#26 - Forever

The last time Vincent mentions wanting her life to last as long as his, she laughs and replies that it's pointless: she might kill him sometime next week (she is ninety-three, and when she laughs, her mouth looks like you could stuff a tomato inside it).

#27 - Blood

There is blood on his hands, thick and red and invisible, and he wonders why Yuffie likes them so much.

#28 - Sickness

The irony was almost enough to drive him insane: he, the oldest of the group, would live forever, young and beautiful, but Yuffie, who had been youthful at ninety-three, had died of a flu.

#29 - Melody

The only time she ever sang was when she was shitfaced, when she also stripped (usually in his lap), and Vincent could never quite understand how she was so competent at it-- she was shitfaced, after all.

#30 - Star

Yuffie laughs and tells him that she will be his wishing star.