Summary: Naruto can be described as Cheerfulness Incarnate, the very definition of a cheerful child. This, however is just a mask to what really happens to the boy named Uzumaki Naruto

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(story start)

Cheerfulness Incarnate

It was a dark and stormy night. A young, 5-year-old boy trudged through the streets of Konohagakure no Sato. His worldly possessions consisted of the clothes on his back, and the blanket around his frail body. He was very hungry. He spent the day attempting to find a decent meal to no avail. By looking at his body, one can think that he hadn't eaten a good meal in weeks, and that was exactly the case. He had no home; he was kicked out of the orphanage a year ago and he has been wandering the streets ever since. He could only eat when he managed to steal something; he could only bathe when he went to the river on the outskirts of the village. He shivered; the rain pouring down did not help in his desperate search for warmth. He continued walking in a daze, attempting to forget the pain of hunger from his stomach, the bitter cold of the storm, and most of all, the pain of being absolutely alone. He knew no one. When he tried to make friends, they are yanked away from the adults.

"Why?" he thought, "Why do they hate me? I haven't done anything wrong, have I?"

He continued to think as he walked, looking for a dry spot to sleep. He was tired. He spent the day, not only attempting to get food, but he also spent the day running from the villagers. He drooped lower as he trudge grew slower, the effects of the day's events finally taking its toll.

Suddenly, a large red something appeared in front of him. Not making the effort to stop, he bumped into it. He looked up slowly to see what may have been the only kind face in the entire village. He then blacked out, running out of energy as he fell to the cold street. The last thing he could remember was a large red thing picking him up.

(POV change)

Sandaime Hokage looked down to see a small wet bundle collapsed on the ground. He looked worried as he picked up the bundle, curious as to what would have bumped into him. The bundle was amazingly light for something that size. A tattered, wet blanket covered the item inside, yet he could still see drooping blue eyes and drenched blonde hair. He immediately grew worried as he rushed off to his home, wondering why young Uzumaki Naruto was outside in such deplorable weather.

(POV change, a little later)

He woke up feeling oddly comfortable. He enjoyed whatever item he was laying on and drifted off to a pleasant sleep. Waking later, fully restored, he basically bounced out of bed to realize that the room he was in was not his own. In fact, he did not have a room to compare it to. He started to panic, trying to leave the house before the owner returned to see the "demon spawn" on a piece of his/her furniture. He opened the window to see he was on the second floor.

"I can't get out through here," he thought.

He then rushed towards the door, just in time to see it swing towards the outside. A large red figure appeared in the doorway. The figure laughed softly as it realized what Naruto was trying to do.

"So, you're awake now? Osashiburi, Naruto," the red figure said with laughter in his eyes.

Naruto looked up to see the only friendly face he knows. A smile lit his face as he grabbed his torso in a tight hug.

"Hokage-oji-san! It's nice to see you again." Naruto paused for a second as he thought about something. "Demo, where did you find me? Why am I here?"

Sarutobi smiled as he looked down at his new abdominal appendage. "I have a few questions for you too, Naruto. Come now, let's get something to eat."

Naruto flashed a giant smile as he thought of food and rushed out of the room, dragging the Hokage's hand with him.

(End Chapter)

Translations for people who don't know Japanese:

Konohagakure no Sato: Village Hidden in the Leaves

Sandaime Hokage: Third Hokage

Hokage-oji-san: Old Man Hokage (literally Uncle Hokage)

Demo: But

(End Translations)

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