"..and that's why all the airships have eye scanners on the ignition now." Cid sat back in his chair, grinning, trying to ignore the crackling of his back. Getting old was shit, but getting really old meant a whole horde of great-grandkids who had to listen to him run his mouth off. That was the good part.

"Yay! You beat the bad guys!" That was Jonu. Little suck-up, he'd never amount to anything.

"Damn right I did."

One of the red-headed ones spoke up, and Cid had to think hard to remember which one he was. Wedge or something? "But…couldn't you just cut off somebody's head for the eye thing? I saw people do that in a movie once."

"No you can't, you stupid. The pupil dilates after you die 'cause it's a muscle and you're dead." Heh. Wedge was getting told off by one of the girls. Mina. She'd grow up to be one of those really sharp broads, he figured.

"Nobody cares about things like that and you're stupid." Wedge stuck his tongue out at Mina, and Mina stuck hers right back.

"Pull those back in or you'll get flies landing on 'em," Cid scolded.

One of the smaller ones wobbled up and pulled on his sleeve. He had no clue whose kid she was, or what her name was, but one of the other nice things about being old as hell was that nobody expected him to remember a goddamn thing.

"Grampa," she chirped. Aw, cute. "Was it really Seff…Seffimu…Sethimoth? On your ship?"

Cid made a mess out of the kid's hair, and she giggled. "Pretty much. One of 'em turned into Sephiroth. That was later, though."

"I'm going to turn into Sephiroth when I grow up," Wedge announced proudly.

"Me too!" said Mina.

"Well, next time he comes back maybe you can talk to him and work something out."

That sent most of the kids into a giggling fit and it didn't take long for them to start chasing each other around making monster noises and then get in a full-on clan war about who got to be Sephiroth this time and who got to be the princess.

Cid watched them tear around the house, folded his arms over his chest, and smiled a broad, contented smile. He'd known this was going to happen, sure enough. It wasn't the sort of thing you could say to little kids without being branded a pervert, and anyway they wouldn't understand how big a deal it was, but he could think it. And he did—really, really loudly.

Not one of those sons of bitches had ever touched his ass.