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Takes place not too long after The Mummy Returns and soon after the first Mummy Fanfic Chain.

Marion (pen name GiantPygmyGirl) August 24, 2002
She could remember the day perfectly if anyone were to ask, and someone just had. Tears slipped silently down her cheeks as her eyes squeezed shut. She let out a small squeal as her breath caught in her throat.

The seven year-old Evelyn Carnahan sat in her window seat overlooking downtown Cairo- her nose buried in a book. Her lips moved along with the words and presently a small smile took shape on her face.

"You know, if you keep reading those dreadful books of yours your life is going to whisk by you and you will never be able to look back to find where you got mixed up." Her older brother interrupted, breaking her concentration.

"And if you, dear brother continue to attend those parties of yours, which you favor so much, you won't have a life to even try to remember."

"Well, well, well, Evie, for a girl of only seven years of age you sure do seem to notice a lot."

"I don't notice a lot Jonathan, you're just stupid!"

"Now, now Evelyn, I was just doing a bit of teasing, no reason to be rude."

Knock. Knock. Came the resonant sound from the door in Evelyn and Jonathan's room.

"Come in!" Evelyn answered giggling, for Jonathan had her rolling on the floor tickling her.

Their nana stepped in through the door. Her eyes were downcast and she was slouching dreadfully. Her arms hung limply at her sides like two wet noodles, swaying in the slight afternoon breeze.

"Yes Nana?" Jonathan asked. "What's wrong?" He questioned noticing her posture.

"Oh, my dear children." She said as she began to sob. "There has been an unfortunate turn of events."

Evelyn looked at her brother, and he shrugged his shoulders raising his eyebrows. "What is it Nana?" Evelyn pleaded. "Tell us what's wrong." Her voice was choked to the teeth with panic. Her darling little face was shrouded in dark curls and her breath was coming fast.

"Your parents are dead my dears!" She covered her face with her hands, shoulders shaking with her cries.

There was a moment of silence before "You lie!" Evelyn screamed. "It can not be true! You lie! I don't believe you! My parents are on a dig down in Luxor. They will be back tomorrow!" Her tiny frame shook with anger.

Jonathan stood like a statue behind his sister. The words still sinking into his brain. He could not bring himself to believe the words that his nana had uttered, but somehow, just somehow he knew she spoke the truth. It was as if he had felt their presence's disappear. He knew they were gone, extinguished like a match in a puddle of water. The thought unnerved him. His eyes were drawn to the site before him and Evelyn spoke in slow motion.

"They're...not...dead! They...can't...be...!"

Jonathan stiffly walked over to her and drew her into his arms. "They are Evelyn, you can't deny it, they aren't here any longer. I don't know how I know it, but they aren't, they're dead. Can't you feel it?" She struggled against the fierce hold her brother had on her. Tears began to stream down her face as she screamed.

"NO! It's not true, I don't believe you! How can you say that Jonathan? THEY'RE NOT DEAD! Are they?" Every word she spoke cut deeper into his heart, and finally he could not bear it any longer.

"Evelyn, listen to me. Listen to me!" He screamed in her face. "They're dead!" He looked into her eyes, focusing on her inner strength deep within. Allah give me the strength to get through this. Jonathan muttered. He brought his thumbs up to her cheeks brushing her river of tears away. "Oh Evie, don't cry, hush old mum."

Evelyn's heart felt like it was being ripped from her ribcage. Her cries were physically tearing her apart. How could her parents be dead? They were coming back. They would be home tomorrow laughing and talking about their expedition, wouldn't they? The unanswered question left her empty and frightened. She flung her arms around her brother and he latched onto her with all his strength. "I love you Evie, we will never part from each other, I promise. I won't leave you. But you must understand they aren't coming back." He said as his own tears began to flow freely, no longer able to be held back by fake boyish strength. Jonathan placed his head on top of his sister's and gave in to his grief shuddering.

"I am so sorry." Could be heard as Nana backed out of the room. There was a click as the door latched closed, the horrible sounds of two heartbroken children were dimmed slightly by the barrier but could be heard down the hall and in the kitchen where nana retreated to prepare dinner she knew would never be eaten. She shut the door on that facet of her life, pushing herself onto the next. Adinah and Robert weren't coming back. They were gone forever. She choked back another sob as she put the pork onto the griddle turning it slightly. What would happen to the children?

Evelyn turned to her thirteen year-old son, her face streaked with tears.

"I'm sorry mum, I didn't mean to upset you like that. I didn't know how much it would hurt you to remember."

"Oh sweetie, it's ok. I just can't tell you about it right now. Maybe in a little bit, but it still hurts too much." She engulfed Alex in a hug, grateful she was alive to enjoy watching him grow, and praying that it would stay that way forever.

Penny- August 28, 2002
Rick O'Connell watched his wife and son from the doorway of the library. She hugged Alex tightly to her, as if she were afraid her son would disappear, if she let him go.

He thought back to the previous week. Evie found her mother's journal tucked away in a trunk. Since then life at the O'Connell Manor had been turned upside down.

Evie had changed. His Evie, the love of his life. His tough, smart little wife, who once had raised the dead and then sent the bastard back to hell...The mother of his child, who fought tooth and nail, to save their son at Ahm Shere, who after helping her husband save him, was she herself killed and raised from the dead...hadn't blinked once...Now his sweet, lovable Evie was reduced to a sad, forlorn, tearful mess.

And all because of that damned journal! Why? Because he couldn't leave well enough alone. "Common Alex", he had said. "Let's go see if we can find that leak in the attic roof, before we have to build an ark. Go get your Uncle John. We'll need all the help we can get." So all four of them traipsed onward and upward to the attic.

Indeed there was a hole in the attic work. Not a big one thank God. It could be repaired with minimum repair, Evie had said. Then she spotted the trunk. It sat directly under the hole in the roof. Probably in it's heyday it had been brown. Now it was faded to a filthy tan and water streaked.

"Oh no! John! This was Mother's trunk! Help me! Help me move it out from under the hole. There's water dripping on it!"

What had started out as a simple expedition to a known destination, quickly turned to despair for the unsuspecting adventurers, after Evie found the journal. And to make matters worse Jonathan seemed to have been struck with the same melancholia.

Rick continued to watch his wife and son, letting his mind wonder to Jonathan. The man didn't cry openly. No. At least not to where anyone with half a brain could see. But Rick didn't have half a brain. He wasn't someone who just fell off a turnip truck. No sir! Not Rick O'Connell! He had a brain and eyes.

Jonathan would go off and walk the grounds for hours at a time. Then when he came back in his eyes were red and puffy. He hardly spoke two or three words and half the time they were unintelligible.

Some thing had to be done and quick! The O'Connells and the Carnahans were on a downhill slide and picking up speed! Chamberlain's words kept coming back to haunt Rick. It repeated itself over and over in his head like a mantra.


Damn would they never learn?

Shelby (pen name Eviefan) August 30, 2002
Always in sleep, Rick held his wife close to him, and this night like so many nights past, he reached out for his wife, his hand meeting only the cold mattress and pillow, an indication that she had not come to bed as she had told him she would. Groggily he opened his eyes and in the dim light saw that it was nearly 3am. Worried, he slipped from bed, going to the dresser on his side of the bed where he found a pair of long pajama bottoms that he put on, then he left their room, going in search of his wife.

On the third floor of their great house, in the room where she had taken the trunk, Evelyn sorted through the items, now dry and safe, that she and Jonathan had salvage. They were the only things left of their parents, now long gone, and she had not realized how deep the hurt still was until she had begun to remember. She knew Alex hadn't meant anything by asking her about his grandparents, and felt regret and sorrow that she had not gotten to know them, that she had not taken the time to tell him about how wonderful they were. Even now thinking about them brought on a fresh set of tears, and she lifted a quilt her mum had made to her breast, clinging to it as she began to cry once more.

It was there in that room, where Rick finally found her, and he didn't hesitate to cross the room to the four-post canopy bed. There he sat and gathered her in his arms, and held her as she cried. He didn't know what to do, but he knew he had to do something, for all their sakes. "Shh, I've got you," he repeated as he held her on his lap.

"It shouldn't hurt this much," Evie managed as she lifted her face from his bare chest to look into his eyes. She found his love there waiting for her, and she let that give her strength.

In all their years of marriage, they had traveled the world to exotic places, discovering long lost treasures, spending time together, laughing and growing to love one another. Rick had told her all about his childhood in Cairo, and in other orphanages, but had never pushed her to talk about her parents, and decided maybe it was time she faced that time. "Come on. Our room is warmer, and I think maybe we need to talk," he said as he stood her on her own to feet. He stood beside her, and held out his hand and when she took it, they both went to their room hopefully to talk about what had happened that had changed this family's life, and had turned it upside down.

Lady Pyrrha - September 4, 2002
Rick rubbed his hand lovingly over his wife's shoulder, silently willing her to talk but not wishing to push her. Heknew that if she hadn't offered to tell him herself that he would not be hearing the story of her parent's death at all.
Evelyn took a deep breath. She wondered what in the world had possessed her to finally tell the story. It was just too soon! But no. It had been twenty years since she was just the little girl that had learned of her parents' sudden death. She was married now to the man that she loved more than life itself and had a thirteen-year-old son that was just as precious. Her husband deserved to know.

"My parents were as wonderful as I could ever hope for. However, they were not as home as often as both Jonathan and I or my parents themselves wished to be. It was on one of those excursions, on a dig in Luxor that the horrid happened."

"They died?" Rick inserted after her moment of silence.

Evelyn nodded. A lump had formed in her throat and she was unsure if she could continue. She wasn't sure if she wanted too either. She had never told the story of her parents' death, although she had relived those dreadful days after it many times in her mind. Most of the visions had occurred when she was younger and had stopped long before she had met Rick. However, ever since Alex had asked about his grandparents, she had been having reoccurring nightmares of the same events.

"Evie?" Rick questioned, stroking her long black hair.

"Yes?" she asked, staring down blankly at the comforter on their bed.

"How did your parents die?"

"They... I..." she tried, but her voice broke into a strangled sob. She was unable to continue. The pain was still too fresh. Again, as it had happened with Alex, her mind reverted back to that of a seven-year old girl who had just simultaneously lost both her parents.

Jonathan sat beside his younger sister, holding her hand in his own. Their nana sat beside them as mourners past them. Some stopped to offer their condolences while others walked by as if the child were not there. Before them lay two closed caskets. Two small signs indicated that one held the body of Adinah Carnahan and the other held the body of Robert Carnahan. Evelyn could not stand to go up to pay her final respects, could not stand to let her parents go. Her brother stayed by her side to offer her company as well as to stay away from the caskets himself.

"Jonathan," she finally ventured to say.

"Yes, Evie?" he asked, his voice laced with sadness.

"How... how did they die" she asked. She had never had the courage to listen before, throwing tantrums too loud for anyone to hear over whenever someone to attempted to tell her before. But now, when faced with the reality of their deaths at their funeral, she needed to know.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Jonathan asked.

Evelyn nodded. "I have to."

Marion (pen name GiantPygmyGirl) September 6, 2002
Rick watched Evelyn's face closely, observing the emotions and inner turmoil flit across her face in mysterious shadows of self-doubt. He wished that he could do something for her, something to ease the pain she was going through. But he couldn't, she needed to get through this by herself right now. Her mind needed to accept the change, accept the grief, and most of all accept the truth, however hard and improbable it may be.

I have to. The words were still clear in her head. Evelyn could remember the feeling that had coursed through her body when Jonathan had told her the truth. Now she bit her lower lip as she prepared herself for what was to come. "They were murdered Rick. Slain in their sleep by their digging partner Alan Skarzinski. He fled the crime scene and hasn't been seen since. It was horrible, the press were constantly surrounding us, taking their black and white photos of the 'devastated Carnahan children'". She said the last with a bit of a sarcastic air about it.

Rick hesitated. He had not known that her parents had been murdered. He was still curious, however on exactly how they had been killed, but he wasn't sure if he should ask. Oh well, what that hell? It will be now or later either way. He reasoned with himself. "Evelyn honey, how exactly were they killed?"

"Hmm? What did you say Rick?" She had been daydreaming again.

"Exactly how were they killed?"

Her eyes lowered and for a moment Rick thought she would burst into the tears she was so prone to as of late. But she did not. Instead she tilted her head towards him, her eyes dark and serious, her red lips twitching slightly. "Well, it's not exactly an exquisite tale." Her eyebrows rose.

"Evie, it's a murder, I didn't quite expect it to be beautiful." He said, his insides laughing as he found humor in her naiveties. He did not smile though because he did not think the occasion warranted it. If he had learned no other thing from his marriage to Evelyn than this he was well off; he had learned how to be serious when the circumstance asked for it, and now was one of those times. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, go on."

Her eyes sparkled as she began to speak, her English and German accents mingling together to form a beautiful mercury-like language. "Alan, a very good friend of my parents, was on the dig in Luxor with them. They were working together to uncover a tomb of some sort. I don't remember exactly what it was they were looking for because I was only seven at the time, but I do know that it had to be of some great importance or else they would not have been there all together.

"The night, according to the natives who happened upon their bodies, was an extremely cold one. The natives had been in search of what we now know to be the Med-Jai, because they had lost their way and needed warmth and guidance. This was how they came to find my mother and father, they saw the glow of a cooking fire in the distance, immediately rushing towards it. Inside they found something they had never wanted to or dreamed of seeing, my parents. They had been crudely wrapped in cut up barley sacks, their blood staining through the coarse material. The natives had reported the scene as soon as they could, but meanwhile they took refuge from the cold of the desert inside my parent's tent by the fire. It was then that they noticed six glass jars, bloodied. Reporters later found these to be the brains, tongues, and hearts of my parents. Rick he mummified them! His motive was that they were too close to the truth, to his truth, to his treasure! They were alive when he did it too because according to the natives the bodies were still warm, and had not turned blue with exposure yet when they arrived. My father's hands were still bound inside the sack, and my mother had tearstains on her face.

"There had been a note left behind though, a note which my father managed to scribble with his hands tied behind his back. This piece of evidence was probably the oddest part of the entire crime. In his handwriting was written: Dear Jon and Evelyn- we love you dearly, and this is not what it seems. Never give up hope dear ones, we will return for you in due time. It didn't make any sense when Jonathan told me, Rick. I was so confused and horrified, and disgusted.

"At their funeral I begged him to let me open the caskets, to bear witness of their deaths with my own eyes and he consented. That night, after all the mourners had left Jonathan and I stole into the Funeral Hall in our nightclothes and candles. Slowly we tiptoed forth over the lavish Arab rugs to the caskets, which bore in gold, the names Robert Evans Carnahan, and Adinah Ra Carnahan. Ever so slowly Jonathan pried open the lid. It was if he were already preparing for what came next. He opened the first lid, the lid of my father's coffin and there was a rushing of air and a cool scent of the Moonflower as the ebony top shifted on its hinges. I gasped at what I saw before me. It was not my father, Rick... The man who lay dead, faceless below me, I had never seen, and had no relation to us whatsoever. So shocked was I that I wanted to run from the room, but Jonathan grabbed my wrist, twisting me around to face him and persuaded me to open mum's coffin as well. We reset 'dad's' lid and then opened mum's. Again, the woman lying serene, as if in a deep slumber before us was not our beloved mother. I began to weep then. What had they done with our parents? I was terrified." She shuddered and he wrapped his arms around her, getting Goosebumps himself at the thought of opening up his own parent's caskets. He pulled her close kissing the top of her head.

"Evelyn, why do you suppose they mixed up the bodies?"

"There's only one possible answer Rick. And that is that they were never killed in the first place. It was a cover up for something, I don't know what, but Jonathan and I vowed to each other that very day, one day we would get to the bottom of it all. I think those days, which we dreamed about with a passion then have finally come. I am both depressed and excited, but at the same time apprehensive. This could be our biggest adventure yet!" she said smiling, kissing him slowly. "And it's one that will put our parents to rest forever if they so choose."

"But why Evie? What did they have to hide?"

"That I don't know Rick, but I want to find out..."