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Characters: Rory, Tristan, Lorelai, Chris, Richard, Emily, Logan, Steph, Louise, Madeline, Paris, Colin, Finn, Elizabeth and Eric Dugrey. There is much more but why spoil the fun!

Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden the 3rd , better known as Rory, has both parents present in her life that love, care, and support her. Her father, Christopher Hayden, had married her mother, Lorelai the 2nd, at the young age of 17 after getting Lorelai pregnant with Rory. Immediately, the young couple's parents labeled Rory as an 'accident', but after seeing the beautiful crystal blue eyed baby, they knew that the word 'accident' didn't quite fit as a description to the stunning baby girl.

The truth is, Rory is the glue of the Gilmore-Hayden family. She keeps them together and is the reason that they could all stand each other. Whenever an argument starts coming up between her parents and her grandparents, she serves as the neutral force that keeps all of their sanity in tact. She is more than her grandparents and parents could ask for: responsible, intelligent, compassionate, honest, humble, and beautiful are just a few words that everyone in her life describes her as.

Rory lives a perfect life. She knows that her life is perfect, and everyone else knows it also. So what made her different from all the other High Society kids that lived exactly like her? Well she knew her wealth, but she didn't flaunt it. She never rubbed it in any ones face that she was rich, and never took advantage of her very powerful last names. She didn't even live in Hartford like all the other High Society families of Connecticut. Her parents didn't want to live to close to her grandparents, as to keep the arguments minimal, so they moved their small family of three to a little town called Stars Hollow. Their house of course was one of the two biggest homes in the town, but Rory didn't even care about the size of the house, what she cared about more was the small town feeling she got whenever she stepped out of her house.

If Rory had to name one best friend in the world, it would be Tristan Dugrey. The Dugrey's had the house next to the Hayden's, the other of the 2 biggest houses in Stars Hollow. Rory had grown up with this handsome blond, meeting him in 5th grade. They had gone to school together since then, in Stars Hollow, and didn't really bother to befriend anyone else in the town, since they had each other. Tristan was her protector, her rock, who beat up Rory's numerous ex-boyfriends when they would hurt Rory. Rory on the other hand, served as Tristan's support system and help in time of need. Both of their parents were alike in many ways, and had been best friends ever since Chris and Lorelai had moved in next to the Dugrey's when at the age of 19 with little 2 year old Rory. The Dugrey's had been trying to escape from Tristan's over demanding and disciplined grandfather, so the Hayden's got along with them just fine. The two couples had best interests in mind for Tristan and Rory, and both always joked with the two telling them to get married and make socialite babies, but their relationship simply wasn't like that. Tristan and Rory's close knit relationship made outsiders think that they were something more than friends. This same relationship caused many fights between Tristan's and Rory's girlfriends and boyfriends… well ex girlfriends and boyfriends now.

It seemed to Tristan's and Rory's past love interests that they were too close to be just friends, but the fact was that was all they were. They were best friends and inseparable. Calling them brother and sister didn't quite fit the description mold however, because they did share some intimate moments... but we'll get that at a later time. They never let a love interest get in the way of their friendship, and that is the reason why they are now exes. Tristan and Rory were the same age of 17, starting their senior year in high school. They attended the other years at Stars Hollow high, but when Rory's ex boyfriend Dean started getting too possessive with her, and too aggressive with Tristan, both sets of parents decided that this school year, they should attend a private school, Chilton Prepatory High School in Hartford, in hopes to escape the 'stress' of exes. The parents wanted their children to focus more on school, in preparation of their unavoidable future, another thing that we'll leave to a later time. The parents just assumed that sending them to this private school would be the end of their children's problems. Little did they know that this was just the beginning of … well the beginning. It was time for their kids to start their adult lives dealing with love, pain, drama, and the unexpected.

And this is where the story starts.

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