A/N: This is from Glinda's point of view. It takes place after the end of the story... and it could really be book or play. The song is called "Ghost" and it's by the Indigo Girls. I don't own WICKED or the song. Enjoy. Review, if you want. I'll return the favor.

There's a letter on the desktop

I've never opened it.

It's from Fiyero… we've seen his face

For the last time.

In the dugout of a drawer,

It rests under pictures. Between

The pages of one of your books.

The last truce we ever came to

From our adolescent war

It's there, too. A sequin from those shoes.

The flower I wore in my hair

And gave to you.

I start to feel the fever

Just because I thought about you.

Last night… I felt your arms around me.

From the warm air through the screen

I hear your voice.

At night. And right now.

And always.

You come regular like seasons

You remind me how much I miss you.

Shadowing my dreams.

The Mississippi's mighty

I dreamed about you last night.

I saw you bathed in the moonlight.

But it starts in Minnesota

I saw you under the stars.

You stood near a thin brook.

At a place where you could walk across

With five steps down

I saw you and I thought you were beautiful.

And I guess that's how you started

I felt something tiny

Like a pinprick to my heart

I stepped forward to you.

It was such a stupid dream.

But you opened your arms to me.

But at this point you rush right though me

And I wish it wasn't a dream.

Anyway, at this point, we stepped into the river.

That's when I knew it was a dream.

You probably would've melted.

And I'd start to drown.

And there's not enough room in this world for my pain

You took me in your arms

Signals cross and love gets lost

The cool water rushed around our feet.

The stars reflected everywhere.

And time pass makes you blame.

And we kissed, and kissed, and you held me

Your fingers were like phantoms,

Sometimes there and sometimes not.

Of all my demon spirits

I need you the most.

And for some reason, I called,

I'm in love with your ghost.

I woke up in the morning, whispering,

I'm in love with your ghost.

Dark and dangerous like a secret

You crept up, your phantom fingers

Stroking me where I was aching

For you.

I want to shout, I LOVE YOU,

I want to shout, I NEED YOU.

But it's whispered in a hush.

I murmur it in my sleep, I love you, I need you,

People have told me about it in the mornings.

When I wake

I just want you more.

Whispering soft things

Telling me I'm beautiful.

The things I dreamt about you last night make me blush.

There are nights of tenderness.

There are nights of memories that never happened

When you kissed me like a lover.

There are nights when your words were harsh.

There are nights when I remember

Fiyero, and hatred, and shoes and sisters

Then you sting me like a viper.

But last night,

Under the stars,

In the moonlight,

I will follow to the river

I think you told me you'd follow me anywhere.

Play your memory like the piper.

And I feel it like the sickness

It starts slowly, then takes over.

I'm full of need.

How this love is killing me

I want you to touch me there, there,

I want your phantom fingers against my skin.

It isn't right.

But I'd walk into the fingers of your fire willingly.

You're so perfect, pearly in the moonlight.

Damp in the water,

I dance the edge of sanity

I dance with you.

I've never been this close

Sometimes I want to kill myself,
Because it might make me closer to you.

Elphaba, I want it to be like this forever.

In love with your ghost.

Unknowing captor

Why do you torture me like this?

You'll never know how much you

You scare me, actually.

Are you sending these dreams?

Here's my spirit

I'd give it to you willingly,

If you would take it.

I love you.

But I can't touch you.

I'm calling for you.

Can you hear it?

Crying out with release, with pleasure.

But it was all a dream.

Still, it felt so real.

A cry to be free!

I don't think there's any way I can move on.

Oh, I'm forever under lock and key

At this part of the dream,

You melted away.

You disappeared into the river.

You remind me how much I want you

As you pass though me.

Now I see your face before me

I woke up crying

Because I want you so much.

It would launch a thousand ships

Bring me release.

Bring me the mythical sea.

Bring your heart back to my island.

Just come back to me.

Hold my hand. Help me up.

As the sand beneath me slips

I know it's over.

You melted into the river.

As I burn up in your presence

I realize you're gone.

And I burn in your memory. All you left me.

And I know now how it feels

I understand how you felt.

Alone. Completely alone.

To be weakened like Achilles

To die would be nothing.

Compared to what I feel.

Because I have to trudge through my life

With you always at my heels.

The silence that I keep

Is killing me.

You are killing me.

It poisons me

Your memory, your legacy, it holds me down.

I can't swim free,

In my dream last night,

I threw myself into our little stream.

And I was carried away.
I can't swim.

The river is too deep.

But at least I drowned with you.

Though I'm baptized by your touch,

The water's caress was welcome.

I am no worse at most.

And still, I wake

In love with your ghost.

You are shadowing my dreams.

There's no escaping this.

I shouted in my sleep.

In love with your ghost.

I whispered, when I woke,

I'm in love with your ghost.