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Vampires are only supposed to be a fictional creature to frighten silly gullible people. Really, my mother used to tell me stories tried to scare me in to submission. As I grew older I came to believe no such creature existed…… Boy, you don't know how wrong I was. I came to realize that I had been wrong, that they were not myths or stories on the night that I died. They were the beautiful undead, seductive and forbidden, unable to walk during the day and woke to a hunger so demanding it nearly drove most new vampires crazy.

I found this out first hand when I awoke in a very dark, dark windowless room with the one who had killed me. His red pinwheel eyes staring down at me as he leaned directly over me. My mouth felt dry, my lips felt swollen. I tried to sit up but was overwhelmed with weakness so sharp it hurt. I tried to speak but found it hurt to even try. He smirked at my pain, enjoying it. Bastard.

"You won't be able to do anything until I let you drink form me." His eyes glazed slightly as he cut himself, the crimson blood surfaced sluggishly and crawled down his arm as I watched, a sudden hunger awaking in me. The damnable hunger that would drive me nearly insane for blood from that time on. Disgust followed this hunger. I was top Medic Nin in Konoha, second to no one except the fifth Hokage; I should not be craving such things as blood! I should not need it to survive. I was top medic nin and now a vampire. Surprisingly I was not as shocked or scared or excited about waking up as a Vampire, just disgusted. I knew some stuff about vampires, but didn't know if any of it was true.

He lowered his arm to my mouth for I was too weak to sit up. The first few drops were like burning fire, but after his blood became like water to a parched person who had been in the desert for weeks. It was glorious. I could feel my self become alive. I felt another need race through me. A need for him to touch me, to feel his skin against mine, a need so strong I was nearly overtaken by it. He watched me as I sucked at his arm. His other hand sliding down my body, cupping one of my breasts before sliding to my stomach and then lower. My eyes flew open and I pushed him away. This was so not happening, he was my enemy.

"Don't touch me you sick bastard!" I glared at him from the bed I had been lying on.

"I am not the one with blood on my mouth; beside you need to finish feeding, you are not to your full strength yet." He made his way back over to me and held out his arm. "You will need to feed from me for another three nights, so don't think of fleeing from me, you will die …again, if you do."

I glared up at him as I grabbed hold of his arm and brought it to my mouth, my need not quite satisfied. Again as I began to drink his blood, the other need rushed through me shaking me to the core. I let go of his wrist, pulled his face to mine and crushed his lips to mine. He hungrily licked the blood off of my lips after we parted for mere seconds, I ran my hands up and down his chest and back and in to his hair as he explored my neck with his mouth. I could feel his fangs brush the side of my sensitive neck, I shivered in delight. I was about to pull him on top of me, when the reasoning part of my mind reared its head.

"Let go of me…Itachi, Stop!" I pushed at him, and he not expecting it, when flying into the wall. It surprised me. Before I had died I was barely able to throw Naruto over my shoulder, and now without even trying I had thrown Itachi into the wall… and it was not at all like me to start making out with a guy I barely knew, especially one who had killed me. Wow, I guess more was changing in me than I thought. That thought scared me much more than anything else had that fateful week.

"What is wrong with me?" I asked out loud.

"You are experiencing what every new vampire does." Itachi had gotten up from where I had thrown him. He didn't look at all fazed, beside the fact that there was a dent in the wall where he had landed. "Don't think you'll get away with that again."

He was suddenly in front of me. I backed up on the bed.

"Do all new ones what to fuck with the vampire that turned them?" I glared at him for what seem to be the thousandth time that night. "Stay over there…."

He seemed amused at the question. I don't know how I knew he was amused; nothing was shown on his face as he began to explain the answer to my question. I could feel it in my head, his amusement; I also knew he was a bit angry at the interruption of our make out session. He was still a bit turned on as well, which amused me and frighten me.

"When a vampire feeds it is a sexual experience, for both the vampire and victim, Sakura." Itachi leaned on to the bed, his long black hair spilling over his shoulders, "You are always going to want to fuck every time you feed." I stared at him; I was trap by him for three days. I had to avoid having sex with him for three days. I had to some how get back to Konoha. Or would I? How would they react to my change?

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