Note: These themes are, actually, complete. However, I don't have everything converted. So. You're only getting like 15.

A Few Words

#01 - Comfort

Vincent loves how tiny she is against him, how her head fits perfectly in the crook of his neck, and is somewhat amused by the fact that immediately after sex is the only time Yuffie is ever quiet.

#02 - Kiss

Vincent always smells of cinnamon and tastes of blood; Yuffie has no idea how she tastes, but she assumes he likes it.

#03 - Soft

He loves her hair, and Yuffie can't but smile when he compliments it (in his laconic, Vincenty way: "Mm").

#04 - Pain

There are times he forgets about the claw, but she loves him anyway.

#05 - Potatoes

White mush drips from his nose: the price of insulting Yuffie when she is eating mashed potatoes.