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Chapter: Counting Down

Story: The 144th Hour

"Let's start."

These few words did two things. One, it indicated a small light, ignited in the midst of the dark forest that had grown dense and packed with bunched trees. And two, it sent an unsolvable illusion to those blue orb eyes that remained dull and gray underneath the black sky.

Tossing his light brown hair behind his back, he turned, eyes mocking the scenery and lips curled into a nonchalant smirk. A small speck of glitter showed the other man that he was undoubtedly listening.

Taking a step closer to the brown-haired, "You haven't come to disappoint me have you?"

A soft chuckle echoed lightly. "Maa, you haven't learned how to greet your best, Atobe-san."

The other grinned. "And I see you haven't lost your cunning timidity. Very well put."

"Mm, no worries," was the reply of acknowledgement as blue eyes narrowed, the evil glare reflected upon a cruel smile that defied the righteous. "He's dead."

Laughter showered, imagery mirrored within Atobe's eyes.

"Perfect," he responded. "Perfect. Absolutely perfect." He pointed to the sky, head still tilted back from his previous joy. He shouted, "So what now, Tamadachi-kun, where's your mockery now! You old fool, no one beats me! No one!"

"His death," the blue eyed man tagged along, "is the only thing that listens to your voice now."

Atobe nodded in deep thought, his smile brightly spread across his face. "Yes, of course," he admitted. "Gone, is the word. Wonderful."

He continued, stepping so close to his accompanier that they could start to feel each other's hot breath. "You did well, Fuji-kun. You gave me great news today." He lifted an arm and caressed the soft skin of Fuji's neck; another hand clasped over his, the head tilted to the left for more warmth.

"I never fail you."

"That's right, you never," Atobe clasped the hips of the other man and yanked him in, tightening his grip around Fuji's small body. Breathing across his left cheek, "So what do you say, do you want…more?"

Fuji slid his fingers across Atobe's upper arm, his thumb tucking into the armpits. A beautifully crafted smile that resembled eager vicious cruelty immediately carved upon his pale-skinned face. "Ah, another mission?"

Atobe nodded, this time nibbling Fuji's ear, his tongue seeking entrance within the earlobe.

Enjoying the ticking, Fuji whispered into his ears, "Who's next?"

Pulling away slightly, Atobe fingered the smooth lips in front of him, inching closer toward the soft intakes of breath he felt from Fuji. His pointer yearned intrusion into Fuji's mouth, which was easily given. In the event, he forcibly plucked in two fingers, grabbing onto his neck with one swift, rough action. Pressing his body closer to Fuji's, Atobe tightened his left hand grip of the thin neck, jerking the head back, and moved his fingers inner and inner, down a wet throat that it possibly made Fuji choke.

Saliva running down his skin, Fuji shot open his eyes, wide and vulnerable, and held his grasp upon Atobe's arms.

"Your next target," Atobe said as he bit the upper portion of Fuji's exposed neck, "is much more sly and fairly irreducible as he is known." He pressed his body closer, entangling his legs with Fuji's until he could feel the upper skin between his thighs. Fuji gasped at the touch.

Atobe smirked at his reaction.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu."

Atobe continued. "That's his name. Don't forget how you've always done it. Take things easy, slow and steady. Time yourself and make sure you've got everything right. Seduce and kill."

Hardening, Atobe withdrew his fingers, covered in saliva and blood. As Fuji choked, small drips of red colored-liquid trickled down the edges of his lips. The next cough, a splatter of blood stained the ground. Atobe smirked at the boy in front of him, this would be fun, he thought.

"You've got 6 days," he stated, making sure that his grip on the neck was still in effect. "At the 144th hour, make sure you're back here for report. And it better be good. You hear me?"

Fuji choked, he could sense the blood within him rise. With little strength, he nodded assuring the man.

He struggled with a bit of mockery in his actions. Things Fuji had become used to, this time, Atobe was going a bit too far, but that only showed how serious he is about getting this certain person killed. That would only put more pressure, make things a bit harder, but it would be interesting.

As it always had been in the past, it would only be delightful to slowly and surely, kill a man.

"Good," Atobe smiled, a merry grin plastered on his face as he inhaled the insides of Fuji's mouth.

Deeper and deeper he went, all the way through as if tearing apart everything Fuji had inside, his taste, his mind, and his soul. Everything. And in the end, there was nothing left but a loveless spirit wandering in the mist of darkness.

This is only the beginning, the spark of dawn that adjusts the story panels.

Yes, this is the fateful story, the story told to children by their grandparents, the stories that made their way into the public library, the endless nights of sleepless dreams, the passion driven by a couple at the sidewalk. This is such a story, known and unknown, seen and unseen, heard and unheard, but such a story too sorrowful and too loving to disperse, lives only in the grieving heart of one man.

And that man alone, that man who shares this story inside and out, from the beginning to the end, can only do so much as let his loved one die in bloody tears that shed a flood within his mending heart.

There's so much that love can do, so much it can give, yet so much it can take away. Unimaginable is the strength of this word. Beyond what the eye can see is the power of love.

So precious is this love to that man that in the end, love would be as distant as it was before. In the end, it will turn its face and becoming so deadly, wound his heart.

No, their hearts, that's him…and him.

Hence, here is the story of two men, two people who had never known each other, but in just a flash of time, their lives entangled in extreme emotions of joy, panic, grief, care, and mourn. Never in history has there been a love as great a bond as this. So strong and so durable, the strings that enwraps them remains indestructible even until today.

This story, thus only lasts less than a week. Six days, only six; not less, not more, but six, because in six days do the two meet and love, and then do their love die.

6 days, 144 hours, let's start…

Counting now.

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