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Hollywood Heidi (pen name JasmineHR) July 2, 2004
Alan smiled triumphantly, not at all fazed by the kid's insult. "Call me what you will, but either way, I'm in control. Now," Alan grabbed the journal back from Kit, "you really won't be needing this. There's one more thing you have that I want. Where is the scepter?"

Kit so badly wanted to tell him to rot in hell, but it was important that he remain in control of his temper. He had to think fast and come up with a plan to get back in control of things. Whatever he did, he had to make sure he stayed alive to destroy the damn thing once and for all. He gave Alan a dirty look, keeping his mouth shut. Being a stubborn pain in the ass will buy him time… that is until the scepter is in Alan's hands.


Without a word, Kit turned and started towards the steep incline to the Temple.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Alan yelled, amazed at the kid's audacity to just walk away from a gun pointed at him.

Kit spun around and faced Alan, yelling. "Do you want that damn scepter or not?! If so, I suggest you shut your pie hole and follow me! It so happens I'm allergic to bullets so I really have no other choice now, do I, Sparky?" Kit whipped back around and continued on down.

Alan scowled at Kit's back. Damn smartass kid.

Rick, Evie, and Jonathan made their way through the desert, following the tracks left by Skarzinski and Kit, tracks that the winds had quickly wiped away. They continued traveling straight on in hopes that Alan and Kit didn't make any sudden turns.

In another part of the desert, Ardeth, who had recently returned to his tribe after delivering his wife and the others to safety, was leading an army of Med-jai towards the Temple of Seth in case they would be needed there. He did not think that this Skarzinski madman would make it this far in his quest, but it didn't hurt to be cautious. He'd soon find out that he had made an excellent battle strategy decision.

Kit made it to the bottom with Alan and his horse close behind. They gazed up at the great Temple, which had been constructed as huge elaborately painted walls, the entrance framed by two large statues of Seth. Like a few other temples in Egypt, this one was build without a roof so that the sun god, Amun, could shine down and illuminate the entire inside with more grandeur than all the candles of Egypt could combined.

Once again, without a word, Kit turned and walked away from the Temple towards a nearly discernable cave in the side of the steep incline. Alan followed, keeping the gun trained on Kit.

"That's far enough," said Alan. "Tell me where it is and don't make any sudden movements."

Kit crossed his arms and took his damn sweet time making any movements. He had only a precious few moments left and then there'd be no reason for Skarzinski to keep him around.

"Well? Talk dammit! Where is it?"

Kit rolled his eyes and flicked a hand towards the rock in the corner of the cave. "As you can see, Sparky, there's no place in this cave to hide anything besides behind that rock, so unless it's up your ass, my guess is it may be in a rucksack behind that there rock that's shaped like your head," he finished with a slow drawl.

Alan gave him a seething look and walked towards the rock, keeping his eyes and gun on Kit. He reached down and retrieved the rucksack, dumping the contents on the ground. The flashlight hit the rock solid ground with a crash, sending the scepter out of its hiding place. Alan picked it up, using his shirt to clean the dirt from the scepter. "I want to make sure you're not playing me for a fool. Outside," he demanded. He needed better lighting to read the two short lines to see if the scepter would give off the light.

Once outside by the entrance of the Temple, Alan pulled out the journal page with the two simple lines and put them to memory. He awkwardly held the scepter in both hands, his right hand still holding on to the gun pointed at Kit. "A heart of black I do possess, Show me the light in the color of red."

The scepter gave a small shake as a bright red light more powerful and brighter than anything he'd ever seen before shot out of the top of the scepter into the sky, higher than the human eye could see. Both Skarzinski and Kit were so in awe of its beauty that they did not notice Alan's horse take off back up the incline in fright nor the dark clouds beginning to form above the valley.

Evie looked over Rick's shoulder and smoothed his scowl with her hand. "Don't worry, Rick. We'll find him."

Rick gave a half-hearted smile to Evie. "I feel like I've let my sister down. I can't let anything happen to that kid. He's my only link to my family."

"You won't let her down. Everything will work out for the better. You'll see. Just keep your faith." She rested her cheek against his back and he closed his eyes, drawing from the strength of her love and faith as she hugged him tighter. Just then, a bright red light shot up into the sky, followed by dark clouds forming near it.

Jonathan brought the camel to a halt. "Um people… I spy with my little eye, a red light brighter than the sun glinting off a ruby." He'd gotten Rick and Evie's attention and they gaped at the sight before them. "I say, you don't suppose it may be a giant ruby?" His eyes lit up at that thought. Just then, a horse with no riders came bolting up an incline, Skarzinski's horse to be exact.

"It's them!" With a whip of the reins, Rick, Evie, and Jonathan headed full speed towards the red light.

Ardeth and his men traveled in slow silence towards the Temple of Seth. He was in deep thought thinking of his wife and hoping all was well with his family when his concentration was broken by a murmur that quickly grew to loud shouts. He looked towards their destination and saw what had caused the commotion.

"It can't be! How did he make it there so quickly? This man is more danger than we thought." He looked towards his men and gave the order to ride as if Seth were on their tails, which he soon could very well be.

Shaking himself out of his daze, Alan took his right hand away from the scepter. As soon as the one hand was removed, the light was gone and the clouds dispersed. He looked to Kit with a smile of triumph and with the images of Kit's blood on his hands. "And now, the moment we've been waiting for." He cocked the gun, feeling disappointed that Kit gave him a look of defiance. Not even a glimmer of fear. "Well now, you're no fun. Surely you're scared of dying?"

Kit glared at him. "No. I have nothing here to live for, nobody waiting for me, at least not here in life. I look forward to seeing my family again, most of whom you have sent to their current place."

Alan gave a sigh and shrugged a shoulder. Oh well. He wouldn't enjoy killing him as much, but it would feel good to wipe the smug little bastard off the face of the Earth. He cocked the gun and took aim at Kit's heart. The sound of fast approaching hoofs took away his attention from the task at hand and he realized he'd have to take a different approach, thanks to the damned intruders. Kit would be his hostage, so he'll stay alive…for now.

Penny - February 3, 2006
Scarzinski grabbed Kit by the collar, yanking him back toward the cave. "Get your ass inside, you little bastard and keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you," he threatened. "Otherwise you end up dead quicker than I planned."

"Just cause you got the scepter don't mean you can use it without it being consecrated." Scarzinski shoved him inside and glared wide eyed at the seventeen year old, who gave him a look of smug defiance. "Keep yuckin' it up, Dipshit. See if you get diddly squat," Kit grumbled under his breath.

"What the hell are you talkin' about?! I got the scepter and that's all I need!"

"Riiight! And I got balls, but that don't make me a Babe Ruth, Shitferbrains! You can't use your Joy Stick unless it's been consecrated first you dumbass," he snapped back, remembering his mother's story.

Carrie Anne O'Malley shook her head. "No you wouldn't, my sweet angel. You would have fought the warlock and temptation, too. Because you know right from wrong and what the amulet was whispering was wrong in every sense of the word and just like you, the young man knew it. He couldn't let the evil win. So under the watchful eye of the warlock, he tricked him into letting him into his shrine, telling the warlock that for him to give him the amulet, the alter had to be made ready and a spell had to be spoken.

The hair danced on the back of his neck when he saw the hint of confusion in Scarzinski's eyes. Just maybe this would work, then he'd kill that smug bastard and not look back, while God sorted it all out. "You can't do it, you don't know what to do. I doub't you could pour piss out of a boot with the directions wrote on the heel, let alone consecrate the alter and the scepter."

The man glared back at him. "And I suppose you can, you little bastard?"

Kit gave him a confidant look that would have made even Rick O'Connell sit up and take notice. If you look in that journal, you'll read that the alter has to be made ready and guess what, Dipshit? DUH! The page ain't there!"

Alan Scarzinski quickly flipped through the pages, growling when he did indeed find pages missing from the jounal. He glared back at Kit who held up a finger and tsked him, when Scarzinski pointed the gun at his head. "Ut-uh! I wouldn't do that if I was you. Kill me and that scepter ain't worth shit, Bubba," he smirked. "Kill me...and it'll never work."

"It did work. The red light..."

"So what?" Kit asked, twisting up his mouth, looking bored when he used the alter to lean his butt against. "You got a red light. Big deal. Without it bein' consecrated, the only thing you can do with it is use it as a beacon on top of a whorehouse to advertise."

Madness swam just under the surface of Scarzinski's eyes and Kit felt a chill looking into them, but he refused to let the man see he was worried. He knew if he didn't stop him here and now, he'd kill again and the next time, he would have the power of the scepter to back him up. "So whatcha gonna do, Shitferbrains? Be a pimp or rule the world?"

Scarzinski growled. "DO IT NOW DAMMIT!"

Kit cocked an eyebrow at him. "Yeah and what do I get in return?"

"I'll kill you quick, you little sonuvabitch."

"And that's a good thing how?" he answered giving him a yawn.

When Scarzinski cocked the gun, Kit held up his hands. "Okay! Shit! Keerist man. Screw ya if you can't take a joke." He looked around for his rucksack and slowly walked over to it. Lifting it he carried it back over to the alter and sat it down and began to root through it.

"GET IT DONE NOW GODAMMIT!" Scarzinski growled again.

"Where the hell are they?" Rick snapped looking around, searching the ground for any sign of tracks.

"We must have missed them," Ardeth called back. "Spread out!" he yelled to his warriors as he rode back toward Rick and Jonathan.

Inside the cave Kit pulled out an old t-shirt and wiped the top of the alter off, frowning as he looked at the picture carved in the stone. It was the same as the one behind the alter.

The walls of the temple depicted two different scenes. One of a man holding the scepter with what appears to be a red glow coming from the top. Seth is standing in front of the man, offering him the symbol for eternal life; the ankh. The other, a man holding the same scepter, but with what appears to be a white glow coming out of the top. This man is being observed by many of the other Egyptian gods; Osiris, Isis, and Horus, just to name a few, but these gods do not interfere or offer temptations.

His eyes rested on Horus and he thought for a second it might be a trick of the light, but the young god looked damned smug to him for some reason, when he thought of the counter curse that had been placed on the scepter. Uh-huh. He remembred that story too.

Horus had fought Seth in a forty year battle and finally banished his uncle to the desert for the murder of his father, Osiris. He'd bet his last nickle it was Horus, that had placed that counter curse on the scepter. Mmm-hmm. Yeah buddy, he thought, rubbing the cloth over the alter stone again, before he dropped it next to the rucksack, to begin fishing inside of it once more.


Kit kept his head down. Yeah, he thought. I'll hurry you on your way to hell. "Yeah, yeah!," he told him, still rooting inside the rucksack. "Keep your drawers on, Junior. Sheesh! The nerve of some peoples kids." He pulled out two small sacks and straightened up, keeping his back to Scarzinski, while he opened the sacks and dipped a hand in each.

"What's that?!" Scarzinski demanded when Kit spun around and hit him in the eyes with a handful of pepper, causing him to scream in pain and drop the scepter and the gun at the same time.


"YOU LITTLE SONUVABITCH!" he screamed making a lunge for Kit who sidestepped and hit him in the eyes with a handful of salt.


"I"LL KILL YOU!" he screamed again as Kit dodged out of the way and behind the alter.

"I MEAN IT FOR THIS SILL AND DOOR, AND ALL THIS LAND FOREVERMORE. I SAY THESE WORDS MY SPELL TO WIND. AND WITH THIS SPELL, THIS LAND I BIND." He ducked out the other side when Scarzinski came after him, and made a mad dash for the scepter. "SO HE WHO STEALS IT, THOUGH FAR AWAY, WILL HAVE NO REST BY NIGHT OR DAY. AND ONCE HE'S BOUND, WHEN WE SHALL SEE," he cried out grabbing the scepter in his hands and holding it up defiantly.


Alan Scarzinski screamed curses and lunged again, only to go sprawling to the rock floor below, while Kit held the scepter above him.

It hummed in his hands and he could feel the barely controlled power as it ran up his arms. It was a rush of power that promised him he could do anything, and he glared down at the man reaching for the gun...the man that had murdered his parents and grandfather in cold blood and his hatred for the man magnified.

"Kill him. take the power for your ssself," the voice hissed in his head. Kit whimpered, as the pain in his head, felt like it would split his skull open.

"ARDETH!" Ibn Fadlahn, Ardeth's Second in Command yelled, pointing toward the rocky outcropping. "LOOK!"

Heads turned to see the sands rise in a circular sandstorm surrounding it. Turning their horses, they raced toward it as lightning bold struck the top of the outcropping, causing they earth around it to shake and begin to split open, as the power of Seth was unleashed.

Rick leaned forward over his horse's neck, pushing the animal for greater speed, when he kicked him in the flanks. "Come on! Come on! Dammit. I'm going to loose him!" He said a silent prayer to any god that happened to be listening at the time and raced forward, praying he could get there in time.

Scarzinski would be so easy to kill. His eyes filled with tears as he thought again of his family and his mother's words came back to him."No you wouldn't, my sweet angel. You would have fought the warlock and temptation, too. Because you know right from wrong and what the amulet was whispering was wrong in every sense of the word and just like you, the young man knew it."

Instead of looking at Scarzinski who grabbed the gun, Kit stared up at the scepter, speaking the counter curse. "My heart is pure and possesses no evil! Show me the light in the color of white!" he cried out as a white light shot upwards, illuminating the walls and ceilings around him in a brilliance unequaled to anything he'd ever seen.

As Rick, Jonathan and Ardeth dismounted on the other side of the swirling wall of sand, a shot rang out inside the cave. Again the ground shook, and this time the roar of wind grew louder, keeping them at bay.

Inside, Kit staggered and fell back against the wall and slid down. Funny, he thought, he'd aways thought it would hurt when he died, but he just felt numb and a little cold. He looked down at the front of his shirt and gave a tiny frown. "Mom'll be pissed when she sees this shirt," he barely murmured.

The inside of the chamber trembled and quaked, as rocks began to fall from above. He heard a scream and then something that sounded like bones breaking. He looked down once more, this time he shivered. Damn he was cold. "Sokay. I'll be home soon," he whispered. It was getting hard to breath and he was so tired. The last concious thought he had, was he could hear his Mom singin' in the church choir.

"My latest sun is sinking fast
My race is nearly run
My Longest trials now are past
My triump has begun."
"Oh come angel band
Come and around me stand
Bear me away on your snow white wings
To my immortal home
Oh bear me away on your snow white wings
To my immortal home..."

It was a grim looking group that waited outside the healer's hut in the MedJai village for the next few hours on word about Kit. The only good news they'd had so far was about Nefret and Asyria. Asyria would be fine and her arm would heal without complications and her mother was doing much better.

Kit on the other hand was still unconcious and probably would be for a while. When Scarzinski had shot him, the bullet had hit him in the chest and nicked a lung before it exited out his back. The healer hadn't given them good news and it left Rick to pace quietly when Evy worried as she sat with Jonathan and Gabrielle.

Alex like his father was uncommonly quiet and it was Ibn that finally took him off to sit and speak with him. At 6 foot 4 inches and 224 pounds, Ibn could be an imposing figure at best, but even he had a soft side and it showed when he sat Alex down outside of his tent.

"I said I hated him," Alex said quietly, looking over his shoulder at where his parents and Uncle Jon sat waiting. "I didn't really mean it, Tiny," he said, using the nickname Rick had given the big warrior.

"Sometimes we all say things, we do not mean, Little Brother. What matters is, is that we are man enough to admit it. I know you are scared. I know your parents and Jon are as well, but he is young and he was strong enough to vanquish Seth and destroy the evil inside of the scepter. I believe he will live and grow strong again, Little Brother. Wait and see."

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