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Chapter Twelve

When All is Said and Done

With the Dark Lord dead there really wasn't anything for Sasuke and Naruto to do. Word spread through the Wizarding World that Voldemort was defeated, although no one said by who and the public simply assumed that Harry had done him in like the prophesy had decided.

"Prophesies," Naruto declared one day, "are a load of crap. Especially ones like that. Half of the things they talk about wouldn't happen unless the so-called 'prophesy' was made,"

Sasuke agreed. After all, how many predictions of the future only ended up coming about because the people made them happen?

But so long as the people were happy they were not going to protest too loudly. After all, the ANBU worked in the shadows, not in the light of the noon sun. That was the way of the Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai.

The end of the school year finally came without further incident. Naruto and Sasuke felt like cheering like children. The end of the year meant that they could go back home. Their bags were packed and their final report written. And they could not wait.

Harry's graduation went off without a hitch. Naruto and Sasuke watched from the back of the hall as all of the Seventh Years were presented with diploma certificates. The students packed and got ready to leave for their respective homes promising friends that they would write over the summer.

As Naruto was saying his own goodbyes (and a thank you to Hermione for not spilling the beans to the whole school) he was approached by Harry.

"Naruto?" Harry said hesitantly.


"Can I go back with you and Sasuke?" he asked, "You said that the person who ordered the contract was Sirius Black, right? He's my godfather and I thought he was dead,"

Naruto hesitated, "We'd need permission to bring you. And it's very dangerous where we live,"

"Can you ask?" Harry begged, his emerald eyes pleading. Naruto looked over at Sasuke. Sasuke sighed and teleported away. It was half an hour before he returned with Tsunade's answer.

"Hokage-sama said that Harry can come," he said flatly. Harry cheered and ran to fetch his trunk.

"You sound like you don't want him to come," Naruto commented casually.

"It's dangerous. He's not trained to defend himself effectively,"

"He won't be messing with Shinobi affairs if I have any say in the matter,"

"It's decided then," Sasuke nodded.

Harry piggybacked on Naruto's teleportation while Sasuke carried his luggage. They arrived inside the Hokage's office, something only Naruto and Sasuke were permitted to do, due to their positions as Captain and Second of the ANBU. All three shook their heads at the sight that greeted them.

Tsunade was asleep, drooling lightly on a document under her cheek.

"Oi!" Naruto yelled playfully, "Baa-chan! Wake up!" Tsunade jerked upwards, scowling darkly.

"Shut your mouth Brat before I regret saving your miserable life!" she snapped back, rapidly blinking sleep out of her eyes.

"Nice to see you too," Naruto grinned as he rocked back on his heels. Tsunade paused.

"You're back," she said, their presence just setting in.

"We are," Naruto grinned some more. A waking up Tsunade was hilarious.

"You brought the Potter boy," she looked Harry over.

"We did,"

"How have you been since I last saw you?" she eyed Naruto with a critical medical eye.

Naruto flashed her a victory sign. "I'm back and bader than ever!"

She frowned. "Too bad,"

Sasuke snickered as Naruto's face fell, "Too bad? What's that supposed to mean, you old hag?"

"OLD HAG! See if I ever give you fun missions ever again!"

Naruto's mischievous laughter echoes throughout the entire tower. Tsunade cracked a smile.

"Welcome back you two. Konoha's not the same without you guys. Oh, by the way Sasuke, your fan club has been hounding me about your whereabouts for months now. You should make an appearance. Go shopping or something. It'll shut them up,"

Sasuke paled, closing his eyes in silent prayer. Harry watched, bemused. Sasuke had a fanclub? Did Naruto have one too?

"And Naruto you should talk to Iruka. He has been beside himself ever since Sasuke's clone barged in on one of his classes that I was talking to the kids in. Then again, you can't blame him since Sasuke's message was 'Naruto's dying and the Fox can't help.'"

Naruto shot Sasuke a deadly glare, "Will do, Baa-chan,"

"And you, Mr. Potter. What to do with you," she stared at him for a very long minute. Harry shifted uncomfortably. "Go with Naruto," she decided, "Tossing you in with the Uchiha clan would be cruel and Naruto can find anyone in the Village. He should be able to help you look for Mr. Black,"

"Thanks," Harry stammered nervously.

"Good. Now that that's sorted out, get lost you three," she waved them away dismissively. Naruto stuck out his tongue grabbed his bag and hefted Harry's trunk over shoulder before following Sasuke out of the office. Harry trailed after Naruto, nervous as it set in that he was no longer in Britain. Vested people of varying ages wandered about carrying files, all of them armed to the teeth. Out on the street the sun beat a merciless tattoo against his skin. Naruto sighed happiliy.

"Hey sun!" he said, looking up, "I've missed you! Did you know that you hardly ever show up where Harry's from? It's so cold without you,"

Harry shook his head, used to the way Naruto talked to objects as if they were alive. Naruto led him through the busy streets of Konoha with practiced ease, waving to people as they went. Harry noted, to his confusion, that hardly any of the adults looked pleased to see Naruto. The younger people, on the other hand, broke into grins and came over to talk.

A man with a giant dog clapped Naruto on the shoulder, "Hey Uzumaki! You're back from that mission now?"

"Yep," Naruto nodded.

"Who's the kid? He smells like weak chakra," he turned his attention to Harry. Harry stared at him silently through his glasses.

"Kiba, meet Harry. Harry, this is my friend Kiba and his nin dog Akamaru," Akamaru whuffed congenially and Harry managed a timid hello.

"Ah, the kid's not going to last with that additude," Kiba admonished, "You gotta be assertive! Speak up, be heard!"

Harry nodded. What else could he do. Kiba rolled his eyes and gave up on the foreign boy.

"I gotta go meet my sister but I'll see you later, right?"

"Sure thing," Naruto promised and waved as Kiba dashed down the streets with Akamaru.

Next up came two people with the strangest eyes Harry had ever seen. They were completely white. No irises or pupils, just white. The girl spotted them and blushed a red that rivaled Ron's hair.

"Na-Naruto-kun!" she stammered before passing out into the arms of her companion.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto looked alarmed. "Neji, what's wrong with her?"

Neji sighed, "Good afternoon Naruto. Hinata-sama was just surprise to see you back,"

"Oh," Naruto calmed down a little seeing that Neji was not overly alarmed.

"It is good to have you back, Naruto. I must take Hinata-sama home," Neji sighed. He swung his unconscious cousin into his arms and sauntered off.

Naruto waved.

"What was up with their eyes?" Harry asked. Naruto shrugged.

"They're Hyuuga. All the Hyuuga have eyes like that. It's their bloodlimit," he said fatter-of-factly. Harry nodded slowly.


"Come on, my apartment's just up this street," Naruto pointed up a street to their side.

Naruto's apartment building was in less than the best repair, Harry noted on their way up. There was no elevator that he could see which made the six flight trek a little tiring. By the time Naruto stopped outside a shabby, but well-kept door, Harry was panting. The blond fumbled around in his pocket for his keys for a second before finding the right set. He inserted the key in and pushed his chakra through the conductor, setting off the right tumblers. The lock clicked open.

Dust covered everything. Naruto sighed and dropped Harry's trunk in the tiny living room. He ran a critical finger over the top of his small, short-legged dinning table and sighed again at how much cleaning he would have to do.

"I'll have see if Sakura-chan or someone has a futon I could borrow for you," Naruto apologized. Harry nodded, not knowing what a futon was. "Sorry the place is so small. I've never had anyone over so I've never noticed how cramped it is with two people,"

"It's not that small," Harry protested politely.

"I'll see what I have in the way of food," Naruto said, changing the subject. He started opening cupboard doors, not even bothering with the refrigerator since he had emptied it of everything perishable before his last mission.

He pulled out some flat packages with bright pictures of a steaming bowl and modern-type kanji.

"What's that?" Harry asked.

"This," Naruto flashed one of the packages, "is instant ramen! The food of the gods!" Harry stared at him. Naruto sighed, nuzzling the package and cooing endearments, "You have no idea how idea how much I have missed you,"

The search for Sirius Black did not take long. Naruto tracked the British Wizard down with two days – and most of that time was spent making sure Harry did not get killed. Not too difficult since the boy was on high Culture Alert and as such was unconsciously exceptionally careful not to make any missteps.

Harry had taken to wandering around the Village whenever Naruto was away – which was surprisingly often considering he had just returned from a long-term mission. He was constantly being called over to the Hokage tower by Tsunade. Sasuke and Naruto's other friends had mentioned, back at Hogwarts, that Naruto was being trained to take over for Tsunade. Harry was beginning to see what that meant. Naruto had almost no spare time.

Yet he still managed to locate Sirius for Harry. How he managed that he did not say but Harry was thoroughly amazed nevertheless.

When Naruto had time to tell Harry the news Harry was overjoyed. He could not wait to see his previously presumed dead godfather again. Unfortunately, he had to wait for the next morning before Naruto had time to bring him to Sirius's apartment. According to Naruto's sources Sirius had appeared in Konoha about the same time Harry said he fell through the Veil in the Ministry of Magic building. Since then he has been working at a bookshop and doing odd jobs.

The day dawned somewhat gray but the morning haze quickly burned off as the sun started shining with a vengeance. Harry could not understand how Naruto could dress in a full, multi-layered outfit in the heat but Naruto just waved his amazement away saying casually that it was still cool out considering the time of year.

Sirius was living in a little apartment. Naruto called it a 'three-tatami' apartment, saying that the name come from the amounts of tatami mats it took to cover the floor. Small.

Harry knocked on the door. There was a shuffling sound and the lock clicked open.

"Harry?" Sirius asked, surprised. Harry was surprised as well. His godfather was looking so much healthier since the last time they had met.

"Sirius," Harry started, "I thought you were dead,"

Naruto smiled. What a touching scene.

Harry ended up moving in with Sirius, to Naruto's delight. His little apartment was larger than Sirius's three tatami affair but it was still too small to be sharing comfortably, especially for a high-level ANBU who's work hours were irregular at best and insane at worst. When they were asked if they would like to return to England Harry said that he would like to stay in order to learn how the shinobi constructed their jutsu. He submitted a request to the Hokage asking that he be allowed admission into the Ninja Academy. His request was granted – thanks to a little interview and a joint nomination from Sasuke and Naruto, neither of whom could see any harm in it. So Harry began classes the next month with the first year students.

Naruto dropped by every once in a while, sometimes dragging Sasuke along with him, to check in on the boy wizard. Not even half a year later Tsunade stepped down as Hokage and named the small, blond ANBU Captain as Rokudaime Hokage.

And what happened after that is another story for another day. Needless to say that while a 'happily ever after' is a rarity, they managed to live in relative peace for a least a short while. But peace never lasts, which is probably a good thing considering the fact that this story is about shinobi and even they need to be employed.