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The Awakening


Padme gazed deeply into his eyes, as his lips slowly descended upon hers. He was now her husband and they would be forever tied together. She knew what they had done was dangerous, for his career especially. But no matter how wrong those around them said it was, it was right in their hearts. Their lips parted and they held each other close, as they watched the sun dip below the horizon. It's orange glow was cast on the water of the lake and the soft breeze wafted through their hair.

"I love you Anakin," Padme gazed up at him, into his ocean blue pools.

"I love you too Padme and I will forever," he replied, as he angled his mouth over hers in another soul searing kiss. Padme clung to him, afraid that if she let go, he'd disappear. And she knew that he soon would.

"You...have to leave in the morning, don't you?" she asked hesitantly, dreading the answer that she knew would be affirmative.

"Let's not think about when I have to leave. For tonight, all that matters is you and me," Anakin replied, as he kissed her again. Slanting her head, she slowly parted her lips, allowing his silky tongue to invade her mouth. Padme moaned softly, as the kiss deepened and she felt her knees go weak. Anakin carefully lifted her into his arms and carried her to her their bedroom, where they would consummate their marriage and give themselves completely to one another...

By the next evening, Padme was alone. Anakin had been forced to return to Coruscant for assignment right away. She sniffed and wiped her tears away. She didn't want her husband to be off to war, maybe never to return. Last night, she had been in heaven and as she felt the soreness between her legs, she wondered how it was that she was even able to stand today, let alone walk. Anakin had loved her three more times after their first time together. They both knew their time was short and it drove their need and passion to be together. By now, she had memorized his scent, his taste, and the feel of him. His face was etched in her mind, printed on her heart and his kiss was burning on her lips. She shivered, despite the balmy summer temperature. She was cold...cold without him.

Ten days ago, she was just fine with focusing on her career for the rest of her life. She didn't really see the need for a love life, though deep down, she knew she desired one. But then Anakin came back into her life and she had fallen hard for him. She knew that she could never live without him, so she decided to return to work as soon as possible. She had to keep busy, else worry herself to death about him. And if there was anything she could do in the Senate to end this war faster and bring him home, she would do it...

Palpatine smiled, an inhuman glint flashing in his eyes. His loyal servant, captain Panaka, had just shared a privileged piece of information with him. One that was only supposed to be known to the Queen and those close to her. But what Jamilla and Amidala didn't realize, was that captain Panaka was loyal only to him. This information would be very useful to him indeed. Skywalker had lost control when he found his mother in the Tuskan camp. He had touched the dark side and now Palpatine wanted that sheer power to serve him. A few nights ago, when he had consulted his visions of the future, he had foreseen the boy's fall. He would fall , because of his desire to save her. It would be so pitifully easy to turn him. Palpatine mused on this, as he decided to consult his visions again to see how best to proceed next.

It started out dark, as most of his visions did. But he noticed many differences right away. This was an entirely new vision, one he had not seen before. He saw himself, much older and weathered striking Force lightning into a boy, who was writhing on the floor in pain. The boy bore a strong resemblance to Anakin...

"Anakin's son," he deduced. Then, there was a very tall figure in black suit and mask. He heard a controlled his of breathing, indicating a respirator. He reached out with his senses to determine the identity of this man. He sensed that it was Anakin and realized that something must have injured him gravely to require such a suit. He sensed the light and dark emotions wrestling within his Sith apprentice.

"Father...PLEASE!" the boy begged and cried. The Sith Lord looked at his master and did something that Palpatine did not see coming. He picked up his master, the future version of himself, and thrust him over the railing and into the abyss below. Anakin had returned to the light...

Palpatine awoke from the vision, seething angrily. So, he would lose years of careful planning and work to a Sith Lord returning to the light. It was acceptable and expected that an apprentice would one day kill his master. It was the way of the Sith. But it was NOT acceptable for the apprentice to turn back to the light. How wretched fate was! He wanted...no he needed the chosen one as his apprentice. No one else had power like that. But if he turned Anakin, then he would eventually only succeed in causing the Sith order to die out completely due to his future apprentice's treachery. No, he couldn't turn Anakin. But who was powerful enough to carry out his bidding? Palpatine put his head in his hands and leaned over his desk. Then, a thought struck him.

"Not who is powerful enough...but who would eventually be powerful enough?" Palpatine said, as a sinister plan began forming in his head. He cackled at the pure brilliance of it. Skywalker and Amidala would most certainly procreate. If he could find a way to steal the embryo from its mother's womb without her knowledge, the Kaminoans would take care of the rest for him. He cackled at the evilness of the whole plan. He would have a Skywalker as an apprentice...it just wouldn't be Anakin...