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Harry took a deep breath and looked at his surroundings, he had to admit, it felt weird being back in Britain, he had left but a small and slightly pathetic child, and had returned now as a predator, a man who would stop at nothing to get his revenge...

"You done being sentimental yet?" Came a voice tinged with laughter

Harry glared at the girl next to him "Oh put a sock in it Laura" He smirked when she scowled at him and swatted his arm

"Ohh the pain, the pain!" He howled dramatically, cradling his arm

She smirked "Teaches you to be a good boy then doesn't it"

Harry laughed and swung his arm over her shoulders "Fine, you win this round"

She leaned into him "Of course, just admit it, you can't beat me" She jabbed his side

Harry laughed "Oh I dont know, you remember that time where me, Scott and Logan got drunk and..." He was shut up when her hand covered her mouth

"Yes I remember, and I don't need a reminder thank you" She shuddered, they had pulled a prank that she still shuddered at whenever it was mentioned.

After their first meeting (which almost ended up in a full scale war between the two wolf like mutants) both Harry and Laura had headed to Xaviers school, where he stayed at from February onwards. He and Logan had been slightly hostile with each other, since both knew each other by scent. Logan was annoyed by the chase Harry led, and Harry was annoyed that Logan was chasing him. Of course that soon changed when Logan walked in on Harry, Bobby, Kurt and Ray when they were having a beer drinking compotition, he joined and it eventually ended up with Harry vs Logan, who agreed to a draw after the 23rd pint, much to the amusment of the others.

Harry had enjoyed himself at the school, he had gotten on well with the others, and Professor X helped train him with his telekinetic powers, which he was glad for as he had no idea how to work them. Then he was introduced to the wonders of Logans training, both he and Harry had spent a month training in the wilderness. Harry had to admit, the man knew his stuff.

Then there was also his relationship with Laura, or X23. Both she and him had become close friends, and eventually started dating in May. He had to admit, he couldn't be happier than what he was at the moment. He felt strongly for the silver tongued beauty. Plus Logans chase after they announced it was still a humouris topic between the mutant teenagers.

Both of them made their way to a sucluded area nearby, Harry quickly pulled out his Dragstar and unshrunk it

"I still say it's more like a childs dream than reality, witches and wizards" Came Laura's voice.

"That was my reaction at first as well, but your getting to understand it better" Harry replied, handing her a helmet. She took it and sat behind him on the bike, and wrapped her arms around his waist. The bike came to life with a loud roar Harry took off.

"So where we heading?" She yelled over the rushing wind to him

"My godfather's old house" He replied.

Grimmauld Place

Hermione Jane Granger was seething, no, she was down right pissed off. Mere minutes after her arrival to headquarters, Ron had dragged her off to an empty room and asked her to be his girlfriend. After the way he'd been acting he still did it, and whats more, he had went ballistic when she said no. He accused her of fancying Potter, and being a no good slut, and that Potter was going to be Ginny's boyfriend.

She slammed the door after walking into the kitchen, and her bad mood evaporated when she looked up...

Remus and Tonks where sitting at the table and had frozen, right during their make out...

Hermione laughed. It was too funny not to, the faces on the both of them were funny as hell! Both looked like a deer caught in headlights, and were a fetching Weasley red.

"Oh I'm sorry did I interupt?" She giggled

Remus opened his mouth to reply, both still having not moved from their original positions, when he was interupted by a quiet 'pop'

Dumbledore looked at the two and suddenly froze, but his eyes twinkled brightly at the looks of horror on the two having been caught not only by Hermione, but by Dumbledore himself.

"Ah good morning Nymphadora, Remus, lovely morning is it not?" He asked amusadly

Tonks made an odd squeeking sound, and Remus cleared his throat slightly

"Err...Yes lovely morning Headmaster" He coughed, his face still slightly red. Finally they pulled apart.

Hermione was still giggling when Ginny walked in

"Whats up with you?" Ginny asked, smiling at the older witches laughs

"Its nothing" She giggled, which earned a playful scowl from Tonks

"So what brings you here this morning headmaster?" Mrs Weasley asked Dumbledore

The headmasters eyes began to twinkle, which put the others on guard slightly

"I am expecting a visitor, an old friend has told me to be on the lookout"

Hermione voiced the others thoughts "Who..." She was cut off by Mrs Black, who had started screaming for some unknown reason


"SHUT UP YOU OLD HAG" A male voice roared back in response. There was a weird slicing sound, then 2 more louder slice sounds. Then silence

Dumbledore, Tonks, Remus, Hermione, Ginny and Molly all ran to the hallway, wands drawn. They looked at the stranger, or rather strangers. One was obviously male, standing around 6'2, with shoulder blade length black hair. He was wearing a black silk shirt, and black pants. He was very muscly and, to their shock and fear, had 3 metal claws extended from his right hand.

The other, a female, however was wearing a blood red tank top, and light blue jeans. She was 5'9 and looked very athletic, and had curves in all the right places. She had amber coloured eyes much to Remus's shock, and long black hair.

"Who the hell are you?" Tonks demanded

They watched in slight fear as with another slicing sound, the 3 claws retracted into his hand

"Wotcher Tonks, long time no see eh?" Came the deep voice. He turned round and everyone's eyes widened as they stared into familiar emerald green eyes.

"Harry" Molly whispered before she fell to the floor with a thump

Harry looked down in amusement before turning to his female companion "Well looks like I owe you five bucks"

She gave a quiet laugh and stood beside him, a small smirk on her lips and her eyes roaming round the crowd of people.

"So my boy, finally decided to come back have you?" Dumbledore asked with a grin and a twinkle

Harry stared at the old man before shaking his head "Yep, got some stuff done, made some friends, got drunk. Nothing else to do" He smirked

"Well I think this calls for a meeting" Dumbledore smiled


The order stood surrounding the kitchen table, all talking with each other and wondering what the meeting was about.

Dumbledore stood and cleared his throat

"I know many of you are wondering why I have called this meeting" He started "And the answer is simple. Harry Potter has returned"

There was silence before chaos broke out. Many were demanding for him to tell them what he had been up to (Snape being one of them) and to lock him back up for his own safety now that he had returned.

"ENOUGH" Dumbledore boomed. They fell silent instantly, and many were looking in fear at the look in his eyes. "Harry is his own person, and he can do what he chooses, it is not for me, or any of you, to tell him what to do" He stared hardly at them all

"Now" He continued in a calmer voice "Harry has been in America, and has been around there for over a year. He and a friend of his have returned, Harry wishing to completes his seventh year at Hogwarts, and Miss Kinney, while not a witch, will be joining him at Hogwarts."

He took a breath, and remembering Harry's encouragment continued "Now something you do not know, is that both Harry and Miss Kinney are what has been termed as 'mutants', meaning they have the ability to weild a power. Miss Kinney has had a dark past, I will nit lie to you, all you need to know, is that both she, and Harry, are very very dangerous. Harry is not the child who left us, and he will use whatever force necesarry to defend himself, as will Miss Kinney"

He stared around at the shocked faces, as they sat going over what he had just advised them

"I beleive that is everything, I call this meeting to an end" He finished.


Harry was sitting on a chair by the fire in the master bedroom, reading a dark arts book he had found in the Black library. He was a little shocked that most of these spells he had already learnt. With a title like 'Rare and unknown Dark magic' you wouldn'y expect that.

Laura was cudded up on the chair opposite him. She had not slept since two nights ago, so Harry had ordered her to get some sleep, after much protesting she eventually conceded and dropped off.

His head snapped up when the door opened and instinctivly pulled his wand out and aimed at the door, a parsel-stunner or the tip of his tongue.

"Harry?" Came Ginny's voice and Harry snapped his wand away, taking a calming breathe.

"Yea whats up?" He answered. She, Hermione and a broody looking Ron entered the bedroom.

"We were wanting to see you, since it has been over a year" She said, glowering at him

"Yes Harry what on earth were you thinking? running off like that, what if Voldemort had found you?" Hermione hissed

Harry merely raised an eyebrow and answered "Then it's a good job I was somewhere he couldn't get me eh?"

She gave him a stern look and opened her mouth to retort, but he cut her of

"Look Y'all" They stared in shock at his american slang "I told you I was fine where I was, thanks for the concern, but it aint really for you to decide what I do, capeesh?"

Ron sneered at him "What? The great Harry Potter won't tell where he ran off to?"

Harry stood up and stared hard at Ron, who shrank slightly, Harry's 6'2 having a more intimidating effect on his 5'10

"Look Ron, I have my secrets, you have yours, do I go around demanding yours?" He growled

Ron gathered his wits (However small they were) and retorted "But your Harry Potter, we have a right to..." He was cut off by a growling Harry

"You have the right to shut the hell up, ooo so i'm Harry Potter, which means everyone in the wizarding world just has to know every second of my life, well they can go kiss ass for all I care, because my life is my own" He growled

Ron opened his mouth to retort before he caught a look at the book he was reading earlier, he gave a loud gasp and spat "I knew it Potter, you turned into a dark wizard, why else would you learn the dark arts? Your parent must be disgusted with having a mini dark lord as a..." He was cut off again by Harry

Harry snarled and rammed Ron into the wall. Ron threw a punch at his head, and Harry threw his own at Rons incoming fist. Like Dudley's hand over a year ago, Rons hand shattered. He howled in pain, and grabbed his wrist. Harry extrcted his claws, he ignored the surprised shrieks from the other girls as he held his claws at Rons throat

He stared into Rons widened eyes and hissed "Tell me why I shouldn't just slit your miserable throat and let your worthless blood pool at my feet?"

Ron gasped and groaned as Harry lifted him clean off the floor with his left hand wrapped around his neck, his right holding the claws at his throat

"Harry that's enough" Came a voice. They turned to look at Laura, who was now awake and standing next to Harry

She laid a hand on his shoulder and squeezed "I don't know what the slimeball said, but he ain't worth it"

Harry took a deep breath through his nose before letting go of Rons neck

Ron smirked and opened his mouth to taunt him but Harry was quicker


Ron lay on the floor, howling and screaming, blood coming from his broken nose, and his jaw was very obviously broken out of place

He glared at the two girls and hissed "Take this peice of shit out, and leave me the hell alone"

He turned and moved over to the corner of the room, Laura followed still holding his arm as she soothed him and calmed him down.

The girls grabbed a whimpering Ron and dragged him from the room, closing the door as they left. Harry threw a quick locking and privicy charm at the door

"So those are your 'best frinds'?" Luara asked sarcastically

Harry growled in his throat "They were, it seems they can't accept i'm no longer the fool I was, as for Ron, well he's always had a problem with me, glad I had the excuse to hit him"

She rolled her eyes before giving him a small kiss "Well you were right, we're in for some rough times ahead"

Harry held her to him and nodded

'Come what may, i'll face it with extended claws and a smile' He thought darkly.

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