Penny - October 11, 2003
"Hey Sleepy Head, I thought you wanted to hear this story?"

"I do, Mama. Head just hurts. Didn't mean to go to sleep. Please don't stop. Tell me again what happened," he begged, as she brushed a cool hand down his fevered cheek.

Carrie Anne O'Malley smiled down at her young son. "I declare, Kit, I'm surprised you don't think you're too old for bedtime stories. Especially this one, my lamb. Although, if your father was home tonight, I imagine he would be the biggest dog in the puddle and would no doubt be sitting right there next to you listening."

Eight year old Kit snuggled against his mother with a chill. His throat felt like he'd swallowed ground glass and his head hurt something fierce. The doctor had told his parents that it was a bad case of scarlet fever and he'd had it a full week already. "But it's my very favorite story, Mama. The good guy versus the bad guy and the good guy saves the world. It's better than the movies at the Rialto on Canal Street on Saturday. Please Mama?"

Again she smiled down at him. "Alright, but then you have to rest," she soothed, she took the folded wash cloth off his forehead and dipped it into the wash basin next to the bed and then wrung it out, refolded it and placed it back on his forehead.

He nodded with a grimace when he tried to swallow. "I promise, Mama."

Carrie Anne brushed aside a strand of sandy brown hair that had fallen across his forehead and began her story. "Long ago in an ancient place there lived a young man of the realm. He was the most handsomest and bravest in the kingdom, but he was small. His best and most trusted friend was a powerful mage."

"That's a wizard, huh Mama?"

"Yes Lamb, he was a wizard," she smiled. 'And one day the wizard came to see the young man on urgent business. It was of the gravest importance. Years before a magical amulet had been found, by a relative of the young man, who now possessed it. Well it seems the amulet could bring about great destruction and the wizard told him that the magic amulet had to be destroyed and the young man was the only one that could do it. Otherwise, if a powerful warlock who was also looking for it, got his hands on it first, then all hope would be lost for the realm, but he told the young man that the amulet would tempt him to wear it and that he must be strong and resist the urge to put it on.

"He then told the young man, the amulet had to be destroyed in the fires of a mighty volcano. For the only thing that would destroy it was the fire from there and the magic words. It was the only way to save his family and the realm. At first the young man was worried. "What can I do?" the young man wanted to know. "Look how small I am. How can I defeat a powerful warlock?

"But the wizard put his hand on his little friend's shoulder and told him. "Have no fear for the power can be held in the smallest of things." So that night, the young man gathered his sword, his rucksack and the amulet and started on his journey. Days turned into weeks and months turned into years, for the young man, but still he kept on with his quest. His realm and family depended on him.

"He had had many hardships and he was weary, his heart heavy, for the warlock had put so many obstacles in his way, as he continued to find a way to take the amulet from the young man. Then one day he found himself on the final leg of his journey, his quest was almost through.

"He had come to the volcano, but first he had to find the alter of the warlock. For that was where he would take the final step to destroying the amulet. Higher and higher he climbed, searching every nook and cranny in the mountain. And it was no easy task, for the ground shook and groaned beneath his feet as if it were a living, breathing thing, while the volcano itself, rumbled deep in the heart of the mountain."

"He was brave, huh Mama? I bet he wasn't scared of that old warlock."

"Oh, but he was, my Lamb. He was, because he was afraid that he would fall to the warlock's power and become one of his minions And that in itself would make him just as mean and cruel as the warlock himself, because the amulet was constantly tempting him. 'Wear me,' it would whisper. 'Put me on and I will give you all that you desire.'

"But why didn't he just put it on and ask it to get rid of the warlock and make all the bad stuff go away, Mama? That's what I would have done."

Carrie Anne O'Malley shook her head. "No you wouldn't, my sweet angel. You would have fought the warlock and temptation, too. Because you know right from wrong and what the amulet was whispering was wrong in every sense of the word and just like you, the young man knew it. He couldn't let the evil win. So under the watchful eye of the warlock, he tricked him into letting him into his shrine, telling the warlock that for him to give him the amulet, the alter had to be made ready and a spell had to be spoken. So the young man took salt, and pepper from his rucksack to sanctify the alter, then with that done, he spoke the charm to rid the world of the warlock and the amulet forever."

"Seth God of Chaos and demons,

Touch not me nor mine,

Thy power I drain into this brine.

Pepper sting demon, rouge or thief,

Who so breaks this bond finds grief.

I mean it for this sill and door,

And all this land forevermore.

I say these words my spell to wind.

And with this spell, this land I bind.

So he who steals it, though far away,

Will have no rest by night nor day.

And once he's bound, then he shall see,

The Hell fires of all eternity."

The dream faded, as Kit's eyes suddenly popped open and he pushed himself up, to sit on the cold stone floor. "That's it! That's it Mama!" he whispered at the darkness. "I got him by the short hairs! I'm gonna roast his ass in hell! All I gotta do is find him and get his ass back here and then I can kill two birds with one stone! And this time he ain't gettin' away with nothin'!"

He could almost feel her gentle caress on his cheek, when he heard her whisper in his mind. "Hurry, my Lamb. Your family needs you."

Kit stood up, looking around and managed to find his rucksack and the candle. "Don't you worry Mama. Soon as I get this bastard taken care of, I'm comin' home to ya." Quickly he found a safe place to stash his rucksack, out of sight. When Kit dealt with Alan Skarzinski, it would be on Kit's terms and his alone. He took one last quick look around and headed out to find O'Connell. The sand storm was over and he climbed aboard , not realizing he was going back in the same direction he had come. All he knew was when he found Skarzinski, he would find a way to lure him to this little hole in the wall and wax his ass permanently.

Shelby (pen name Eviefan) October 29, 2003
With the sandstorm over, the hot desert sun once again beat down on Kit as he road toward his destiny. He didn't have any idea where he was going, but some unknown force was driving him. There was danger ahead of him, yet he had no fear. He knew what needed to be done, and he was prepared to do it at all costs. Now as the camel road on through the endless desert sand, Kit whistled the tune of a song called Angel Band, while patting his left pants pocket. Before starting on this journey, in anticipation that he might actually find Skarzinski, Kit ripped out a few pages of the Journal he had in his possession, to use as a bargaining chip to lure the sorry Son of a Bitch back to the Temple. "It won't be long now," he said, as he thought of his parents, and of the last time he had seen them alive. Before he could dwell on that time, in the distance he made out a campsite. As he drew closer Kit realized at long last he was within minutes, of getting his hands on the man who had caused him such pain, and almost instantly his heart began to beat a little faster.

As if the Camel could read his thoughts, he began to snort and shuffle in the sand, and Kit immediately calmed himself down. "Easy, we don't want to let em know we are here," he said as he reached out and patted the side of O'Connell's neck. As he got closer to the camp site, he saw a few horses, and began to wonder if this was where he needed to be. Just to be on the safe side, Kit had O'Connell stop, and dismounted several feet from the tent, then gave him a smack, sending him on his way. Without even realizing it, he reached into his pocket, rubbing his hand over the rock, with which the pages of the Journal he possessed were wrapped around. A voice caught his attention, and a wide smile spread over his face as he recognized the one who was talking. This was it, it was now or never.

He was within inches of the tent, when another voice caught his attention and he realized with dismay that the big Ape's wife was in there with that madman. Her words chilled him to the bone and for a moment all he could do was stand there as memories of his own mother's death came flooding back. "Please don't do this," he heard Evelyn say. When Skarzinski told her to shut up, that was all it took to set him in motion. Before he could blink he was at the entrance of the tent, and with determination, he drew the rock out of his pocket, opened the flap of the tent, then threw it, hitting his target on the back of his head.

A sharp pain on the back of his head, caught Alan's attention and he spun around to see the boy who had escaped his grasp one to many times. "I thought you would have learned your lesson boy," he said as he began to approach Kit.

Before Skarzinski could take another step, Kit raised his hand, wagging it back and forth. "Ah ah ah, you take one more step, and you won't get what you really want," he said, ignoring the shocked look on the Ape's face.

Skarzinski stopped, not sure what the boy was talking about. "And what do you think I want?" he asked, knowing that he was for the moment safe from Rick, or Jonathan's grasp.

"Why don't you turn back around and pick up that rock that hit that melon of yours and get a better look," came his saucy reply.

Without taking his eyes off of Kit, knowing that the boy might get away again, or try something incredibly stupid, Skarzinski backed up, until he was standing over the rock. He picked it up and unwrapped the pages from it and read over the contents, realizing that the boy had the missing pieces he so desperately wanted. " Where is the rest of it?" he asked taking the pages and putting them into his own pocket.

"Not so fast, if you want the rest, then you gotta get em on my terms," said Kit as he folded his arms across his chest, daring Skarzinski to make a wrong move, almost wishing he would so he could kill him and join the rest of his family in Heaven.

"And what makes you think I will go along with what you want? I could kill you here, and still have everything I want," he said, though he knew now that he needed the boy to get the Scepter, and figure out how to work it.

"Because I know where the Scepter is, and you don't." Standing perfectly still, Kit let Skarzinski grab ahold of him, and tried not to wince as the man's hand squeezed tight around his upper arm. "Not so fast asshole," he said as he kneed him in the balls, momentarily escaping his grasp. "You leave them out of this. I'm the one yah really want."

A red haze clouded Alan's vision as he stood up, and again he grasped ahold of Kit. "That was a very stupid thing to do. I'll let you take me to my scepter, then I will kill you, and them," he said as he yanked the boy out of the tent, not realizing that his knife had fallen out of his pocket just inches away from where Evelyn was still tied up. Outside, he let Kit go, long enough to have him get on the back of his horse, then he got on behind him, giving him the reins as he reached into his other pocket and pulled out a gun. "Don't try anything stupid," he said as he held the gun to the boy's side.

Kit held his tongue, knowing that the man holding the gun to his side was truly insane and that any wrong move could end all of this at the wrong time. He didn't answer Skarzinski as they began to ride off, and as a last thought, he hoped that the big Ape and his family would go home, though in his heart he knew if they found a way they would follow him. For that reason he clicked again, making the horse move a little faster, ready to get this over with so he could go home.


With very little effort, Evelyn was able to sit down and use her foot to slide the knife within her reach. After freeing herself, she cut the bonds holding her brother, and husband, and before she could say a word, Rick's lips covered hers in a heated kiss before he pulled away to look at her. "Did he hurt you?" he asked.

Having the hands of the man who had murdered her parents on her, and just thinking about what might have happened had Kit not come in made her shutter. "No no, I'm fine," she said.

"Good, because when I get my hands on him, I'm going to enjoy killing him," Rick said as he looked around the tent for any of their belongings. "And then there's that damned nephew of mine, what the hell was he thinking?"

"Seems to me that damned nephew of yours saved our necks," Jonathan quipped as Rick turned and glared at him. For once ignoring any threat Rick might dish out, Jonathan voiced his own opinion of the situation. "I think we better leave the arguments for later, and try to find out where they are going.

"The Temple of Seth," Evie said as she came over to her brother with a small piece of the Journal. "He has the Scepter, and I think he means to use it to destroy Alan. We need to get there as fast as we can," she said, ready to take charge.

Working together they got the few supplies left to them, then outside the tent, Evelyn and Rick shared a horse, while Jonathan got on the Camel Kit had named O'Connell, and the three of them set of toward the Temple, to try and save Kit before it was too late.

Marion (pen name GiantPygmyGirl) February 24, 2004
Alan Skarzinski grabbed Kit by the collar at the scruff of the neck, yanking him hard off of the horse the two of them had been riding. "We're here." He said gruffly, the gun still in his sweaty grasp digging into Kit's temple. Ahead of them stood the Temple of Seth (Heidi, if this is not what it's called please change it to the right name and then delete what's inside the parentheses) bathed in golden sun light standing there mocking them.

"You had better watch where you're pointing that thing." Kit said smugly. "You need me to retrieve the power of the Scepter."

"If you don't shut your mouth now kid you won't have one to shut in a moment!" and with that Skarzinski moved the gun from Kit's temple to right under his chin.

A faint buzz filled Alan Skarzinski's head right as he was moving the gun under Kit's chin and he froze as a vision filled his mind. He was vaguely aware that his hands were warm, and a thick scent permeated the air, sweet and heavy. He looked down at his hands only to find they were dripping a red substance, the liquid running in tiny rivulets down his wrists and fingertips. A look of pure evil crossed his face as he rubbed his hands together, the blood coagulating and becoming sticky as the scent of it filled his nostrils. He would have the boy's blood on his hands yet, before the day came to an end.

Kit, noticing the silence and that his mother's murderer had stopped dead in his tracks, his hands clasped in front of him, pivoted slightly on the mouth of the pistol. "Hey, can't we speed it up buddy, I'm getting tired of waiting for my death."

"Ah yes, your death…" Skarzinski breathed. "Don't worry, I will kill you soon enough, and you will die just like your whore mother did."

With that Kit kneed him as hard as he could in the groin, and Skarzinski's reflexes instinctively brought his hands down to his crotch, and that was all the initiative Kit needed. In a moment of shuffling it was Kit who had the gun pointed at Alan Skarzinski, and Kit needed him for only one thing and then he could dispose of him.

Hollywood Heidi (pen name JasmineHR) July 2, 2004
Their scuffle over the gun had gotten them dangerously close to the steep incline that led to the Temple of Seth in the valley ahead of them. Another couple of inches and they would have rolled the whole way down and most likely broken their necks. Alan, still hunched on the ground, looked up in Kit's direction with murder in his eyes and a twinge of fear went through him as he came face to face with the barrel of his own gun. His expression turned to murder, but not before Kit saw the flicker of fear.

"Now that I have your attention," began Kit, his voice laced with hate, "let's you 'n me talk about something you have in your possession that is rightfully mine."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Alan spat out.

"Oh, I know you know what I'm talkin' about. Maybe a bullet in your ass will refresh your memory." Kit cocked the gun and put a little pressure on the trigger.

Alan felt another tingle of fear run down his spine at the look Kit gave him. Though he knew the little bastard had never killed anyone, he didn't doubt the kid would hesitate to kill him.

"You kill me and you'll never find the journal. You have something I want as well; the first journal. Lower the gun and we'll talk about making a trade. I'll even hand over my end of the bargain first."

Kit thought this over. The intense hate he felt had clouded his brain and he was surprised at how ready he had been to kill a man. True, the bastard did deserve to be filled with lead, but if Kit had pulled the trigger, it would have been a cold blooded killing since Alan had nothing to defend himself with and he'd have been no better than Alan. That would mean he would no longer be able to have control over the scepter since his heart would no longer be pure, but his soul could never be black enough for the other extreme type of man who could control the scepter. He was jarred out of his thoughts as Alan began to get up. Kit aimed the gun straight at Alan's still sore groin.

"Move and you'll spend the rest of your days as a eunuch." Alan froze at Kit's words. "Now, very slowly put your hands above your head and lay flat on your gut facing away from me." Alan did as he was told and Kit backed up towards Alan's horse. He held the gun in his right hand trained on Alan and stuck his other hand in the rucksack scrimmaging around. No journal there. He tried the other rucksack. Still nothing. He knew it had to be somewhere near.

"You won't find it," said the smug bastard.

"Slowly stand up and face away from me. Keep your hands where I can see them. Any sudden movements and you'll earn yourself the nickname Stubby."

Alan followed the orders and was now facing the Temple below. Kit kept the barrel in Alan's back in perfect alignment with his black heart and quickly checked him for any other weapons or the journal. He found nothing. Kit's only choice was to agree to the trade. Alan felt the pressure of the gun leave his back and heard the sound of the barrel snapping out of its loaded position. The three remaining bullets that had been in the gun were thrown far to his left rolling down and forever lost in the steep incline; the gun following to his far right. Alan gave a quick smirk of triumph at the boy's ignorant decision of giving up his weapon, then Alan slowly turned around and lowered his arms.

Kit stood with his arms akimbo. "We'll settle this like men on equal ground. No more boom stick. My journal?"

Alan gave a short nod as he made his way to his horse. Kit watched, knowing he'd check the rucksacks carefully and had found no other weapons or the journal. There's no other place he could have hidden them unless he shoved the damn thing in the… Kit looked at the horse's rump and blanched at the thought. He let out the breath he was holding when Alan past that particular part of the horse and now stood next to the saddle. Alan gave Kit a smug look before revealing the journal's secret hiding place, knowing that not even the most brilliant of detectives could have found it. He reached under the back of the saddle and pushed a trigger button that released a compartment that had been perfectly aligned with the saddle's seams. Slowly pulling out the small drawer, he removed the journal that took up most of the space and held it out to Kit. Kit looked at the journal, recognizing it as one of Evie and Jonathan's mother's. He took the rest of the torn pages from the second journal dealing with the scepter out of his pocket and handed it to Alan.

Kit opened the second journal. The first page simply read: Adinah Carnahan, Journal two. He turned the page and started to read the left page. It went over the last portion of how the scepter was activated and then into how the damn thing was destroyed. He skimmed quickly and was surprised to find that destroying the damn thing wouldn't be too difficult, just a matter of reciting an incantation and having the strength to not be lured by the incredible feeling of power. He knew he possessed the strength to ignore the lure of ruling the entire world. Too much damned work, he thought. He reached the bottom part of the page with the headline: Incantation and started to read.

Seth God of Chaos and demons,

Kit felt jarred as he stared at the first line. Shaking his head at the silly thought and he continued on.

Touch not me nor mine,

Holy shit, he thought.

Thy power I drain into this brine.

He didn't realize he had been holding his breath until he started feeling a little light headed. He quickly read over the three lines again, not believing the connection between this incantation and the story his mother had read him over and over again when he was young. He knew the whole thing by heart, word for word. He'd often times pretended to be the brave young man who saved the world from the evil amulet. He was already residing the next line in his head before he actually started reading it.

Pepper sting demon, rouge or thief,

He looked to the page on the right and continued reading.

believe that there is one man who had been subjected to the Humdai ritual. By deciphering the papyri and hieroglyphs I have found in various locals throughout Egypt, I believe the man's sarcophagus can be found in a place that has been passed off for centuries as a myth; a place that is said to also hold the wealth of Egypt as well as the book of Amun Ra…

Wait a minute, this can't be right, Kit thought. Where's the rest of the incantation? He ran a finger down the inside crease, now noticing the ragged leftover edges of a page that had been torn out. "What the hell? There's a page miss—"

He stopped mid sentence, his head shooting up as he heard the sound of a gun being cocked. He must have had the damn thing hidden in that damn drawer. "You bloody bastard! I shoulda known you didn't have the balls to handle things like a man!"