind him, close enough that he could see the gold flecks in her eyes.

"Sure, er round here." Seamus suggested Ginny followed him round a corner into a dark corridor, they stood facing each other, silently, until Ginny stepped forward and hastily pressed her lips against Seamus's.

Seamus slightly shocked at first, then put his hands gently on her waist as her hands ran through his hair, the soft feeling of her lips on his was just as he had imagined and more. All to soon Ginny pulled away and stepped backwards.

"Meet my by the lake after dinner." She whispered her eyes unnaturally bright her breathing fast.

Seamus watched her go then glancing at his watch realized he was late for Divination and started to jog round the corner Seamus almost ran into Colin who looked slightly suspicious but didn't say a word, as he carried on past Seamus.

"Didn't really get a lot of talking done." Seamus muttered to himself as he hurried toward the North Tower, his mind already at the Lake at sunset.