Author: Lynniebear27

Summery: Can Sam be helped before she makes the worst mistakes of her life?

Pairing: Sam/ Other Sam/Jack

Rating: T

Content Warnings: Violence, Language

Spoilers: Anything up to season seven

Disclaimer: The Stargate original characters belong to MGM/Showtime, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Film Corp. This was written strictly for the purpose of entertainment. No attempt at copyright infringement has been made.


Sam Carter lay in a heap on the cold, hard floor of her kitchen contemplating what had become of her life. She slowly raised herself using the corner of the table as leverage. Her ribs protested profusely at the action.

A million thoughts came rushing through her head all at once. "Why couldn't I just tell the Colonel I had personal matters to attend to? He literally gave me a way out and I didn't take it."

Another voice popped into her head. "How could I? Ever since I've married the team's atmosphere has been tense."

"You know it's been going on longer than that. It just wasn't as apparent until a few months ago." Her internal argument raged on a few more minutes until the terse ringing of a phone brought her out of her reverie.

She fumbled to reach the cordless at the end of the counter. "Hello?"

"Sam, it's Daniel. I've been trying to reach you on your cell for the last half hour. That annoying voice kept telling me your phone was 'out of service', and you didn't answer when I called your house. I thought you might like to know where your coat went. You left it in my car, so I brought it home with me. Where've you been?"

Sam suddenly glanced across the room at the forgotten device that now lay in pieces from where it had rebounded off the wall. "Oh, I was working on a new astrophysics book I'm writing. I have this theory about how the wormhole may be able to remain stabilized for longer periods of time…well I'll tell you about it when I get back to the base. You know how I get when I'm working… I must have turned my cell off. I'm sorry to have worried you Daniel and I'll pick up my coat tomorrow."

Daniel sighed in relief. He had started to get very worried about Sam and had been about to call for help if she hadn't answered soon, but it wasn't exactly a secret about how intense Sam could get with her work. "I can come over now and drop it off if you like."

"No! I mean, uh, now isn't really a good time. I'll just pick it up tomorrow."

"I just thought you might like to sleep in on your day off. You can let yourself into the apartment if you want. I'll leave it in the front hallway closet for you. If you can spare a minute of your downtime with Brock, that is. Don't work too hard; it is called DOWNTIME for a reason you know."

"I won't and I suppose I could spare a minute if it's to get my jacket, but other than that don't expect to see me for the next two weeks." She jested.

"OK Sam, just don't have too much fun while I'm off on P3X-297 with SG-6 deciphering the ancient ruin's text they discovered."

"I can't promise anything, but I'll try," she allowed a devilish grin to cross her face, "See you in a couple weeks Daniel."

"Bye, Sam." Carter set down the phone and got a broom out of the closet. All she honestly felt like doing was plopping down in her bed and sleeping for the next fourteen hours, but she knew Brock would have a fit if the glass wasn't swept up by the time he got home.

When that task was completed, she picked up her irreparably damaged cell phone and furniture, the latter of which she assumed had been done while she was out cold. It was midnight by the time she finished. Sam crawled in bed, but surprisingly, the relief she sought was not forthcoming. The last few hours' events poured through her head.

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