It's been two months since he left. They said he took a ship, who takes ships anymore? Flashy, just like him. Just like George.

Everything's been fading lately. The colors are still here, but have lost there shine. I'm so afraid that if I don't do anything, I'll slip back into the world I was in before him. The black, gray and white before Paradise.

So now he's gone. I can't help think of him, every second of every day, he's always in my mind. I guess I'm not that strong woman he wanted after all. I feel so week without him here. Everything's changed so much

My smiles feel so empty. Every morning when I look in the mirror, I wonder who that girl is, the one staring back at me. When people tell me I'm beautiful, all I can do is politely smile. Evan if I disagree.

She is beautiful. Whatever her name is, his new girl. An American model perhaps? An actress, a singer, someone special. Someone strong. Someone so unlike me.

And now I'm crying.

"Yukari, what's wrong?" someone whispers in my ear. Someone who has been holding me this whole time.

I look up at him and smile, my dear friend Hiroyuki. Maybe, just maybe, even if it won't be the sameā€¦ I can grow to love this boy.

But without George I will never be able to return there, I will never return to paradise.