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I was willing to bet Sasuke would not like to hear my story. I did not have time to tell it either.

"Not now, Naruto, we'll have to tell him later." I would not munch on my friends, I had to leave and I did. Hey, I'm a ninja after all. We're known for our speed. Naruto had offered to feed me, but I do not know if there were any other side affects on the humans I feed on beside the sexual ones. I didn't want to find out. I sped through Konoha yet again.

I had a half hour to feed and be home before I would collapse in a dead sleep. My victim looked similar to the one from earlier. The stench was the same. But the blood fed my hunger. I would not make it to my house by dawn. The closest of my friends was Ino's house, but she was staying with Chouji for the night. I made it through her window and collapsed into her closet, still weary of the sun. Yesterday could have been some sort of fluke.

I awoke to Ino's mother leaning over me, her bright blue orbs reflecting worry. I nearly had a heart attack.

"Ah hello, I found you, I was here looking for Ino and found you half in her closet half on the floor. So I brought you to her bed. Is she all right? She hardly comes to see me anymore. Since she moved out I barely see my own daughter. Anyways enough of my rant, are you okay? What were you doing in Ino's closet? Do you know where she is?"

I answer her question one at a time, I didn't know if Ino's mom knew she was sleeping with Chouji so I lied and I said I didn't know where she was. I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. Me, Sakura, who used to be so honest. Heh, yeah right. I wasn't fooling any one.

I escaped only with a promise to come to dinner some time and to bring Ino. I sighed; now back to my house to explain to Sasuke. Oh joy. I wondered if I should just run away. Things were getting complicated. But no, that wouldn't solve anything.

The moonlight filtered the darkness, lighting my path somewhat. I sense a dark shadow beside me, keeping up with my sprint. Emotions flooded my head. I turned to face the moonlit Itachi. Arousal, anger, and weariness seeped from him.

"Hello, again, my little escapee."

"Itachi, how did you get into Konoha with out being spotted?"

He was silent.

I growled and turned to leave only to feel him follow me. He followed me all the way home.

As he caught sight of my house he chuckled darkly, not bothering to hide it knowing I could feel his amusement.

"Your house matches your state. A vampire in a Victorian. Very typical."

"Sorry, but Konoha was all out of bat caves." He seemed to find this entirely too funny and chuckled more; it wasn't laughter but something close. He followed me into my thankfully empty house.

"So has any one found out about your condition, Sakura?" He stood in my dinning room, I noticed the boys had picked up the wreck, but it still looked like a war zone. "What happened here?"

"Why is that any of your business?" I looked up at him angrily.

"Its not." Was the answer I got.

"Good of you to notice."

"But I am your master and I wish to know. You could endanger us all."

"I know what I'm doing."

"Hmmm, if only I believed you."

"Shut up and leave."

He stood and crossed the room to stand directly in front of me. His hand gripped my chin.

"You are as lovely as ever, was this wreckage cause by some jealous boys, perhaps? Or some jealous girl getting revenge?"

I tried to back away from him, but he held my chin in a firm grip. "Ngh…Itachi, let go now!"

"Answer me; did my younger brother do this?"

"Partly… why do you want to know so badly?"

"Has he found out about your…. change?"

I glared up at him defiantly. If he wouldn't answer me, I wouldn't answer him. He growled.

"You will answer me, Sakura…"

"You will answer me Itachi…." I mimicked. His eyes went blank and he dropped me. I was too surprised to complain. I was even more surprised when he answered me.

"I turned you to hurt him; if he knows then I have accomplished this…"

He blinked once then stared at me shock poring off him in waves. I became angry… but still a bit confused. I don't like being confused.

His mask was back in place as he turned to walk out of the room. I got up. Oh hell no, he wasn't leaving till I had some answers. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back to me. He looked down at me; anger was his dominate emotion now. I looked up at him his lips parted as we stared at each other. The old attraction between us was still there.

"No one has ever forced an answer out of me… not even my parents…" His finger traced my bottom lip. "It's been a while, hasn't it Sakura?" He leaned down and brushed his lips with mine.

"Why do you want to hurt Sasuke?" his arrogant smirk crossed his handsome face. He did not answer. He only kissed me again. This time I returned it. I pulled him in for more. He pulled away for breath then captured my lips again. His tongue invaded my mouth over and over again. He pulled away from my lips and nibbled his way down my neck.

"Itachi…" I gasped as his wandering hand found my breast. He squeezed one while his other hand crept into my hair. I moaned into his lips as his captured mine again. He lifted me to wrap my legs around his waist bring my core against his erection. I gasped and he moaned against my ear. I rubbed against it with my core and watched his face through lidded eyes.

His mouth came open and he moaned my name lowly. We had waited too long for this. I forgot my reasons for not wanting him to do this. I wanted nothing more then for him to take me.

"Please Itachi…" I moaned. He nodded and we found ourselves upstairs and in my room. He laid me on my bed and removed his cloak. I watched him as he stripped out of his black clothes. When he peeled his black shirt off, I squealed inside. His body was that of a Greek god. He smirked as my eyes widen when his hands went to his pants he undid the first button.

I sat up and reached for him. My hands slid up his from his stomach to his chest and then his shoulders as he leaned don to kiss me slowly so slowly. I mumbled his name when his lips moved to my neck again. His hands grasped my shirt and pulled it up over my head. He stared down at my bound breast with intensity.

He looked up at me then towards the door way. We both watched as Ino came through the door. She stopped and blushed and backed out the way she came.

"Shit!" I crawled out from beneath Itachi. Itachi sighed and lay down on the bed as if to say he'd wait for me to get back.

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