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The Awakening


Sola held the baby, still in awe of the story that Anakin and Padme had just told she and Jobal. Brian wriggled and cooed in his aunt's arms.

"He's beautiful," Sola said, as she carefully handed him back to his mother. It had been almost a week since Endor and they had returned to Naboo just last night. Brian began to fuss and Padme picked up his bottle. He hungrily accepted the nipple and began to eat. Padme giggled.

"He certainly eats like his daddy," she told her husband. Anakin chuckled.

"Well, he is a growing boy," Anakin said, as he smoothed his fingers through the baby's soft patch of sandy brown hair.

"Well, it's getting late in the day. Sola and I will start dinner. Will you be staying Mr. Solo?" Jobal asked. Han looked at Leia and she smiled back. There was definitely no where else he'd rather be.

"Yes maim," Han replied.


Later that night, Anakin leaned against the door way of the nursery, listening to his beautiful wife sing a lullaby to their son. Brian was fast asleep in just a few moments and Padme leaned down to kiss his head. Anakin came up beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and peered down at their sleeping son. Padme picked up the baby monitor and Anakin leaned down to kiss him, before they went across the hall to their bedroom.


Anakin sensually kissed her neck, as she brushed out her long, chestnut curls. She giggled.

"That tickles," she scolded. But that certainly didn't stop him. Rather, it only urged him to continue such ministrations. She gasped, as she felt his tongue poke out, leaving wet kisses in its wake. His hands traveled along her body, touching her through her nightgown. Padme surrendered into his strong arms, as he swept her into his arms and carried her to bed...


One year later...

Much had happened in the year since the fall of the Empire. The Skywalker family had been busy helping to rebuild the Jedi Order and re-establish the Republic. However, Anakin and Padme were content in letting Luke and Leia take control, as they enjoyed raising Brian. Many had wanted Padme to run for Chancellor, but she declined in favor of her daughter running. She was happy being a part time advisor to her and a full time wife and mother. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Luke worked to re-establish the Order. The Queen of Naboo had approved their petition to locate the new temple on Naboo and ground breaking would begin soon. Today was the one year anniversary since the death of Palpatine and a huge celebration in Theed would be taking place. Anakin watched fondly, as his one-year-old son played in his room with his blocks. His son looked up and grinned at his father. Anakin knelt down and held his arms out.

"Come on big guy," Anakin said. Brian pulled himself and clumsily toddled into Anakin's arms. Anakin lifted him up and kissed his cheek.

"Let's go find mommy," Anakin said.

"Mama," Brian said.

"Yep, let's go find mama," Anakin replied.

A year ago, Anakin and Padme would have never guessed that they could have been more blessed than they already were. The Force had chosen to give their son back to them and then it chose to give them a daughter. Padme finished dressing their nine-week-old daughter in a little pink dress. It would be her very first outing and Padme was looking forward to taking her children out to show them off. Anakin walked in with Brian, as she picked up their tiny daughter. Padme kissed her blonde haired head and smiled at her husband.

"Ani, can you take Anna while I get Brian ready?" Padme asked.

"Of course," Anakin replied, as he accepted his baby girl and handed over Brian to Padme.

"Mama," Brian said. Padme kissed his cheek.

"Hi baby," she cooed.

"Hi little angel," Anakin said, as Anna wrapped her tiny hand around his finger. She whimpered and cooed at her father, as he cradled her. Anakin took Anna into the living area, where Luke, Leia, and Han were waiting. They all gathered around Anakin to peer down at little Anna. Padme came out with Brian and the family headed for the marina.


They arrived in Theed soon, where Obi-Wan met them. They both hugged Ob-Wan, before putting Brian and Anna in the double hover stroller. The Skywalker family and friends then headed into town for the big celebration. The Gungan bands marched through the city, playing festive music. People celebrated and danced, as streamers and confetti wafted through the air. The Skywalker family was welcomed on the palace steps by the Queen. They were hailed by the people, for they were the ones at the forefront of the Empire's defeat and the rebuilding of the Republic. Anakin lifted Brian up and put him on his shoulders, so his little boy could see all the festivities. Brian clapped his hands excitedly, as the colors and sounds around him held his attention and excited him. Padme held Anna, as the infant looked around in wonder at all the movement and colors. The celebration lasted well into the night, still going strong even in the late hours. By then, both Brian and Anna were fast asleep in the hover stroller. Anakin and Padme casually walked to their speeder. Obi-Wan had headed back to the lake house ahead of them, while their two oldest children and Han were still celebrating. They placed Brian and Anna in their speeder seats and strapped them in. They were both exhausted and they barely stirred. As Anakin and Padme got into the speeder, they were in no hurry to leave right away. The faint sounds of celebrating echoed behind them, as they gazed up at the star blanketed sky. Padme leaned against Anakin and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers tenderly. Padme tilted her head, moving her lips passionately over her husband's. The deeply passionate kiss broke and they gazed fondly into each other's eyes.

"I never imagined I could be so happy. I never imagined that we could be more blessed than we were with Luke and Leia. And then, the Force gave us Brian and Anna," Padme said.

"The Force blessed us, but it was our love that saved us both from a much worse fate," Anakin replied, as he caressed her cheek.

"I love you Anakin...so much," Padme said passionately.

"I love you too angel. I've loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and I'll love you for eternity," Anakin replied.

"And I, you, my love," she said passionately, as their lips met again in a soul searing kiss. The Force had been brought back into balance by their love and the galaxy flourished in the light of the Force again and peace reigned. A peace that was created by the incredible love between two extraordinary people. A love so powerful, true, an unconditional that it transcended all obstacles and overcame the darkest of evils. Through it all, it shined with the light of the Force, banishing the darkness to the shadows forever. And to think, it all began when a little boy first laid eyes on a girl he would always swear was an angel in a run-down junk shop on Tatooine...

The End

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