Title: Should Have Known Better

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13 for themes and one F word

Pairing: no pairing, just Colt Cabana and CM Punk

Spoiler warning: none

Disclaimer: The wrestlers own themselves, and I just do this for fun.

Distribution: If you want it, take it, but let me know where.

Summary: It's never a good idea to be the first one asleep.

Feedback: Please.

Colt Cabana could have sworn that Punk knew better than to fall asleep first, especially with him around, but when he walked by the room, he saw Punk sound asleep.

Every once in a while he would check in and see if Punk had rolled onto his back, and when he finally did, Colt went to the fridge to get the whipped cream, cherries and to make things stickier, chocolate syrup.

He silently opened the first container and lightly spread the cream over Punk's throat and upper chest, going back for more to cover the rest of his chest and stomach. Both arms got the cream, down to the nails with the chipping black polish. He finished off his stomach, skipped Punk's shorts and started on his legs.

Opening the second container, he covered Punk's right leg down to the toes and then covered the left. Once he finished, he grabbed the syrup bottle and hoped that Punk was in a deep enough sleep to not feel it until he woke up. He made random patterns over his chest and stomach and accidentally hit his shorts and the sheets a few times. He also made patterns over Punk's long legs and arms.

Two cherries over Punk's nipples and one in his belly button topped off his human sundae. He threw away the used cartons of whipped cream and put the rest of the cherries and syrup back in the fridge. Slipping into bed and quietly listening before going to sleep.

"Fucking hell, Cabana, what did you do?"

What he was expecting to wake him, Punk swearing and the bathroom door slamming, actually did.

He didn't know when or how, but Punk was going to get him back for that, but he should have known better about falling asleep first.