Okay, by the burial of disagreement from the last chapter (within the last 5 hours of me posting the notice, I might add), I'll be just revising the previous chapters and possibly releasing a series of one-shots elaborating on the better of my ideas. In exchange, I may just make a small "story and sequel" thing or a trilogy with the ideas I had in the previous chapter. To tell the truth, I really enjoy my creation, but I know there are things that I could do without (the Tales of Symphonia characters, for example, they're starting to get annyoing since they're not in their actual setting). Now that I'm (kinda) settled, I can probably work on revising the chapters before, implementing the skills I got over time while writing this story. I think that would make me feel like this story is still worth writing (and possibly cure me of my IMMENSE case of writer's block). Plus, the good old resounding "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you all sent me was a good sign on my end.

The other option is for me to halt production on this story and re-write from scratch (idea from Tellemicus Sundance)which I'm certainly thinking about. Maybe I can re-start without making it so similar to his work.

Now, once again, I'm asking for all of your opinions. I need you to tell me which ones I need to revise the most so I can focus on them. It's pretty easy to spot my own mistakes and fix up the past since I already have a good template set up for each chapter.

And, I'm also taking requests for one-shot ideas. Like I said, I have an IMMENSE case of writer's block so I need ideas. For these, can you PM me or send me e-mails? I only have a few conditions.

I need an event of some sort to happen to make things interesting. It can be a "What if BLAH BLAH happened?" type of thing. The event could even be as simple as Valentine's Day.

I need to know what you're talking about when you write the request.

It needs to be a NaruHina or have a pairing that does not make me rip this pairing apart (see Author's profile on views on Yaoi, Yuri and Incest). I prefer NaruHina, but I can write Nejiten, ShikaIno and SasuSaku if I try really hard, but these will take some time. That is, given you request a Naruto fic. I can do other animes/mangas, but I'll have to focus on those a little more than Naruto (see profile for pairing preferences since those are the only ones I'll do).

And finally, please be patient on your requests. I won't promise all will be written, but I will attempt to respond to your requests whether they are rejected or not.

Why am I doing this, you ask? It's because I believe that writer's block can be cured by writing something else then going back to your previous story with more (and hopefully better) ideas. I kinda forgot about that when I posted the last chapter.

Now, you may all say what you wish to me on this chapter or the chapter before. I will delete this chapter and the chapter before to make this story as smooth reading as possible.

So, now that I'm done saying all this, I bet you all know what the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" notice on my story's summary means, huh?

Well then, I'll be seeing you all later (puts on hard hat). I have some reconstruction to do. It's a really good thing that I save all my chapters, even after they've been posted.